Picture Framing Business – A Small Home Business Opportunity

If art and design is your hobby, then you may think about starting a picture framing business. It can easily be started as a home based business option. You can also begin the same as a part-time business. Believe me it has a great potentiality to be converted into a full-time business option. A wide of range customers including art students, professional artists, photographers, art galleries and many others look for the highest quality photo framing service to showcase their works. So, if you have the craftsmanship and the required skills in you, then the picture framing business is a great opportunity to make a living without having any formal training.

Required Skills to Start a Picture Framing Business

Having a sense of designing and basic knowledge of interior decoration will help you to start the picture framing business. There is no need to any kind of training of certification to start the same. Your work will showcase your skills and efficiency and work as the certification of your proficiency in the field. But it is always suggested to sharpen your skills in the area of your business niches. You can join any art and craft institution to get more experience in the field of work. If you like, you can also join any job in other picture framing business which will give you a lot of experience in the work along with the idea to run the business in a successful way.

Advantages of Starting a Picture Framing Business

  • You can start the business in your home.
  • Needs very less investment for starting the same.
  • You can begin the business on a part-time basis and later on move it to full-time.
  • Can continue with the current job or business along with the business.
  • Use your hobby to run the business. It is always nice to have an interest in the kind of business niche you choose.
  • Less competition in the market. There are very few professionals who provide excellent photo framing service.

Disadvantages of Commencing a Picture Framing Business

  • Being a completely manual work, it needs a lot of hard work to produce a good product.
  • Home based business can sometimes be hard to manage. It becomes difficult to have a balance between the personal work and the business.
  • You always need to update yourself with the latest trends and ways of the business.
  • Need to be very patience about getting success. You can get huge customer base at the beginning only, it will take some time.

Now let’s discuss the steps to start the picture framing business.

Requirements to Start a Picture Framing Business

  • Work Premises: If you are starting your business in a shop, try to get it in a popular area. In case, in you going to begin the business from your home make sure to do proper marketing of your work to attract customers. It should also be spacious and have enough room to display and store your works.
  • Tools and Tackles: If you already have it, then it’s great. You can use the same for sometimes to begin the business. You will need tools like the matte cutter, sander, tapes, saws of different size, glass cutter, picture hangers, quality glue and miscellaneous.
  • Vehicle: An individual vehicle will help you to transport your work to the client place and save recurring costs.
  • Work Bench: You will need a large work table to do your work efficiently. It should be sturdy and spacious. Coming with different drawers will help you to place your tools too.

Hope you are now aware of the pros and cons of the picture framing business and its requirements to start. Let’s come to the steps to start the business and run it in a profitable manner.

Take Legal License

Register your business as per your city of state law. Open a current account for your business. Apply for the sales tax number. Get all the required details from your nearby Municipal Corporation and complete all the formalities. It will help to avoid any kind of future hindrances in your business.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

You should insure your business at the first day of your operation. It will help you to save you from any kind of liabilities caused by the business. Insurance will also cover any damages caused in the business like theft, fire outbreak or others as per the clauses.

Get the Best Clients

Attracting customers is one of the most daunting but important parts of any business. You need to get contact with the best clients like the professional artists, photographers and anyone who are willing to display their work. You can take the following steps to attract more clients: –

  • Promotion: Promote your business aggressively. Use all kind of means so that your idea of business niche reaches to the potential customers. There is posters, billboards, ad in newspaper, handbills and many others way to promote the same.
  • Online Presence: This is the era of the internet. It is very important to have a strong online presence of your business. Create your own website and you can also sell your products through different online selling sites like e-bay, Amazon, Flipkart and other services.
  • Quality work: Always maintain a high quality of work. People who want to showcase their masterpieces or memorable moments will not compromise with the quality.
  • Pricing: Do a research of the market of framing pictures and find out the offered prices. Keep a reasonable price of your products in compare to your competitors.

So this is why, how and what to do to start a successful picture framing business. If you have the skills in this sector, then don’t confine it as your hobby only. Use it to start your own business and be your own boss.

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Picture Framing Business - A Small Home Business Opportunity
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Picture Framing Business - A Small Home Business Opportunity
Picture framing business provides you stable income and makes your dream come true as an entrepreneur. Read on how to start and run this venture.
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