Non Woven Bag Manufacturing – A Profitable Small Business Idea

Interested in starting a small manufacturing business that has great demand in the market? You may go with non woven bag manufacturing business. In fact, when you want to start a business, you need to have a great foresight to see the steadily increasing demand of any service or product. At the same time, you should have a clear understanding of the investment statistics and profitability that business opportunity. Non woven bag manufacturing is one of the best choices for that. The non woven bags are the best substitute of the plastic bags due to its many benefits over the other and thus give a great market for its manufacturing business.

Non Woven Bag Manufacturing: Which Product is it?

Polypropylene is the fabric used in the manufacturing of non woven bags. This fabric has many features like:-

  • Durability
  • Water resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Attractive looks
  • Light weight
  • Washable and others.

The most important feature of non woven bags is its eco-friendly property. Thus, it is one of the best substitutes for the plastic bags. The non woven bags are not strong enough to carry heavy materials, but are effective enough for carrying light weight items like books, gifts, clothes and others.

Why Start Non Woven Bag Manufacturing Business

As mentioned at the beginning that a strong foresight is the best quality of a skilled businessman. With his sharp calculation and anticipation, he can perfectly guess the market potentiality of any product or services and the great present and future market of non woven bag manufacturing business can’t be overlooked. Below are the few basic reasons for starting this business: –

  • Government Policies: – Plastic bags are nearly banned in our country and also in the world. However, it is still in use, but with the increasing awareness among the people and the government, the day is not far that the low quality plastic bags will be completely banned and then non woven bags will have a massive demand.
  • Better than plastic bags: – The non woven bags come with many features as mentioned earlier also, which makes it a superior product than the plastic bags.
  • Promotion with packaging: – Any business can easily promote their business or brand with the non woven bags. As they have got a longer life span of nearly 5 years, it is a great packaging material which also helps in marketing.
  • Cost: – In compare to other substitutes of plastic bags, these are far cheaper and also comes with a dozens of benefit.
  • Eco-friendly: – With the development of the society and increasing awareness, people are more attracted towards eco-friendly items and thus non woven bags are rapidly gaining popularity.

These are the few things which make this business an attractive option to start. There is another big advantage of starting this business and that is its manufacturing process. The process of non woven bag manufacturing is very simple and it requires very few labors as most of the work is done by the non woven bag making machine.

Non Woven Bag Manufacturing Process

If you start this business, you don’t have to depend on a higher number of labors for the manufacturing process. Maximum of one or two will suffice the need. There are different machines which will do the maximum of the manufacturing work. Below are the different required machines: –

  • Non woven bag making machine: – The function of this bag making machine is to cut the fabric is the desired size after passing through the rollers.
  • Auto handle sealing machine: – This machine is required to attach handles to the main body of the bags. It uses hydraulic pressure for the process.
  • Printing Machine: – This is required to print designs on the fabric roll. It can be general prints or as per the demand of the customer. For manufacturing plain bags, this machine is not required.
  • Printing machine roller: – This helps to straighten the fabric of the bag

After the manufacturing, the bags are packed in packaging materials and delivered.

Location to Start the Non Woven Bag Manufacturing Unit

Along with the machine, selection of location is also an important aspect of the manufacturing process. Due to the requirement of bigger and many machines, you will need at least 1500 sq ft of location to operate the business.

Registration Process of this Business

The registration process is simple, but as there is a huge involvement of capital in starting the business, so it is very important that every guideline are followed and completed properly. Contact your local administrator for the details process about the registration process.

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Capital Requirement and How to Arrange the Same

To start this business, the machinery is the first thing that you need to arrange. Along with this there are many other things for which you need to arrange capital. Below are the common requirements: –

  • Different machinery will require 40 to 45 lacs.
  • You will need capital to purchase raw materials.
  • Will need capital to pay salary and rent along with other miscellaneous costs.
  • You will need to have 30 to 45 days of capital.

As the requirement of capital is very high, taking a loan from the financial institutions and the bank is the best way for the same. You need to submit a well-crafted business plan for getting the loan sanctioned.

Confusion of selection a business idea is the biggest issue. So, before selecting any business option, consider the future demand of the business along with the present. The non woven bag manufacturing business may have normal demand and lesser in comparison to plastic bags, but non woven bags are the future of the industry and the best substitute for the plastic bags.

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Non Woven Bag Manufacturing- A Profitable Small Business Idea
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Non Woven Bag Manufacturing- A Profitable Small Business Idea
Non woven bag manufacturing is a profitable business that has huge market potential. Keep reading to learn everything you should know about the business.
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