Ornamental Fish Farming

You might have seen and enjoyed various species of fishes in the aquarium in hotels, malls or pet shops and other places and if you feel attracted towards raising ornamental fishes for business purpose then you may know that ornamental fish farming has a great market opportunity. Ornamental fish business is a small scale business idea which can easily be run from home with a very less investment of capital. So, let’s find out more about the business about the breeding of aquarium fishes.

In compare to some countries like Japan, China and USA, & India,  India has very less share of ornamental fish farming business in the world market which gives you a great opportunity to capture the market in the most efficient way as aquarium fish is a great way to decorate houses and commercial places and good and rare species are always in demand in the market.

Hindrances in Commencing an Ornamental Fish Farming Business

Like every other business, this one also has its own kind of risk in it and being a farming business there is a high risk of mortality rate. So to cope with the different issues of the business you must take the below mentions steps and run the business successfully: –

Acquire knowledge and skill: –

As you need to manage livestock, so to reduce the mortality rate, you need to have the proper knowledge about the procedure of maintaining the fishes and ways to breed them. So you need to have prior information of various kinds of ornamental fishes and the best way to raise them in different conditions.

Start with a small business: –

Maintenance of livestock is a difficult task and full of risk of loss of life due to various reasons like diseases, improper maintenance and others. As days goes by, with experience and few losses you can easily learn about the best practices. That’s why it is suggested to start your ornamental fish farming on a small scale with low investment.

Choose your niche of business: –

There are various kinds of ornamental fish available in the market and different fish survives properly in different climatic condition. So you need to choose the type of the fish according to your local climate. Fishes are mainly categorized into three types and below are those along with the example:-

  • Hard Water Fish:- Molly, Guppy, Platy, Swordtail etc
  • Soft Water Fish: – Angel, Tetra, Manila Carp etc
  • Fish with Wide Tolerance: – Goldfish, Blue and Pearl Gourami, Catfish, S Fighter and others.

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So if you want to have different kind of fishes, then you also need to create different water condition for the survival of the same. There are many types of fish which don’t like the company of specific types and that’s why if you are keeping different fish in a single tank, you need to know about their adaptability also, like two fighter fish of the same gender can’t be kept together as they will continuously fight with each other until one dies

Find the Market: –

You also need to find a suitable market to sell your breeds of fish. Wholesale markets are a good option as they buy in bulk but they pay less. You can also sell your exotic species of fish trough online market. Make your presence in the online market and keep up uploading different pictures of your ornamental fish farming business to attract more clients.

Starting an ornamental fish farming business in doesn’t require much of legal formalities and it can easily be started after completion of few legal guidelines. But a proper market research and skill is required to run the business successfully.

Advantages of Starting an Ornamental Fish Farming Business

Home Based: –

The best part of breeding ornamental fish is that you can easily start the same from your home and you can run it with any other business or even alongside doing service.

Less Capital: –

You will need very less capital to start this business as you can easily begin the same for your residence and save the amount of renting and buying of different shop or place. The cost of feeding of fish also very less in compare to other livestock business as they eat in very less quantity.

Part-Time Business: –

You can start this business as a part-time business option and can work simultaneously in other areas. Like if you are already in any kind of farming or any other kind of business, you can easily continue this along with the existing one

Less Maintenance: –

Starting an ornamental fish farming business requires very less physical effort for the maintenance as there are many modernized aquarium filters available to do the automatic cleaning of the tank along with temperature control options.

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Starting an ornamental fish farming business is a great way to add to the option of income sources but as told earlier, every business has its own risk. So if you think you have the required skills and knowledge or can gather the same from some good source, you can start creating a business plan for starting the ornamental fish breeding business for aquariums.

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Ornamental Fish Farming - Home Based Business Ideas
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Starting an ornamental fish farming business is a great way to add to the option of income sources from home, if you have the required skills and knowledge.
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