Business of Making Plastic Bags – A Profitable Small-Scale Venture

The business of making plastic bags is a lucrative endeavor in many countries as the demand of the product is high. There is a daily need of the plastic bags in our day to day life, especially to the vendors and retailers. The plastic bags are mostly used to carry items purchased from stores. So, a single shop requires thousands of plastic bags in a month. Just imagine what will be the demand in your whole market area!

Although plastic bags are convenient to use, but is has an adverse effect on the environment and human health also. But a great number of people are not concerned about it and continuing its usage. There are several eco-friendly options like paper bags, jute bags etc.  But they are used to plastic carry bags because of its easy availability and low price.

Thus, it makes the plastic bag production idea a profitable and potential business opportunity. So, if you want to start your own business, then making plastic bags business is a great idea to venture.

Market Potentiality of Making Plastic Bags

From small seller to biggest shops in the market requires a plastic bag to sell items to the customers. Thus, you can easily imagine the demand of the same on daily basis. Millions of plastic bags are used on a daily basis in a single city. This gives a huge market to the making plastic bags business.

Plastic Bag Making Process

The process of manufacturing plastic bags is very simple as most of the work is done by the machines. There is very little demand for physical labor. The process of plastic bag manufacturing involves three major steps: –

  1. Extruding
  2. Printing
  3. Bag Making

But before starting the manufacturing of the plastic bags, you need to decide the quality of the bags you want to produce. Different city of India has banned the use of cheap and low quality plastic bags. So, you need to follow the guidelines set by your State and Central Government. The process of manufacturing plastic bags in details is as follows: –

1. Extruding: –

An extruder machine is used in this step. Here, the extruder heats the polyethylene plastic at a temperature to 500 degree F. Due to this, the pellets are melted and those are put into the machine and die to determine the thickness of the bag.

2. Printing:

– After extruding, the second steps involves cutting of the plastic bags in the desired sizes and handles are made if required. After that, the process of printing is required. In this, the plastic bags are put into the printing machines and are given the required textures.

Bag Making:

– It is the last step, here either the plain rolls or the printed ones are put into the bag making machine. There are many options available in the last step like holes, slits, handle punching, header sealing, zip locking, vents etc. You can select the desired function and proceed to the completion of the step

At the end, the manufactured plastic bags are packed into boxes and ready for dispatch. Thousands of plastic bags can be manufactured in few minutes. Thus, you can now understand that the production process is so simple that any layman can produce plastic bags.

Steps to Start Making Plastic Bags Business

Now, if the idea of making plastic bags business looks attractive to you lets proceed to the step for starting the business.

1. Select Your Niche: –

There are different types and usages of plastic bags in the market. So, you need to decide the kind of bags you want to produce. It may be the simple carrying bags or printed bags and others.

2. Research:

– Do a research before starting the business. Find out the type of plastic bags to manufacture and which has the maximum demand and profitability. Find out about the other competitions and how they are operating the business. You also need to do a thorough research to find the required capital to start the business along with the required machinery and supply of raw materials.

3. Business Plan:

– Create a well-researched business plan and take assistance from the professional people who prepare business plans. The business plan should contain all the details of your business like the type of business, production details, how you are going to operate the same and what steps you will be taking to make it successful.

A well-crafted business plan is very helpful in getting financial assistance from the bank.

4. Arrangement of the Capital: –

Renting or leasing, purchasing of equipment, raw material, labor cost etc are the different area of expenses which will require a huge amount of capital. In your research, find out the required amount of capital to begin your making plastic bags business. You can take a loan from the bank by submitting your business plan.

5. Registration:

– This is one of the critical steps. As plastic is involved in the manufacturing process, so there are many guidelines that you need to follow along with restrictions. So, even before finalizing your business, find out the details step of the registration process as there will be many restrictions to follow.

So, these are the comprehensive guide to start your own making plastic bags business.

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Business of Making Plastic Bags –A Profitable Small-Scale Venture
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Business of Making Plastic Bags –A Profitable Small-Scale Venture
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