How to Grow a Poultry Farm Business for Profits

Poultry Farm BusinessAre you interested to grow a poultry farm business in your backyard? If you are an enthusiastic individual with lots of spare time, then the business is ideal for you. It brings a great deal of money by selling eggs and meat of chickens and other domestic birds. Earlier, it was a small income solution for many who started raising chickens in their backyard but over the past few years, the business has seen a tremendous growth. This is due to the burst in population and the increasing demand of animal protein (egg and meat) in the entire world. Poultry farming is a steady source of income and many business-minded people taking advantage of it have started raising poultry birds commercially to produce eggs and meat. Poultry farm business is not limited to chicken rearing only, a variety of other breeding birds (like duck, quail, turkey, emu etc) are raised in the farm. Chicken is the most common and in-demand poultry bird.

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What Is a Poultry Farm Business?

A poultry farm business is a money-making venture where you breed with chickens or any other domestic birds and then sell them for their meat, as well as the eggs they lay. As we know, egg and meat have high protein content and we need to consume these two foods daily in various forms. This is where your poultry farm business comes in handy – by providing cost-effective solutions to other businesses and even to individuals.

Starting Poultry Farm Business – Steps to Follow

Starting a poultry farm in your backyard and start raising birds commercially are two different things. If you want to take the venture seriously, you should have sufficient information on the various niche and method of poultry farming, the target market and various other points related to this business.

Many people jump into opportunities without considering the pre-requirements that should be met before the venture can be a success. Starting a poultry farm business is one of those ventures that need thorough planning before you take any sort of action. Here I am trying to guide you with following steps to start a poultry farm business of your own.

Step 1: Decide on the type of poultry farm business you want to start

As I discussed earlier, poultry farming doesn’t mean only raising chickens, it includes other breeding birds for the production of egg, meat and other yields. Moreover, if you consider poultry industry, it is vast enough and not only restricted to egg production and parent stock breeder meat i.e. broiler production. These two come to the poultry production. There are various other farming options like brooding, egg trading and egg deport business, poultry feed production, processing and packaging of egg and meat etc.

Before stepping into, you should carefully consider your options, weigh the pros and cons of each business type, and then decide which structure will work best for you.

The different types of poultry farm businesses that you can start including an egg or meat production business, growing hatchery business, poultry feed production business, poultry equipment manufacturing factory, an egg and meat processing facility or a poultry marketing agency.

By choosing a specific type of business you want to invest in, you will be able to better target your customers and thus create a more successful venture. Once you have created a branding of the business, you can look into expanding by adding more types of poultry farm ventures to your existing business structure.

Step2: Select a Specific Poultry Bird for Your Niche

Now you have already realized that there are various kinds of birds that can be used within the business. You should take a decision on the birds with which you will be starting your poultry farm business. Here is a list of birds.

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Goose
  • Quail
  • Emu
  • Ostrich
  • Pigeon
  • Peacock
  • Guinea Fowl

Step 3: Make a Decision on the Method of Farming

If you want to start poultry farming for egg/meat production business, then you need to make a decision regarding the method of the farming. There are two methods-one is layer farming in which birds are raised for the purpose of egg production while the second is broiler farming. It aims at commercial meat production by rearing chicks.

Step 4: Now Focus on the Poultry Location

Another vital element that needs to be considered is the location of your poultry farm. In fact, a good location can increase your profit as well as helps in getting success in this venture. While it is possible to start out the business from your backyard, there are some factors such as locality, the covered area, hygiene that you need to consider. You can choose an area away from the residential place, to set up the poultry farm because it produces a bad, offensive odor and noise. It may create disturbance in your community. Finding an area that provides a cheaper solution to renting land, but also ensure you are not moving away too far from your target market. This could lead to transportation issues.

Step 5: Decide How to Raise the Birds

How do you raise the poultry birds-a housing system is also a determining factor for your success in this venture. There are mainly two types of housing

  • Free-range Farming System
  • Intensive Farming System

In free-range farming, a large number of chicks are kept together and allowed to roam freely for a particular time. It is not feasible for commercial poultry farming. Intensive farming system is more efficient for housing the birds as it helps in increasing the production.

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Step 6: Buy Poultry Equipment

poultry farmingThe requirement list is long including feeders, drinkers, perches, nests, crates, lightning systems, a waste disposal system, an incubator, relevant heaters, an egg tray. Cages and coops are also required where you will keep your birds in. You should purchase all of the above-mentioned equipment in order to keep the birds healthy and manage all the activities related to this area.

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Step 7: Feeding the Poultry Birds

Feeding is one of the most important aspects that need much attention and about 70% of your expenditure will go to feeding your poultry birds. There are two ways to provide feeds and these are

  1. Buying pre-made poultry feed from another farmer that specializes in its production.
  2. Producing the poultry feed yourself

You will also need to decide which option you will go with. Sure the first one may seem expensive for smaller poultry farms but I think it would be more beneficial if they buy poultry feed. While larger businesses can save a lot on costs if they produce the feed themselves.

Step 8: Recruit Manpower

Once you have completed the planning, you should start to think about hiring some staff. If you take help of technology, then you don’t need to work hard to operate the poultry farm. In spite of that, you should recruit a few people to ease some of your tasks. This will open up more time for you to manage your business, while allowing the business to run smoothly by dividing the many tasks among several workers.

Step 9: Find a Veterinary Doctor

This is an essential part of running your business smoothly and should be taken seriously. Health issues among the birds can occur at any time, so it is important to have someone ready to take care of any health-related issues that pop up. You should appoint a veterinary doctor for regular health check-up of the birds and also for providing medications. They need to give vaccination in proper time to avoid bird flu or any epidemic.

Step 10: Keep an eye on Accounting

If your plan is to start the business on medium to large scale, then you will also need to find a professional accountant to keep track of your income and expenses, and to help in keeping your books up to date. While many people ignore this fact within this industry, it is still a vital part if you want to get success.

Step 11: Market your Business

In order to get customers for your business, you will need to use different types of traditional marketing techniques. You could get help from the successor in this field or follow your competitors what they are doing to reach their customers. Otherwise you can hire a marketing expert but it would increase your expense.

Start by considering the start-up capital you will need to begin your farming business. The amount of capital you need to get started highly depends on the scale you want to operate on, but can vary from $500 to well over $10,000. This is also why it is vital that you carefully consider all your options before making final decisions.

Step 12: Start Operating

When you have completed the steps above including a well-structured business plan and you have the capital ready, now all that’s left to do is to start operating.

Make sure you provide thorough instructions to your staff on what their duties are and ensure you always keep up with all the management tasks involved with this type of poultry farm business. Stay intact with the law and always ensure your facilities are running at its best.

Once you have started your operations, it is a good idea to start by promoting your business to local businesses that could make use of your products or services. This will help you get known within your local area and could also soon lead to more businesses.

Final Words

Rabbit, Goat, Sheep, Poultry & Pig Farming With Feed Technology

Hope the steps will help you get a basic grip on the poultry farm business model and provides a layout of the procedures that should be followed in order to start this type of business. Be sure to take all the facts mentioned here into your consideration and do proper planning. Wish you good luck for your future success.

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How to Grow a Poultry Farm Business for Profits
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