10 Low investment business ideas in Illinois, United States

Illinois is the 6th most populated state in the US and the 25th largest state in terms of area. Metropolis which is the home of our Superman is in the Southern part of Illinois. So, if you are from Illinois or want to start a business here, you have taken a very wise decision as it is the best place to begin a startup. You can check my list of low investment business ideas in Illinois and see if any of them suits your requirement or not.

Illinois has an abundance of natural resources and has a great agricultural productivity. The Port of Chicago helps the state to connect with other global ports and thus making it a hub for business.

Below is the list of 10 low investment business ideas in Illinois.

1. Real Estate Appraisal Business: –

As Illinois is the 6th most populated state in the United States of America, the Real Estate business is always on a boom here. Chicago being the capital is the most populated city. Starting a Real Estate Appraisal Business is a lucrative option if you are planning to start any business with least capital investment in Illinois.

2. Food Truck Business: –

If you have got a great hand in cooking, then you can use the skill to make quick money by starting a food truck business. It is a great business idea for urban locations and of course if you can make luscious food.

3. Soybean Farming Business: –

After corn, soybeans are the 2nd most farmed product in Illinois. The soil supports the quick growth of soybeans. Thus, you can start farming soybean if you have empty lands. Nearly 60% of the soybeans grown in Illinois are exported and thus, it is a great business opportunity.

4. Jam, Jelly Making Business: –

Apples, melons and peaches are the most grown fruit crops in Illinois. Thus, you will get an easy supply of raw material for your jam and jelly business. Jam and Jellies have got a huge demand in the local and international market.

5. Salted Cashew Nut Making Business: –

The price of the packaged salted cashew nuts is nearly double of the raw cashews. This is one of the best low investment business ideas in Illinois as you can earn nearly a 50 to 70 % of margin of profit from your investment.

6. Matrimony Business: –

How busy the people may become or whatever may be the condition of the market, people don’t stop falling in love and marrying. Thus, the matrimony business is among the best small scale business Ideas in Illinois which is never affected by the recessions or any ups and downs in the market. So, if you are an expert in matchmaking, this is a great business idea.

7. Online Grocery Business: –

With the increasing daily busy schedules, we get a very less leisure time. Whatever free time we get, we like to spend it to relax with our family and friend and that is why the e-commerce and m-commerce business has expanded so much in the last few decades. You can also start your online grocery business by just opening a website and a mobile application.

8. Dog Breeding Business: –

Dog breeding is a very profitable business idea as people love their pets like their own child and don’t hesitate to pay for the best care of the pets. If you have experience in the field of dog breeding, then you can easily start a business a dog breeding. This requires the least investment as your skills are the best asset in this business option.

9. Start a Nanny Placement Agency: –

The demands for the nannies are sky high especially in the urban areas. Thus, you can utilize the scope of the business and start a placement agency of nannies in the city.

In most of the families in urban areas, both husband and wife go out for work and thus, they need the service of the nannies to look after their children or even the elderly people.

10. PG Accommodation Business: –

This is one of the best low investment business ideas in Illinois which literally requires no investment but just needs few rooms. So, if you have empty rooms in your house and want to make some extra cash out of it, you can use that as PG accommodation to college or University going kids or even to working people.

So, these are 10 low investment business ideas in Illinois. Just select the business idea as per your skills and efficiency and follow the same with proper promotion and marketing for the success of the business.

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10 Low investment business ideas in Illinois, United States
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10 Low investment business ideas in Illinois, United States
Want to start a business in Illinois? Check 10 low investment business ideas in Illinois and select any one of them as per your budget, skills and interest.
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