Make a Good Living from Online Saree Business

Sarees not only give women a magnificent look but can be a good source of income. With little investment, you can start your online saree business where you can sell sarees, designer salwar suits, kurtis, lehenga choli and much more directly from your home. Moreover, you neither need a physical storefront in a popular business place nor to have a huge stock of materials; everything is done using social media. A Smartphone with internet pack and good connections with the manufacturers are enough to start your online saree business. You can earn approx 40k to 60k per month just being a reseller. It is an excellent opportunity to make profits off the back of materials which are not owned or manufactured by you.

Isn’t it a nice idea to have all your purchase and sell of goods just sitting at your place?

Requirements for Online Saree Business:

For running a successful online saree business from home, your requirement is surprisingly minimum. Only a smartphone and good internet connection are enough for your business. The other two things which are very important for the home based saree business is that you need to build a longlasting busines relation with the saree manufacturers and  also with your whatsapp group of customers. As this is a worldwide business if you speak English and Hindi very well, it will be a great achievement for you. You may get your customers not only from India but from abroad too. So, fluency in these two languages certainly will be your added advantage for this business, though not necessary.

How to Collect Sarees for Running Online Saree Business:

As your business mainly depends on the quality of the sarees, you have to contact with such manufacturers who will maintain the goodwill of your business. You may contact the manufacturers at Surat, Mumbai, Chennai, Dhaniakhali or Fulia (W.B) as they are the producers and suppliers of good quality sarees with assorted designs but in competitive price. If you want to sell handloom sarees and dress materials, you may contact local weavers too. There is no need to visit their places to collect the materials. Basically, weavers send the pictures of their saree collections. If any of your client places an order from their collection, they will directly send the particular product to the client on behalf of you.  This is totally an online business in which you don’t meet neither of your buyersnor the manufacturers.

Who Are Your Customers?

Your customers mainly come from your Facebook page or Whatsapp groups. Sometimes, you may get your customers from your relatives or friends or your neighbors when they know about your business. For customers, you need no outdoor advertisements on the marketplace or on the railway stations or any prime locations, even not in newspapers and magazines; no personal influence is necessary for this business.

How Much Profit You May Expect from Online Saree Business?

This is highly profitable business because you can sell each and every saree with moderate to high profit margin depending on the design and exclusiveness. From each saree whatever its cost may be your minimum profit margin will be nearly 30%-40%.

Required License & Registration:

As this business run totally through the internet there is no need for any license & registration for your business. In this business, you are doing nothing; you are working as a mediator between your customers and the manufacturers. You are not opening any manufacturing unit or any shop in any business place. So, you need not to apply for  license & registration number to run your business. This business totally depends on the personal relation you can build with your groups.

Finance for Your business:

You can start the home based business of sarees just by investing some amount in Smartphone and internet connection. You may purchase a good quality of smartphone or ordinary Smartphone but the most important thing is your internet connection. A high-speed internet connection will help you to connect with your groups easily and quickly. Since you don’t stock sarees in your home, there is no such capital investment involved in this business. So, for starting a online saree business from home, only 10k-20k money is enough.

Tips for getting customers:

You can do your business from your home just by using the internet. Create the Facebook group or the Whatsapp group or join with the different fashion groups of Facebook and make a good relationship with these groups.Now take good qualities pictures of the latest collection of sarees. Post them indifferent Facebook groups or Whatsapp groups. Show them your latest collection. Now,you may personally request them to purchase the saree or wait for their decisions. When anyone of your group orders you for any saree, send the order directly to the manufacturers. The manufacturer will deliver the order to the customer(s) directly. Every monetary transaction will be made directly through the bank.

The Success of Your Online Saree Business:

The main success lies behind the good relation with the manufacturers, boutique houses and online stores and different facebook fashion groups or whatsapp groups. Only by using these social medias you can grow your business. The good relation is the main ‘Mantra’ for this business.

However, the success of this business depends on many factors like time and your dedication, connection with potential customers, effective follow-up, giving updated information to the potential customers, etc.

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Make a Good Living from Online Saree Business
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Make a Good Living from Online Saree Business
Online saree business gives a big opportunity to earn a lucrative amount every month by investing a little. Learn the basics of home based saree business.
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