Procedure to Start a Noodles Manufacturing Unit – Profitable Business Idea

Noodles are the most favored fast food for both adults and children as they are easy to prepare and very luscious too. From kids to elderly, every age group loves to eat noodles either homemade or for fast food corners thus giving the noodles manufacturing a huge boost to grow. If you are tired of serving for others or want an attractive way to earn then must give a try with noodles manufacturing business.

Market Potential

The demand of noodles is always high and it is same all over the world. Making noodles is very easy and it is very delicious too which makes it the favorite fast food all over the world.

Noodles are the most in demand foods in restaurants and fast food counters and one of the main cuisines in Chinese food. Be it in restaurant or home, there are no better alternatives of making noodles and it is always in demand throughout the year thus creating a huge market for the noodles manufacturing industries.

Just imagine the situation that there is not at your home and you are feeling hungry and need to cook something to satisfy your hunger, what is the first thing that strike in your mind? It’s noodles right, since the invention of noodles, it has become the best options for pleasing the hunger in the easiest way and quickly also. Even small kids know the ways of making noodles.

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Requirements to Start a Noodles Manufacturing Business

Starting any business can sometimes be a strenuous job. You need to be very patience and keep yourself calm. You need to follow long procedures for completion of all kind of formalities. Let’s find out the requirements to start a noodles manufacturing business: –

Machinery: –

You will need quite a few types of machinery for the manufacturing of noodles and these will need the maximum share of your business capital. Below are the basic types of machinery required along with the approximate prices: –

  • A mixture machine it cost around Rs 18,000. The stainless steel one may cost you approximately Rs 35,000.
  • Noodles making machine along with the motor, cost Rs 36,000.
  • Boiler machine cost $150.
  • Dryer Machine cost $600 to $1500.
  • Packing and sealing machine $100.

(Please note the above prices are just approximate rates, it may vary as available in the market or as per quality)

You will also need 2 hp motor and around 220 to 44o volts depending on the size of the manufacturing unit to operate these machines.

Capital: –

The machinery itself will cost you around Rs 2 Lakhs and apart from this you need to have the financial backing for purchasing raw materials, for labor payments and also for the promotion of business. You can prepare a proper business plan and apply for a loan from financial institutes. A good business plan also helps in running the business with fewer problems.

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Legal Formalities: –

Being a food item, to start a noodles manufacturing business you may need to follow strict guidelines as per Food Act. Visit your nearby administrative office and get the details of all the legal procedures. It is important to abide by all the rules or your license may get canceled.

Process of Noodles Manufacturing

Flour is the main ingredient for making noodles and you will also need other ingredients for the complete process. The list of require raw materials are: –

  • Superfine flour
  • Custard powder
  • Refined vegetable oil

Above are the basic raw materials required for making noodle, along with these you will also need salt, permitted color, preservatives. You will also need polythene bags, cartons and labels for the packing purpose.

The Procedure: –

  • You need to knead the flour in the mixture machine.
  • After the mixing is done, you need to put the mixture in the two different steel rollers in the noodles making machine.
  • The noodles making machine will make a sheet of flour from the mixtures and then cut the sheet to chowmein in hatched roller in the desired size.
  • Now boil the chowmein in the boiler machine.
  • After than dry the same in the dryer so that it loses all the moisture and the oil gets stuck the noodles.
  • Measure the quantity and pack it.

Important Tips to Successfully Run a Noodles Manufacturing Business

Every business needs proper planning and research before execution. Contact with other local noodle manufacturing unit. Find out how the plant works. Get the knowledge of the difficulties that you may face during the tenure of the business. This will help you to have alternative plans in difficult situations.

Promote your business in every possible way. Find out the target audience and plan your promotion on the basis of that and last but not the least, start the business on a small scale unit and when you see your noodles manufacturing business is performing well, then gradually invest more and grow your business.

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Procedure to Start a Noodles Manufacturing Unit - Profitable Business Idea
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Procedure to Start a Noodles Manufacturing Unit - Profitable Business Idea
If you are tired of serving for others or want an attractive way to earn then must give a try with noodles manufacturing business.
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