50 Most Popular Agriculture Business Ideas – Low Cost

Today I am bringing you the 50 popular agriculture business ideas which you can easily start for having your own business and to be your own boss.

Steps to Choose from the Agricultural Business Ideas

Agriculture and farming is a different sector of business, thus, you need to have proper knowledge and skill of the idea you are going to select. You can take necessary training and research about the particular business idea.

There are many government institutions which provide training regarding agriculture and farming.

So, below is the list of the 50 popular agriculture business ideas:

1. Medicinal Herb Farming: –

There are numerous natural herbs which are used for medication, culinary and for aromatic use. These can be grown in a huge quantity if you have fertilized land. The medicinal herb can be sold at a high margin of profit if you choose the correct product. Read More about Medicinal Herb Farming Business.

2. Peanut Butter Business: –

Peanut butter is a yummy and healthy food spread used across the world. It is made from grounded dry roasted peanuts along with additional ingredients to enhance the taste. Read more about Peanut Butter making business.

3. Livestock Feed Manufacturing: –

Livestock feed or animal feed is one of the most demanded agriculture business ideas. It is differentiated in two parts: –

  • Fodder
  • Forage

As there is a huge amount of livestock business in India, the demand for this business is very high. Read more about Livestock Feed Manufacturing Business.

4. Nursery Operation: –

Having your own nursery is also a very good small scale agriculture business. It is also a hobby for many. You can grow exotic varieties of plants in your nursery as they have a great demand in the market.

5. Dairy Farming: –

Cow and buffalo are the usual animals used in dairy farming for the production of milk. India is the top producer of milk and dairy products across the world due to its environmental condition. Thus, dairy farming is among the best agriculture business ideas.

6. Poultry Farming: –

Chicken and eggs are the two most highly in-demand food items in the world. Thus, poultry farming gives you the opportunity to have a successful business as the process includes raising of hen, ducks, turkeys, geese and others for their meat and egg.

7. Fish Farming: –

Also known as pisciculture, this includes raising of a different breed of fish in the water body and then selling them in the market. Fish is a great source of protein and one of the widely consumed food items in the world.

8. Rabbit Raising: –

Rabbits have a great demand as a pet and also for medical purposes. Rabbits are a great pet, a great source of producing fertilizers and even a great source of meat. Along with these, they take very small space and multiply themselves very quickly.

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9. Snail Farming: –

Snail farming is also known as heliciculture or heliculture. Land snails have a wide range of usage like their flesh are edible, the snail slime is also used in a wide range of cosmetic products and the eggs are also edible items. The demand of snail farming is very high due to its potentiality in the international market. Thus, this can be one of the most profitable agriculture business ideas.

10. Mushroom Farming: –

It is also referred as fungiculture. There are different varieties of mushrooms available in the country and most of the type can be edible. It has a steady demand in the Indian market with a huge market potentiality for exporting.

11. Beekeeping: –

It is the process of maintaining the colonies of the honey bee in the man-made hives for their honey and other products like beeswax, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and even the bees to sell it to other beekeepers. Honey is very nutritious and has got a huge demand in the market, making it one of the best and profitable agriculture business ideas.

12. Jam Production: –

Jam is produced from fruit puree and is one of the most common items used in the breakfast to enhance the taste of the bread in all over the world. This makes jam production an attractive business idea.

13. Juice Production: –

Like the jam, juice is produced from fruits and vegetables. Juices are health drinks which are ready to drink and contains a high level of nutrition’s.

14. Hatchery Operation: –

The process of hatching eggs with the natural and artificial condition of fish and poultry is the hatchery operation. Poultry eggs have got a huge demand in the market and many hatcheries can help to breed rare species of breeds which are endangered.

15. Florist Business: –

You can easily run a florist business if you have empty space of land to cultivate flowers. Flowers have got a huge demand in the market as decorative items.

16. Spice Production: –

Indian is the country of spices and the Indian spices have got a huge demand in the foreign market. So, if you have the land suitable to produce spices, it can be very lucrative agriculture business ideas. Read More about the Spice Production Business

17. Cashew Nut Processing: –

Cashews can’t be consumed in the raw state. It needs to be processed. The steps include four stages of processing. So, you can buy raw cashew from the market and sell them at a high price in the market. Read More about the Cahsew Nut Processing Business.

18. Worm Farming: –

Worms may look filthy, but they have a lot of great deal of functions. They are a perfect food treat for fish, they help a great deal in creating vermicompost by turning your kitchen wastes into liquid fertilizers by mixing with their worm casting. They can breed at a rapid rate and doesn’t require much attention and space.

19. Goat Farming: –

Goats are the part of farm animals and is used to get meat, milk and leather. They don’t need to be fed in a high quantity of like cows and other farm animals and can yield a great return.

20 Tree Seed Supply: –

If you have a nursery or have enough space to grow trees, you can also make money by supply tree seeds of exotic species. This business is one of the nice and profitable business in agriculture as it doesn’t require much extra investment.

21. Vermicompost-Organic Fertilizer Production: –

Vermicompost are the organic fertilizers which are created from the natural wastes like kitchen wastes, plant residues and others. These fertilizers are odorless and very fertile thus having a great demand in the market.

22. Organic Farm Green House: –

Organic vegetables and fruits have got a high demand and price in the market, thus the demand for the organic farm green house is huge on the market.

23. Guar Gum Manufacturing: –

This is another one of the most demanded and highly profitable agriculture business ideas. Guar Gum has a wide range of application like in medicinal use and even in factories as it contains thickening, stabilizing, binding and suspending qualities. Read More about Guar Gum Manufacturing Business.

24. Fruits and Vegetables Export: –

If you have enough space, then there are no profitable agriculture business ideas in comparison to exporting of fruits and vegetables. You just need to maintain the quality of the item.

25. Frozen Chicken Production: –

Frozen chicken has a great demand in the market as it can be stored for a long time. Over that, there are very few competitions in the market which produces frozen chicken.

26. Basket Production: –

There is a wide variety of baskets available in the market. Different types serve different purposes. Thus, you can start this business as per the market demand.

27. Broom Production: –

You will find a broom at each and every household or infrastructure like shops, offices, factories, industries etc. Thus it makes a very lucrative agro based business ideas due to its huge demand in all over the country.

28. Quail Bird Farming: –

Quail birds are small and are farmed for its egg and meat. You can breed numerous Quail birds in a small place and they also breed very quickly.

29. Piggery: –

Pigs are again an important animal in the list of the farm animals. It is a huge source of meat and oil. Meat is used for consumption and the oils have a lot of medicinal and cosmetic usage.

30. Banana Wafer Manufacturing: –

Cut the banana in slices and mix it with different mixtures, dry them and your wafer is ready. This is the basic process of manufacturing banana wafers. The products have got a huge demand due to its reasonable price and good taste.

31. Potato chips Manufacturing: –

I think, this is the most common food item around the world. Potato chips are economic and are also very tasty. It is a best option to kill the hunger. Read more about Potato chips Manufacturing.

32. Bonsai Business: –

It is another kind of nursery business which has got a huge demand in the market. Bonsai is the Japanese art of growing trees and plants in containers. In this art, huge trees can be grown in a tiny size and kept in the house as decorative items. Bonsai trees can be sold at a huge price in the market.

33. Soybean Farming Business: –

Soybean is a nutritious food grain which is a species belonging to legume. Due to its high nutritious value, soybean has got a huge demand in the market and thus, it is among the very attractive agriculture business ideas.

34. Layer Poultry Farming: –

The chickens which are raised for the purpose of laying eggs are known as Layers. Eggs has got a huge demand in all over the world, thus, Layers also have got a high demand in the market. Read more about Layer poultry farming.

35. Bird Farming Business: –

Birds are mostly used as pet and there are numerous species of birds available which has got a huge demand in the market. You can farm these species of the bird as per the market demand and sell them in the market. Read more about Bird farming business.

36. Duck farming: –

Ducks may not have a huge demand like the hen, but it is also a good source of luscious meat and eggs. Thus duck farming is also one of the very attractive agriculture business ideas.

37. Shrimp farming: –

Shrimp farming can be done in both fresh water and marine. Shrimp or prawns are available in different sizes like from tiny to even 5 to 10 inches long. So, if you possess a water body, then shrimp farming can be the business to suit your needs.

38. Pickle Making Business: –

Homemade pickles have got a huge demand in the market due to its high quality and use of less preservative. You can also start your pickle making business to

39. Ornamental Fish Farming: –

Ornamental fish are the fish that we keep in the aquarium as pet in our house. It has a great demand for decorating purpose in office, shops and malls. There are wide ranges of species available as ornamental fish and farming them is the most profitable small farm business.

40. Indoor Plant Care Business: –

In comparison to other businesses, the indoor plant care business requires less investment. In this business, you need to take care of the indoor decorative plants of offices and malls and provide the required services whenever needed. Read more about Indoor plant care business.

41. Groundnut Processing: –

The business of groundnut processing produces oil and cake and the groundnut oil has a huge demand in the market and is a highly profitable business venture too.

42. Dried Flower Business: –

Dried flowers have also got a huge demand in the market. These can be used in cooking to give natural color and essence, in can be used for making colors, bathing soaps, papers along with dyes and many others.

43. Rajanigandha Farming: –

Rajanigandha flower produces a great aroma and is used as decorative items in different festivals. Due to its reasonable price and high-quality, it has got a huge demand in the market.

44. Leaf Plate Making Business: –

Sal leaves and other varieties of leaves are still used in the cottage industries in India to manufacture leaf plates. These plates are used to serve foods to others during any kind of celebration or festival. Being biodegradable, it is eco-friendly and has got a huge demand in the market. Read more about leaf plate making business.

45. Vermicelli Making Business: –

Vermicelli is a kind of spaghetti or pasta which is a read to cook food items. Vermicelli get a huge demand during different festivals as people love to eat them as sweets.

46. Tomato Sauce Manufacturing: –

It is one of the most widely used taste enhancers in all over the world. Starting a tomato sauce manufacturing business in India is also a great idea as India is among the top producers of tomatoes in the world, thus provides you with the best required raw material. Thus making it an in the list of the top agro based business ideas. Read more about tomato sauce Manufacturing business.

47. Ginger Garlic Paste Manufacturing: –

Ready made masalas have got a huge demand as due to the fast life, we get very less time to manually prepare them. Ginger and garlic’s are the most common items required for cooling, thus it has a huge demand in the market. Read more about ginger garlic paste manufacturing business.

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50 Most Popular Agriculture Business Ideas - Low Cost
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