Naphthalene Ball Manufacturing Business Setup

Naphthalene ball or moth balls are a common household item which is highly useful in keeping woolen and clothes in the wardrobe. Woolen and clothes for special occasions are not used on a regular basis thus are kept in the wardrobe for a longer period, thus the naphthalene balls play a vital role in saving them from getting damaged from insects. Thus, if you were planning for a long time about a small scale business which needs less investment but has a good amount of return, naphthalene ball manufacturing is then the most suitable business idea for making your dream true of becoming a successful business entrepreneur.

Potentiality of Naphthalene Ball Manufacturing Business

Naphthalene balls are an effective insect and reptile repellent and are extensively used in urban areas and due to the increases in awareness for cleanliness, the demand of the same is also increasing. Over that the naphthalene balls gets evaporated on its own by releasing the toxic gases to repel the insects and reptiles and disappears on its own over the period of time. So the need of the balls will always be there.

Naphthalene Ball Manufacturing Process

For starting this business you don’t need a very high qualification as the maximum of the work will be done by the machines and your hired staffs, but though having the knowledge of the business is essential to have a command of the business.

Below is the required machinery and equipment: –

  1. Naphthalene balls machine with two set dies which comes with both hand and power operated and may cost approx Rs 35,000.
  2. Ms Jacketed Vessels may cost you up to Rs 10,000.
  3. Arrangements for heating: – power or coal.
  4. Storage tanks for storing the naphthalene balls.

Below are the required raw materials for the naphthalene ball manufacturing: –

  1. Naphthalene flakes.
  2. Camphor, Phenol and other chemicals.
  3. Packing materials.

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The manufacturing process is not a critical one:-

  1. A temperature of 88 degree Celsius is maintained in the jacketed vessel.
  2. The naphthalene flakes are dropped into the same.
  3. The flakes slowly melt down and its needs to be stirred with the agitators.
  4. After the naphthalene flakes melts, other raw materials like Camphor, Phenol and others are mixed thoroughly.
  5. The liquid is placed into the naphthalene ball machine to get the desired shape.
  6. After cooling the naphthalene balls are taken out and packed.

Required Steps to Start the Naphthalene Ball Manufacturing Business

The manufacturing process might be simple one but you need to maintain the quality specification as per IS: 589-1974 Naphthalene. Below are the basic steps to be taken to start a naphthalene manufacturing business: –

1. Acquire the Skills: –

Basic skills about running the business is essential to inspect how your staffs are working and need to know various ways to have quality output along with earning profit. We also need to know the process of using the machine and equipment.

2. Location: –

You at least need an area of 200 to 500 Sq Ft to start the business. It can easily be rented and if has your own place then you can use it to save capital investment. As there is the involvement of harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process of the naphthalene balls, so you check with your local authorities for permission regarding the manufacturing.

3. Registration of Business: –

Due to the involvement of chemicals and toxic materials, you need to have a complete documentation of registration of the business to ensure no issue in the future. You also need to take no objection from the pollution board. Trade license, VAT, current accounts are the other common formalities.

4. Branding: –

Register your business with an attractive brand name to create brand awareness among the consumers.

5. Capital Investment: –

Being a small scale business idea, the required capital for naphthalene ball manufacturing is not much higher. You can easily begin the business with a maximum capital of 2 lakhs. You can get financial assistance from the bank as loans and PMRY subsidy can be granted in the case of bank loans.

6. Hire Staffs: –

You need to hire at least one or two staffs to run the machinery and for packing of the naphthalene balls. At the beginning, you can yourself work as a supervisor and later on you can hire more when you will be ready to grow the business.

7. Business Plan: –

Creating a business plan is essential to run a business successfully. It will describe how the business will function and will contain the strategies to make the business successful. It should also include details of extensive research of the market and other competitors.

A well-crafted business plan is very helpful in getting easy loans from the financial institutions.

The current market of naphthalene ball manufacturing is not brand dependent and that is a great opportunity for you to capture the market with good quality product and best prices along with some extensive marketing.

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Naphthalene Ball Manufacturing Business Setup - Small Business Idea
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Naphthalene Ball Manufacturing Business Setup - Small Business Idea
If you want to start a small scale business which has a good return, naphthalene ball manufacturing is then the most suitable business idea for you.
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