A Complete Guide to Kick-Start a Massage Therapy Business

massage therapistHow do you feel to have a therapeutic massage in a soothing environment? Ahhh…it’s amazing!! It can do miracle for our stressful body. In fact, we all love to have a relaxing massage at the weekend or at least twice a month. The experts in this field, known as massage therapists provide a variety of relaxing and clinical massages to revitalize our body, mind and soul. Basically, they work with our flexible body tissues and help to calm down our tense muscles, get relief from stress and anxiety. Massage therapy is also effective on the injury and helps in the recovering process.

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Are you planning to start a massage therapy business from home? It doesn’t matter at all whether you are a fresher to this profession or an experienced professional. It is a rewarding venture and you may consider this idea. Anyone who is interested to take it as a profession can start massage therapy business. But she needs to complete a training program from a nationally recognized institute and should have entrepreneurial spirit.

Massage Therapy Industry Trend:

It is definitely a great idea to initiate a home based massage business as the industry has experienced a phenomenal growth over the last 10 years. In 2015, the market share of this industry was $12.1 billion and the number of massage therapist working here are 168,800. The U.S government statistics also shows that the growth will continue and there will be a 22% increase in employment between 2014 to 2024. Another interesting data received from American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) shows that around 18% of Americans adults had experienced at least one professional massage in between the years 2014 and 2015. Isn’t it exciting? Hope the statistics and prediction will encourage you to dive in this business venture.

Before getting started, you should know the ins and outs of this profession and what it takes to start your own massage therapy business.

Earn the Essential Certifications

It is somewhat essential for setting up a massage therapy business. According to the American Government statistics, 42 states require entry-level certification and licensing. Most of the states require massage therapists to complete both the 750 hours education program and250 hours of hands-on-experience before going to practice legally, although the certification requirements may vary from state to state. As your plan is to set up your own massage therapy business, you will need to complete massage therapy training and obtain a certification. It is required to qualify for a business license. You can obtain certification through the National Certification Board (NCB) for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

There are various massage therapy schools offering varied courses. You can enroll with any of them and receive training in order to become a licensed massage therapist. If you think to do specialization in a particular therapeutic massage, (such as sports massage therapy, stone therapy etc), you will need to attend some specific courses.

Apply to Get the Business License

You should contact to your state board of massage therapy to know about the licensing requirements. Check whether your state requires you to obtain a passing grade on the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx)? In order to start practicing as a massage therapist, you will need to gain a license. A majority of US States need you to get a business license if you sell massage therapy goods along with the massage therapy services.

Obtain Liability Insurance

Being an independent professional, you may purchase a health insurance policy and you can opt for disability insurance as it gives you protection while you are injured and unable to work. Getting liability insurance is quite an essential for your massage therapy business as it gives you coverage on general as well as professional liability. In massage therapy and cosmetology practices, clients often make lawsuits but liability insurance gives you protection against claims.

Select a Business Name

Once you can manage the essential certification and licensing, you will need to find out an appropriate name for your massage therapy business. Selection of trade name is very important as it denotes your branding. You will use it in your business cards, brochures and company website also. Always choose a unique business name that is easy to recall. You may visit the registered website of the United States Patent and Trademark to check whether your selected name has already been registered by the another business.

Decide a Business Location

You should decide a place where you want to serve your clients. The place may be your home or the client’s home or it may be a separate office space. If you want to keep your business separated from your home, you need to rent or lease a commercial office space. Though it will increase both the start-up capital and the operating expenses but it will give you more exposure by attending more clients at once hence maximize your profit.

If you wish to provide massage therapy services from your home, you can enjoy a more flexible working schedule as well as exploit the entire profit of your own. Additionally, it lowers the start-up costs.

Register your Business

massage therapyBefore going to start a massage therapy center, you will need to get establishment license issued by the office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation and pay an amount as the establishment fee. In addition, it is also required to register the business with the secretary of state by depositing the filling fees.

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Purchase Equipment and Supplies

You will need to purchase a few of basic equipment and supplies to give your business a final start. These are as follows;

  • Massage Tables, chairs or mats: If you decide to work alone, then one stationary massage table and a chair are sufficient to perform relaxing massages. Otherwise you will need to have tables depending on the number of staff present in your office. You should purchase the massage tables. One portable table would be needed if you want to serve your clients at their places.
  • Flannel Sheets and Pillows: Flannel sheets are used to cover your client’s body while massaging and pillows are required to get position and also to maximize the comfort level. Always go for neutral colors like white as this will match with the calm and quite environment of the massage center.
  • Massage oils and Lotions: A variety of massage oils, lotions, gels and creams are used during the massage. Salt and sugar scrubs are also applied to make the skin smooth and soufflé. You need to purchase all these products having different brands and scents.
  • Candle and Incense: You need to buy scented candles and incense sticks that release pleasing aroma that help in setting the mood.
  • Towels: Towels are very important in removing excess oils from your client’s body and covering up the body after massage. You need to get several sets of quality towels, preferably white in color.
  • Clothing: You should give attention to the clothing that your clients would wear during a massage session. It includes bras, panties, briefs or disposable boxers.
  • Massage tools: You will need to invest some amount on purchasing a variety of massage tools like thumpers, erls, massage stones, massagers etc.
  • Music: Soft instrumental music is ideal for your massage therapy center as it creates a soothing atmosphere and helps to enhance the massage experience of your clients.
  • Colorful Posters and Anatomy Charts: These products are displayed on the wall to provide knowledge about the location and functions of our bones, tissues, mussels and nerves.

Promote Your Massage Therapy Business

Advertisement and promotion play an important role for any kind of business, especially if it is a service-based, then one has to pay more attention in introducing his business to the rest of the world. You should also take several initiatives to promote your business.

  • Make a basic website for your Business
  • Leave flyers and brochures in your community
  • Design Business Cards and hand out to people
  • Create discount cards for existing clients

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