25 Profitable Small Business Ideas for Beginners – Low Cost

Most of us assume that starting a business is very risky and thus drops the idea of venturing the same and prefers doing the regular 9 to 5 job. But running a business has got its own charm and gives a lot of adrenal rush as you can use your creativity and skills in making the same success. That is why; I am bringing you with the list of business ideas for beginners which can be easily started and can be a lucrative business opportunity.

Below are the low cost small business ideas for beginners with low investment

1. Make Money with eBooks

If you are creative enough to tell a good story, then you don’t need any publisher nowadays to publish your book. You can easily get thousands of customers by selling eBooks online. The required investment is also low and u can also work in part-time.

2. Become a Usability Tester

In this, you need to use different kind of products and share your feedback about the same. Your feedback will help the company to improve the same or can also use it as a promotion.

3. Business of Making Paper Flowers

Paper flowers have got a huge demand as they are very cost-effective. The making of paper flower is also very easy and can be easily operated from home. The paper flower business has got a huge demand in the decoration sector.

4. Start a Lottery Business

Millions of people spends billions everyday in purchasing lottery. Thus, you can easily capitalize on this business opportunity. There are different kinds of lottery business and you can select according to your convenience.

5. Become a Search Engine Evaluator

This is one of the best business ideas for beginners. Here however you need to have some specific skills and knowledge. As a search engine evaluator, you need to check the results that a given keyword is showing in the search engine.

6. Make Money with Oriflame

Oriflame is one of the leading cosmetic brands in the world and it also gives you the opportunity to make money by selling the product. You can become a beauty consultant of the company and make business by selling the product directly to the customers.

7. Proofreading Jobs from Home

Starting a business from home is a great option to have a part-time career or have an additional earning opportunity. In proofreading job, you need to have an excellent knowledge in a particular language as you need to check the given content for any kind of mistakes and errors and rectify them before publishing.

8. Start a School and Office Supplies Business

There is a continuous need of stationery in schools and offices. So, you can easily start a supply business of stationery to the offices and schools and establish a successful business.

9. Start an Office Food Delivery Business

Usually the office goers eat food from the canteens or the roadside food stalls. These foods are costly and unhealthy too. Thus, you can start a business of home-made food delivery to cater the need of delicious food in the office.

10. Body Piercing Business

Nowadays, the body piercing is not restricted to only ear and nose or only to girls. People from both the genders like to do body piercing in the different part of the body and thus, it gives this business idea a great market to prosper.

11. Picture Framing Business

Pictures help us to capture our best moments for our whole life and thus it is important to store those in a perfect condition. That is why people go for picture framing. So, if you have the skill in this area, you can opt for starting picture framing business as it requires very less investment and has a great demand.

12. Start a Computer Assembling Business

For personal or official use, everyone requires a computer nowadays. Thus, making it one of the best business ideas for beginners. A business of computer assembling is a booming business idea as branded computers costs huge in compare to assembled computers and with assembling, you can get the best parts of different brands together.

13. Mobile Spa Business

As the name suggest, here you need to provide different kind of beauty services as per the location convenient to the client. In this busy world, people gets very less time to rest and thus don’t want to spend that in traveling to visit parlors. Thus, it gives a great opportunity for the mobile spa business where you can provide services like pedicures, manicures, massage, facials, etc at the place convenient to the client.

14. Egg Supplier Business

Egg is one of the widely consume food item in the world, thus it becomes one of the safest and profitable business ideas for beginners. The demand is too high in compare to the supply, so you can easily start egg supply business in your area.

15. Flex Printing Business

Flex’s are one of the widely used options for advertising. You will need a bit of knowledge in the area of the work and you can easily use the demand of the flex printing business for your profit.

16. Advertising Agency Business

Every business, company or individual requires advertising and promotion for getting the desired business and attracting clients. So, if you have the skill in the respected field, then you can easily start an advertising agency business.

17. Start an Insurance Business

Everyone wishes to secure their life and for that insurance is the best option. So, you can take an agency from any of the leading insurance company and start your own work. The best part is that it doesn’t require any kind of investment too.

18. Appliance Repair Business

Electrical appliances require frequent servicing and repair. That is why the appliance repair is a great business ideas for beginners. It just requires a bit of training in the field and can be easily started with least amount of investment.

19. Start a Popcorn Business

You can’t resist the aroma of popcorn when you pass from the shop. It is one of the best snacks to have and that is why it is also the most demanded stuff. You can start a chain of popcorn business in a very low investment and get a huge return out of the same.

20 Start a Courier Business from Home

Delivering courier is an important part of many businesses, office and individuals too. So, you can cater this service by starting a courier business from your home only. It requires a minimum amount of investment to start and can be managed easily too.

21. Starting a Ticket Booking Agency

Booking tickets may become a bit difficult during the rush that is why people goes to the ticket booking agents as they can arrange for quick and confirm tickets. You just need a small place to start this business and even can be started from home along with a computer.

22. Online Saree Business

e-Commerce and m-Commerce business are the essences of the modern-day business. So, you can easily create a stock of different kind of sarees and sell them online with a margin of profit. You just need to pay for saree to purchase and for the online platform to sell. You can also sell your products through the existing online markets like Flipkart, eBay, Amazon etc.

23. Make Money Reviewing Products

We usually write reviews after purchasing a product, but do you know that there are many companies who pay well for writing reviews for their products. Yes, they do, you just need to find the authentic sites and start writing reviews and get paid for the same. It is a great way to make quick cash sitting and home or during your free time.

24. Video Editing Business

In this job, you will be responsible to turn a raw video into a perfect presentation of the video after proper mixing and including effects and music and others. There is a huge opportunity for freelance video editors with good pay.

25. Start a Web Design Business

Every business or company, either it is small, medium or big requires its own website to have a potential grip on the market. That is why web designing is now one of the perfect business ideas for beginners to have a successful and lucrative business.

So this is the list of the some of the best business ideas for beginners which can be easily started with minimum investment and involves very less risk too. So, if you want to have a different career then you can definitely give a thought of starting any of the low cost small business ideas for a career.

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25 Profitable Small Business Ideas for Beginners - Low Cost
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25 Profitable Small Business Ideas for Beginners - Low Cost
this is the list of the some of the best business ideas for beginners which can be easily started with minimum investment and involves very less risk too.
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