Start a Manufacturing Unit of Disposable Plastic Cups

Disposable plastic cups and other items like glasses and plates are now used widely in all over India. The features like easy to use, attractive looks, lightweight, low cost, disposable nature has made it a great alternative of the conventional utensils. Moreover, at the present time, plastic pollution is a much discussed issue as it has an adverse effect on the human society as well as on the flora and fauna. Synthetic plastic is toxic in nature and doesn’t biodegrade. In spite of that, it has versatile usage because of its low price and ease of production. This is why several strategies have taken to prevent the long-term environmental damages from the plastic consumer articles. One such initiative is the manufacturing of disposable plastic items such as cup, glass, plate etc. 

Disposable cups are mostly used in various parties and occasions where the mass of people come to participate. Along with parties, it is also used in bulk quantity in shops to serve drinkable items like tea, coffee and others. Several organizations like airlines, railways also serve tea, fruit juice in disposable cup because of its lightweight and impermeable nature.

Market Potential of Disposable Plastic cups

Disposable plastic cups are widely used in different occasions and parties or public gatherings to serve drinkable items to the mass of the people. Disposable cups are also used to serve ice-creams or other semi-liquid items. Along with this, the rapid growth of public sector companies and industrialization has also increased the demand of the same as plastic cups are used in a huge volume in shops to serve tea, coffee and other items and that is also in the daily basis.

With every passing day, the demand for the disposable plastic cups is on the rise in an increasing rate. Ice-cream manufacturing companies are the major customer of the plastic cups. Thus, this gives a great potentiality to the business idea of plastic cup manufacturing.

Manufacturing Process of Disposable Plastic Cups

It is a great idea to start a disposable plastic cup manufacturing unit as with the increasing demand, it is now becoming difficult to cater to the market demand with the existing suppliers. Over that, you don’t need a huge capital investment to start a small scale unit.

Required Raw Materials:

High Impact Polystyrene Sheets are the basic raw material required for the production of plastic cups.


The list of the disposable plastic cup making machine includes equipment like: –

  • Automatic thermo forming machine.
  • Air Compressor.
  • Die Punch for cups.
  • Sheet extruder and scrap grinder.
  • Other equipment for the testing purpose.

Manufacturing Procedure:

The disposable plastic cup making machine plays the major part of the role for the manufacturing process of the plastic cups. At first, polypropylene or polystyrene sheet is dragged from the bobbin reel to the thermo forming plant. Thereafter, those plastic sheets are carried to the heater assembly to the forming table with the help of conveyor chains. The heated sheets are then punched and shape is given to them of the mould. Thus, the plastic cups are manufactured and stocked up.

To get printed disposable plastic cups, the plastic sheets are printed before forming into cup.

Steps to Start a Disposable Plastic Cup Manufacturing Unit

So, as you are now aware of the manufacturing process of the disposable cups and are aware of the high market demand of the same, let’s find out the required steps for starting the manufacturing units:

Find the Customers:

Before starting any business, it is very important that you analyze the market and find out the prospective buyers of the business. The success of any business depends on the number of buyers that you can attract towards your business. It may be a gradual process, but if you can plan proper steps it will be easier to get valuable and good buyers.

Get License:

Contact your nearby administrative office or Municipal Corporation and get the information about the complete registration procedure. Give a brand name to the company. Follow the procedure and guidelines as per the regulations for a smooth operation of the business.

Supplier Contacts:

Do a proper research about the availability of raw materials in the market and get the contacts of the best suppliers. The required raw materials for the manufacturing of the disposable plastic cups can easily be found in the local market. Get the machinery from reputed company and of well known brand.


Marketing and promotion of the business is a key step for getting success in the same. Do extensive promotion about your business so that the word reaches to every possible potential customer. Along with traditional ways of promotion like ads in news paper, posters, handbills and others you can also take modern ways of digital marketing to promote your business.

Arrangement of Capital:

A business plan needs to be created from a professional. A well-crafted business plan will contain details about the steps about how to run the business in a profitable manner and how to grow the same. A business plan helps to get loan from bank. With the new government policies, you can get loan from bank even without submitting any collateral deposit. You just need to submit your business plan.

Additional Products: –

Along with the disposable plastic cups, you can also add other items for manufacturing in your unit like disposable plastic plates, bowl, glass and others. You can also manufacture disposable paper items. This will increase the scope of attracting more clients as they can get more items under a single roof.

So these are all the basic information that you will need to set-up a disposable plastic cups manufacturing unit. It is a great business opportunity to start your individual career.

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Start a Manufacturing Unit of Disposable Plastic Cups
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Start a Manufacturing Unit of Disposable Plastic Cups
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