10 Low investment business ideas in Texas, United States

Considering both area and population, Texas is the second largest state in the United States. Texas is the number 1 state in the area of generating revenue from the livestock and livestock products and it is ranked No. 2 for the total agricultural revenue in the United States. Thus, it the best place for numerous options of low investment business ideas in Texas.

Here is my list of 10 best low investment business ideas in Texas, which you can select according to your skill, efficiency and investment capacity: –

1. Real Estate Bird Dog Business: –

Real Estate is a booming industry in all over the world and that is why other related business of Real Estate is also growing. If you don’t have the required capital to start your own Real Estate business, just be a Real Estate Bird Dog. This will not only provide you with a steady income source but will also give you the required training in the field for the future prospect.

2. Currency Trading Business: –

Looking for the best small scale business ideas in Texas? The currency trading is one of the most suitable small scale businesses which can easily be started from your home. You need a very less investment to start this business and the return of profit is also very high. But to succeed in the business, you need to have a great skill and knowledge in the area of currency or Forex trading.

3. Social Media Consulting Business: –

On an average, a person spends 135 minutes of their daily life with the social media. Thus, it has become a great platform for the different businesses to get in touch with the customers directly with the help of the social media and that is why the demand for the expertise Social Media Consultants has also increased. If you have the experience in the field, you can easily start this business from your home and a great career opportunity.

4. Legal Transcription Service: –

If you have a strong knowledge and skill in the required language, then the legal transcription is one of the best options as low investment business ideas in Texas. It nearly requires zero investment. Your skills are the best asset in this field. On an average, a legal transcriptionist in texas makes $ 20, 000 to $ 60, 000 per year.

5. Cashew nut Processing Business: –

You cannot eat the cashew nuts just after plucking it from the tree. There are several steps required to process the same properly. After that only, it is ready to be eaten. The USA is one of the leading cashew nut producing country in the world, thus starting a cashew nut producing business is a great option in Texas for a great career in the business.

6. Start a Dairy Farm: –

In the year 2012, Texas has generated $ 1.79 billion by producing 9.6 billion pounds of milk from over 4, 50,000 cows. The number has enormously increased in the last few decades. The dairy products like milk, cheese, butter etc have a great demand in the market and the dairy farm business is best suitable for you if you have a land to start the same.

7. Layer Poultry Farming: –

Texas is one of the highest numbers of egg-producing states in the US. Each hen produces over 250 to 300 eggs per year and the demand for the product is too high in the market due to such a huge population. The climate of Texas perfectly suits the business of layer poultry farming and provides you with the best and lucrative business opportunity.

8. Egg Tray Making Business: –

Texas is among the top egg-producing state in the USA. It ranks 6th in the United States egg production. Thus, the idea of egg tray making business is a lucrative option in Texas if you are looking for the low investment business ideas in Texas. This business requires less investment and has got a huge demand in the market.

9. Cattle Food Production Business: –

The dairy business is one of the most important parts of the businesses in Texas. There are over 8, 00, 000 milk-producing cows along with others. Thus, to get the best output from them, they need to be fed properly and thus the farmers depend a lot on this business for the supply of the cattle food. It is one of the most profitable but low investment business ideas in Texas.

10. Iodized salt making business: –

Salt is an important source of dietary iodine and is also required to bring the taste in the food. Iodine is an important ingredient for the human growth, metabolic functions and development. Every single house in the world has got iodine salt in the kitchen, thus you can easily guess the demand for the same. Making iodized salt is one of the low investment business ideas in Texas.

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10 Low investment business ideas in Texas, United States
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10 Low investment business ideas in Texas, United States
Think to start a business in Texas? Please consider my list of 10 best low investment business ideas in Texas and select according to your skill & capital.
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