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The mug printing business is a great option to start a home-based business with very little investment. Just think of it; in the morning, you start the day with a nice looking cup of tea or after coming back to home in the evening,you want to relax with a mug of coffee, printed your favourite image. It makes us happy in an instant. Custom printed mugs have got a huge demand in the market as you can put customized pictures in your mugs and can use it as gift to others. Along with this, in compared to other printing business ideas, this one can be started in small area and with minimum investment.

The mug printing business also got a huge demand in the market. Along with individual personals, many company and business also opt for mug printing services to promote their products or business logos.

Requirement to Start a Mug Printing Business

You can start and operate this business idea from your home only. It doesn’t require a huge place to start the business. However, you need to have skill and knowledge in some specific fields to deliver the best service along with equipment: –

  • Required Equipment
  • Computer or laptop
  • Different softwares like Photoshop, corel draw etc
  • L805 or other suitable printers
  • Mug Printing Machine

The requirement of the equipment will differ as per the selected process to start the mug printing business. Yes, there are different ways to print a mug and you can select from them according to your choice, skill, size of business, capital and other factors. However, the above mention equipment’s are basic and will be needed in every printing process

  • Different Mug Printing Processes:
  • Screen Printing
  • Transfer Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Dye Sublimation etc

As a small scale business setup, the dye sublimation is the best choice to start the mug printing business. It requires less effort and capital. However, it is best suitable for the small-scale business unit. With this process, it will be difficult to print 1000 of cups in a day.

But, in the beginning, you can select this process only and as your business grows along with your clients, you can later opt for other processes if required to make a huge quantity of mugs. So, here we will discuss the sublimation process for printing mugs.

  • Required Equipment
  • Heat Press Machine
  • Sublimation Transfer Paper
  • Heat Resistance Tape
  • Sublimation Gloves

Along with the equipment, you also need to have the required skills in the field of printing along with experience in using the software’s. The skill is required to make the perfect design or customize the same as per the requirement to get the perfect result.

Mug Printing Steps:

  • Make the design on your computer or laptop and pint the same in the required size.
  • The design needs to be printed as a mirror image to get the correct print in the mug.
  • Put the image in the mug and wrap the cup with the sublimation paper.
  • Use sublimation tape to fix the sublimation paper.
  • Switch on the Heat Press Machine
  • Put the cup in the machine.
  • Use sublimation gloves while putting the cup in the machine.
  • It will take an average time of 70 seconds to get the product.

Required Capital to Start Mug Printing Business

The money is one of the most important factors as due to this, many skilled people drop the idea to enter in the business world. However, to start a mug printing business, the required capital is very less to start a mug printing business.

Market Potentiality of Mug Printing Business

There is a huge business opportunity for this idea as personalized cups make a great gift item. Along with the gift, it is also used by business or companies to promote their products or logos and others.

However, along with these, you can also make attractive designs and print them in plain cups and sell them in the market or through online business. The online market has completely changed the face of the business, now you can sell your product to anyone in the world just by sitting at home.

You can use different platforms like Amazon, eBay etc to operate your mug printing business and sell your products online.

Tips to Have a Successful Mug Printing Business

Just try to give the best quality service along with reasonable pricing and proper promotion and marketing of the business and you can easily succeed in the business.

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Start Mug Printing Business at Your Home - Profitable Small Business
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Start Mug Printing Business at Your Home - Profitable Small Business
Planning to start mug printing business from your home? Find out what it takes to print coffee mugs and turn it into a successful venture with little capital.
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