Rubber Stamp Making Business – Small Scale Business Opportunity

Interested to learn about rubber stamp making business? I’m sure you have come across various small scale manufacturing business ideas that are of low-cost and easy to start and run in your home. The choice of business is a very important thing for its success as every feature of the business doesn’t suit everyone. So, it is very important to find out all the characteristics of the chosen business before commencing the same and analyze your skills to suit the same and go for them finally. Rubber stamp making business is indeed a good idea to have a successful individual career opportunity; you can set up a small unit of making rubber stamps at your home.

Rubber Stamp Making Business:  A Few More Words

Usage of Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps are one of the most important parts of every office and business. No organization, be it a public or private can run without the use of rubber stamp and thus rubber stamp making business a great potential of a successful business. It is used as signature or company’s stamp or common seal to be given in any kind of document, contract or bills and others.

Rubber stamps are also used to give company logos or particular signature or date. It is also commonly used by retailers to print most common things in the products which they need to write on daily basis.

Different Types of Rubber Stamp

The history of the rubber stamp is dated back over 100 years as it was started in use in the year of 1800s. Since then the rubber stamps are used widely in every kind of operation be it any business or others. Since the last 100 years the design and type of rubbers stamps have gone through a lot of changes and below are the most common type of rubber stamps used nowadays: –


This is the most commonly used type of rubber stamp as it comes with a built-in inkpad and can be easily refilled when the ink gets over.

Industrial Stamps:

This is also a type of self-inking rubber stamp but uses more innovative technology as it comes with the feature of quick drying and waterproof. These types of stamps are quite expensive but come in a great use.

Standard Stamps:

These stamps are widely used and less expensive too. It needs an extra inkpad to get the ink and is very hardy too as have a very long life in operation.

You can also make custom rubber stamps as per the requirement of your client to suit their need.

Rubber Stamp Making Process

Rubber stamps can be made in two different ways one is traditional and one is by using modern ways like machines. You can choose the type of the manufacturing process as per your skill and capital.

The Traditional Way:

The traditional way of rubber stamp making completely depends on manual work and this one is also cheapest way of making rubber stamps. In this way, the stamps are made by vulcanizing the rubber in a press with the use of a mold. The mold is made by joining a number of letters or numeric’s. There are different other ways of making the rubber stamp manually, you can choose the same which suits you the most.

The traditional ways of rubber stamp making is cheaper one but the procedure takes a longer period of time.

Modern Way:

With the advancement of technology, the life has become very easy in every aspect but it also comes with a cost. In the modern ways of rubber stamp making you can use rubber stamp making machine for the production, it is though quite expensive but can do the job in the most perfect and efficient way and that is also at a higher speed.

Why Choose Rubber Stamp Making as a Business Option

The best part of this business is that it can easily be started at a small place in your residence. Depending on your business type, it can also be commenced with a least investment of capital. Over that, you can also start the business along with your different other ventures. Like, if you have any other business, you can add the same with the rubber stamp making business option.

Over that the process of commencing the same business is also very easy and hassle free. Getting legal permission and other include few simple steps.

Promote Your Business: –

This is one of the most important aspects of the business to overcome the issue of market competitors. Extensive promotion of your business can attract many clients. You can also go online for the promotion like create your own website or provide online services. Use social media to spread the word of your business.

At the primary stage, you need to work and focus hard on getting a good number of clients as after some time the business gets the promotion with the word of mouth only.

Rubber stamps have a great market demand and if the rubber stamp making business can be run efficiently, you can have a great option of business as a career for a luxurious livelihood.

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Rubber Stamp Making Business – Small Scale Business Opportunity
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Rubber Stamp Making Business – Small Scale Business Opportunity
Rubber stamp making business is indeed a good idea to have a successful individual career opportunity; you can set up a small unit of making rubber stamps at your home.
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