Proven Ways to Make Extra Pennies Selling Used Books Online

sell used textbooksAt the weekend, when I was dusting the cabinets and bookshelves, I found heaps of books untouched for a long time. I felt really sorry for those books which are mostly text books, novels, literature and some cookery books, collected from local bookstores and book fairs. What should I do with these surplus books? Then I stumbled upon a website named as who offers a good price for unused books. I created a seller account and started selling books online from the very next day, without spending a penny on shipment. It gave me good revenue that I couldn’t expect at all. Isn’t a great idea to make money selling used books online?

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These days, we have been experiencing higher inflation. To cope up with the problem, people are trying to save more and more money through various ways. Due to this reason, the market for used books has also arisen. If you have huge selection of books kept in the shelves with dust jackets, you can sell those used books online and get some easy money in return. All this is possible because of the facility of internet. People who cannot afford to buy new books; online purchasing of old books is the best medium for them.

As a seller of old used books, you can easily earn the profit without any kind of investment. It is a kind of part-time income or an additional income for you. Gradually in the meantime, you can take this to the next level by purchasing used books from your friends and relatives and then selling them online at higher rates. There are various online marketplaces, specifically eBay, and Books Squared, offering used books for sale at a low rate. This is one of the viable business options that do not require any kind of experience or qualification or training in advance.

Categories of Books -Profitable to Sell

Do you know which types of books would sell better than the other? You must aware of the great selling books otherwise you will lose the opportunity of earning more profits because those books are not only informative for the lifetime but its content never gets old with the passing time.

College Textbooks

Textbooks have a great demand among the college students. They generally look for the used textbooks and also reference books and purchasing at a low price. So, these books can get the good price in return.

Cookery Guidebooks

The cookery books that are specialized in the particular type of cooking recipes i.e. traditional cooking or vegetarian recipes are quite in demand even if they are used earlier. The information in these types of books is of permanent nature that cannot be changed even after several years.

How-to Books

The how-to books like how to repair your car, how to earn money quickly, how to get rid of sleepiness, etc are always in demand in the online selling of used books.

Novels or Famous Celebrity’s Books

The next category in this list can be a novel or a book written by some famous celebrities of the world. These types of books are generally very costly to buy at the time of launching. But after some time, you can sell them at the low price as the online company can easily find the buyers for such types of books over the internet.

List of Websites Deals in the Selling of Used Books Online

You can easily found so many options over the internet for selling used books online. Below I am giving you some of the best websites that deals in this business:

get money for booksThis is an amazing website if you wish to find the top buyback rate quotations. It basically displays that what price will be offered by the companies for your used books. However, these rates are not stable always, as the price changes with the rising demand in the market. It will be advisable that you should sell your books on the day you can fetch the maximum price. It’s completely free and you need to register to sell your used books.

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This website is furtive as well as ever-changing as it offers very few books in terms of the exchange policy. In case, the Amazon does not find your books in an appropriate condition, then it might returns you back without any extra charges. It can also offer you free credit points that you can use while doing any other purchase from the website.

This online bookstore does not only accept the textbooks but also the novels. This is the best website that can take maximum categories of books that no other website does. In fact, it offers the higher price for your textbooks that you will love.

Powell’s Books

This is a series of self-regulating stores of books in the Portland. It normally pays very well for the used books over the website. On the other hand, it is a strict disciplinarian for one condition i.e. it does not return back the books that are rejected. According to the policy of the company, it does not take any ex-library book, books that are in the tear or wear condition, etc. So, it will be advisable that you read all the instructions and guidelines before selling books on this website. However, this site offers the best price for any type of book.

Hope you enjoy reading the post. If you have more updated information on selling used books online, please share with me by commenting below. It will definitely help in making the post more informative and useful for my readers.

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