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Paper Jewelry!! Can jewelry be also made of paper? The question struck me when I first noticed it online. We are familiar with gold, silver or diamond jewelry but it is hard to believe that the paper, which we never consider for jewelry can also be a medium to create a wide range of body adornments. Paper jewelry is light weight but gives a fashionable look and pocket-friendly also. These days, it has already set up a fashion trend all over the world. The demand and popularity have experienced a huge growth in the last couple of years. It is possible because of the price and Eco-friendly nature of the paper jewelry.

Paper Jewelry Making is Absolute Fun!!

Designing paper jewelry is absolute fun. It is very easy to make a colorful necklace or funky earrings with few simple supplies. No complex procedures! No more machinery!! Everything is handcrafted. A few simple steps like cutting, rolling or folding paper pieces in desired shapes and some manipulation will give you a great collection of the paper ornaments. The supply list is little and easily available. What do you think??? Don’t throw your old magazines, scrape book and gift wrap papers, junk mail and even last year’s calendar into the recycle bin- this rejected items can do the wonder.

Paper Jewelry Making is a Good Business Opportunity!!

The paper jewelry making can be a lucrative business venture as it does not require any technical skill and experience to start with and the start-up cost is also nominal. Homemakers, stay-at-home moms, students who have knack in art and craft can easily start this business by learning basic techniques of designing paper jewelry. They may avail this exciting opportunity from their home and make a good amount of money by selling those handcrafted jewelry.

Paper jewelry making business will enjoy a great success if you are creative enough to bring new design concepts in the market. The prosperity in this business also depends on other factors like marketing and advertising skills, comparative pricing etc.

Paper Jewelry Making Supply List

Paper Jewelry Making

Paper Jewelry Making

Obviously, paper is the most important raw material required to make paper jewelry. You can use old magazines, brochures, leftover scrapbooks, tissue paper, gift wrap papers, previous year’s calendar etc. Cut the papers in different sizes and shapes according to your need. The other supplies are .

  1. A paper cutter or utility knife
  2. Cuticle scissors
  3. Glue
  4. Wooden toothpicks
  5. Pliers
  6. Nail Polish
  7. Acrylic paints
  8. Some basic jewelry findings like
    1. Earring hooks
    2. Jump rings
    3. Open eye pins
    4. Head pins
    5. Ear backs
    6. Bead caps

The above is basic supply list. Advanced level users may require some other materials and tools to design assorted paper jewelry.

The Market Potential of Paper Jewelry Making

Mostly adults and teens are expected to be your clients. With the changing time, their choices have been modified a lot. Now they are more likely to have handmade contemporary jewelry which are lightweight as well as give elegant looks. Paper jewelry is very colorful and easy on the pocket, so it soon grabs the attention of customers. This is one of the hottest items of handmade jewelry available in the market.

The market of paper jewelry making business is very promising since the maximum portion of the market is made up by the women. They purchase ornaments not only for their own use but present them as gifts to their friends and relatives. Men are also occupying a small section of the market as a purchaser. It is actually a ‘Green Project’. The time will come soon when green products will dominate the entire market.

Income Potential of Paper Jewelry Making Business

Paper jewelry is one of the popular segments in fashion jewelry. This industry is growing by leaps and bounds. It has the potential to make a living using your creativity. Your earnings will depend on how hard you are willing to work, how much time you dedicate in this business. It is also associated with the continuous enrichment in your creative skills and merchandising.

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