All You Need to Know about Making Money with eBooks

Making money with eBooks has opened the gate for many potential writers to have a lucrative career in storytelling. Every one of us has got a hidden writer inside us and once in a lifetime, we all might have given a thought to write a book based on our dreams, life experience or something from our creativity. But the process of publishing books is the biggest hindrance to make our dream come true.

But now, you can make your dream true by selling eBooks online. People nowadays prefer eBooks over the traditional paper books, thus it gives a huge market potentiality to the eBooks. There are over 90 million eBook reads in the US only, so imagine the count in all over the world. So, if you were thinking to give up the idea to write a book, it’s time to give it a second thought.

Get Quick Information about Making Money with eBooks

What is eBook?

The eBooks are the books which are available online to download and read on computer, tablets, Smartphones and other supported devices. So, you don’t have to rely on the publishers anymore to publish your books, neither on the bookstores to have your books on their shelves. Just write your book, do the required customization and publish it online. Self-published authors are recently earning get success and making money with eBooks.

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Search for Hugh Howey in the Google search engine. His series of science fiction in Amazon Kindle generated income of over $1, 50,000 per month. Like this, there are many successful story writers making money with eBooks.

Why Should We Write an eBook?

Thousands of writers have left the career of writing due to the different difficulties in the process of publishing a book. You have to follow different steps to publish a book successfully like: –

  • Create content by writing it in hard copy day and night.
  • Searching for the publisher to publish the book. You also need to pursue to accept your offer.
  • You also have to do the required marketing for your book. The publisher only does marketing for the bestsellers.
  • After that, you get the money from the publishers.

But in case of eBooks, you need to write the content in your system. Thus, with the option of cloud savings, there is no chance of the documents getting lost or damaged. You don’t need any publishers, as you can publish your book by yourself in the different options like the Amazon Kindle. There is no need of doing marketing as Amazon does the same for you. However, if you do promotion from your end that will definitely be an added advantage. You get the money at once someone purchases your book.

So, the complete process is very easy and user-friendly. Along with this, your book gets a worldwide exposure which will never be possible if you publish a hardcopy book until it is a bestseller.

Steps for Starting an eBook Business

The internet has brought revolution to our life. Nowadays, instead of going in the crowded market, we prefer shopping through Amazon or other online stores. Likewise, people nowadays, prefer reading eBooks rather than purchasing the traditional paper books.

So, here we will find out how you can make big as a writer in eBooks and start making money with eBooks. Just follow the below mentioned simple steps: –

Select your niche: –

There are millions of concepts on which you can start your book. Be it fiction, science fiction, horror, romantic etc. So, you can use your creativity in any of your area of expertise. If you want, you can also write down your own life history, if you think it can be a great story. I sometimes myself think about it.

But ensure whatever category you choose, that is in trend or having a good amount of demand in the market. You can easily do the same with a bit of research.

Document your thoughts: –

You need to write down the story or the concept. You can do it by yourself or can also hire a ghostwriter for the same.

Create Cover: –

Your book will need a cover and you can hire freelance graphics designers for the same. It will cost you around $5 to $15. With that, you can even design your pages. You can get cover-making tool free of cost with Amazon and make your own cover if you are good with images.

Select the media of publishing: –

Amazon Kindle is the best way of making money with eBooks as they give you the biggest exposure of eBook market. They pay your around 35% to 70% of the commission of the book price. However, there are different other ways to sell your books to.

Amazon will do the necessary to promote your book; however, you can still use your social media account and other steps to spread the word of your book launch. This wills definitely help in the promotion. Along with this, don’t forget to do a proofreading of your book before publishing by the experts as no one will like to read a book with full of errors.

So, this is the complete guide for publishing your own book and making money with eBooks.

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All You Need to Know about Making Money with eBooks
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