Matchstick Manufacturing – A Low-Cost Small Manufacturing Business

Billions of matchboxes are used all over the world in a day for different purposes like to light the cooking gas, fireplace, incense sticks or cigarette etc. This gives a huge demand for the matchstick manufacturing business. If you want to start a profitable small-scale manufacturing business, the production of wooden matchsticks is a great option to select. In this article, I will discuss the complete process of starting a matchstick manufacturing unit on a small-scale.

Market Potentiality of Matchstick Manufacturing Business

There is a huge demand for matchsticks and billions of matchboxes are used on daily basis. The matchsticks come to great purpose as it creates fire and fire has a great need in daily life like to cook, light candles, cigarettes and others. Thus, you can select the option of matchstick manufacturing business for a profitable venture.

Matchstick Manufacturing Process

Earlier the matchstick manufacturing was completely labor intensive. However, since the availability of new technology, it is now dependent more on machinery. You can start your business with a semi-automatic process as it will require less investment. Let’s find out about the requirements of starting a matchstick manufacturing unit.

Raw Materials:

Wood is the primary required raw material for matchstick manufacturing. However, you can’t use all kind of wood for the same. You need wood with properties like rigid, porous, absorbent and straight grained are ideal for the work. Aspen and pine are the best suited for the purpose.

Other required raw materials are ammonium phosphate, paraffin wax, potassium etc along with dye, powdered glass, sulfur, glue, filter, etc.


The completely automatic matchstick manufacturing unit uses machines in every step of the manufacturing process. However, it will require more investment for the same. If you want to start a small-scale business, you will not need all the machines. The required machinery can be split into different parts like match making machinery, box making, splint making, packaging etc. The list of the machinery is as below: –

  1. Box closing machinery
  2. Box filling machinery
  3. High-speed dipping equipment
  4. Splint Veneer
  5. Peeling
  6. Splint chopping
  7. Splint making
  8. Packaging machinery
  9. Head composition machinery.

So, if you have the capital, you can have a completely automated matchstick manufacturing unit. With this, you can produce a huge volume of matchboxes on daily basis. But the amount of risk is also high as the capital investment is huge.

The Manufacturing Process is as follows:

  • Preparation of wood: In this step, the woods are prepared to give the shape of the matchsticks. It is cut into small pieces and soaked in ammonium phosphate which is a fire retardant. After that, the sticks are dried.
  • Fueling the Wood: Here the striking end of the wooden stick is soaked in hot paraffin wax. This will provide the fueling to the wood enabling it to burn easily.
  • Finalizing the product: After that, the wood sticks are put into a conveyor belt which comes with holes in which the sticks are inserted. The wooden sticks are carried to a tank which consists of two chemicals. One is for the base and another one is to finalize the layer match head.
  • Packaging: After that, the sticks are dries and sent for final packaging.

Steps to Start the Matchstick Manufacturing Business

As you are now aware why and how you should start a matchstick manufacturing unit, let’s find out the required steps to start the same.

Register your business:

There are strict legal compliances that you need to follow to start your matchstick manufacturing Including the trade license, you need to legal permits for starting the same. You also need to acquire “consent to establish” and “consent to operate” from the Pollution Control Board. You will also need permission from the fire department. So, it is very important that you do a proper research on the legal process and proceed accordingly.

Selection of location:

It is another critical process in this business. You will not be allowed to start your matchstick manufacturing business at anywhere. Only the industrial zones are preferable to the same. There are strict guidelines set by the government regarding the same as it is a business which is related to the fire. Any area in an industrial zone and in close proximity to fire zone is the best choice.

Arrangement of Capital:

If your personal capital is not enough to start the business, then you can take a loan from the bank. A business plan with your planning on how you are going to operate the business in successful ways will help you to get loan from the bank.

Among all these steps, one of the most important aspects of starting a matchstick manufacturing business is safety measures. Take all kind of precautions about the same and follow the guidelines given by the concerned authority regarding the safety.

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Matchstick Manufacturing – A Low-Cost Small Manufacturing Business
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Matchstick Manufacturing – A Low-Cost Small Manufacturing Business
If you want to start a profitable small-scale manufacturing business, then matchsticks manufacturing is a great option to select.
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