Make Money with Oriflame and Enjoy Your Freedom

An extra income source is always a value add our life as in today’s generation, the cost of living and standard are both high. So, if you are thinking to utilize your spare time in earning extra income, you may join Oriflame as a consultant. You can easily make money with oriflame as it is a genuine business opportunity that requires zero investments but allows you build a high profile career. Oriflame is a Swedish direct sales company dealing with cosmetic products and provides a great opportunity to fill the gap in the account with some extra income.

What is Oriflamme Business About

Before knowing about the business, let’s first find out about the company “Oriflame”. Since its inception in the year of 1967, Oriflame has become one of the fastest growing cosmetic companies in the world. Oriflame is a Swedish company which now due to its immense success and popularity operates in over 60 countries around the world.

Oriflame is now the largest European direct sales beauty company with over 3 million consultants in all over the world and has a range of over 900 cosmetic products. Along with the high-quality product, it also offers a great way to make money with Oriflame.

Cosmetics are one of the most common items used by both the genders in around the world. People usually visit cosmetics shops to buy the products, but Oriflame provides a direct sales business. This means users don’t have to visit shops anymore, they can order the products from representatives and the same will be delivered to their home.

How Can You Make Money with Oriflame

Oriflame provides the opportunity to earn money by creating a bridge between the customers and the cosmetic shops. You can join the business as a beauty consultant and get the required training about the products and their uses and advantages. Later on, you can purchase the Oriflame products at 20% discounted price i.e. company price and sell them to the customers at the catalog price.

There are three different ways in which you can make money with Oriflame and enjoy the Oriflamme membership benefits: –

Savings on Purchase:

The cosmetics products that you purchase from the retail outlet comes with a high cost as the MRP is inclusive of profit margins of different people like the manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler and retailer. But if you become an Oriflame beauty consultant, then you can buy the quality products directly from the company at a much lesser price and save on the purchase. You can save on an average of 20 % to 30 % in each of the product prices. The profit margin exclusively depends on the business points you have collected for a single catalogue period.

Selling the Product:

As a beauty consultant of the Oriflame Company, you can show the product catalogue to your friends and relatives and make an average of 20 % of profit. That means if you can sell a total of Rs 5000 in a month, you can easily make Rs 1000 just by sitting at home. When you exceed 100 BP, you will get 30% discount on single order. This is the immediate profit that you can make on every product you sell.

Add to your Team:

You can also make money from the sales done by the others. Yes, isn’t it attractive? You just need to invite your friends and others to work with you as a team and when your team makes sales; you can earn up to 21 % of commission. This way of making money with Oriflame is in terms of commission that is purely based on the performance of your team.

So, just imagine if you have many active members in your team then after some time, you may not need to work also, as you will get the commission from the sales your team is making. Like for e.g. if you have 20 active members in a team and the average sale is Rs 3000 then the total team sales will be Rs 60,000. So, you can earn Rs 12,000 just from the work of others.

Isn’t it an amazing way of making money. But there are few important things that need to be considered to have an attractive income from the Oriflame business like: –

  • Treat it as a real business: Unless you take the business seriously, you will never be able to succeed in the same.
  • Refer Practical Results: Use the products on yourself so that people can see the change and effect of the products. By this way, you can market your product by your own looks.
  • Make Goals: Create your own plans and targets, like how much you want to earn in this month. It will help you to find out the count of products you need to sell.
  • Consistency: From you busy schedule, if you can dedicate only 2 hours daily, do it dedicatedly. Don’t miss the same for a single day. A consistent work will yield great results.
  • Create a customer base: Your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors are the basic customer base of your business. Try to be in their contact all the times and increase your base of operation. These customers will stay with you for the whole life if gets the best effort from you.

You can make money with Oriflamme easily by becoming the beauty consultant. Whether you are a working woman, housewife or studying, you can start this as a part-time or full-time option for great earnings in the future.

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Make Money with Oriflame and Enjoy Your Freedom
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Make Money with Oriflame and Enjoy Your Freedom
Want to make money with Oriflame? Find out how to make money becoming an Oriflame consultant and build a high profile career just sitting at your home.
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