30 Lucrative Low Cost Business Ideas UK – Easy to Commence

Nowadays, it is becoming a global trend that people are opting to start small businesses from home, rather than working under someone else. It is a fact that unemployment and job cuts are the two major problems that came along with the recession. Over the past years, It seriously affected the UK economic growth resulting in low household incomes and consumer spending. To cope up with it, people of the United Kingdom have taken the risk of starting a business with low start-up capital. In this article I am bringing you with a list of profitable yet low cost business ideas UK.

These ideas are easy to commence and can be started with little skills and a minimum capital investment.

A List of the 30 Low Cost Business Ideas UK

1. Paper Related Product Making Business Ideas:

You can select from the different kind of manufacturing businesses which are related to paper. The paper industry is growing at a high rate and the business options are also low cost. These include paper glass and paper plate manufacturing business. Artificial flower making, envelope or greetings card making etc are also low cost business ideas UK.

2. Pet Food Supply:

Getting the heavy bags of pet foods and other supplies delivered at the doorstep is like a boon to many. The startup cost of the business is also very low. It is also a profitable business idea for hard working and energetic individual. If you are a pet lover, you may think of starting a pet food delivery business.

3. Make Money with Photoshop:

Your skills in different computer programs and language can also be a way to start a business. There are many freelancing jobs available for doing Photoshop. You can find them in different freelancing sites.

4. Plastic Product Manufacturing:

From the start of the morning till the day end, we use plastic products in our daily life. That is why manufacturing business of plastic products are very profitable and has got a huge demand.

5. Adult Daycare:

Taking care of elderly people when the other is gone out for work or vacation can bring good money to your pocket. This is one of the most popular and low cost business ideas UK.

6. Hair Salon:

Guys or girls both need to take proper care of their hairs to look attractive and good. That is why the hair salon business works so well around the world including the Uk. However, you need to provide good quality service.

7. Furniture Upcycling Business:

In this business, you need to use your creativity to redesign the old furniture or other scraps and give them a new look and sell them with a margin of profit.

8. Legal Transcription:

If you are good at writing and language, then you can use the skill for transcribing legal procedures to document format. You can get freelancing jobs for the same too, but you need to have skill in the area of laws and regulations.

9. Babysitting Business:

Babysitting is among the low cost business ideas in the UK and the best business option in the world. The investment is a little bit high in the beginning, but the returns are high later on in the business. You need to be loving and caring to the children and that’s all for starting a babysitting business.

10. Bed & Breakfast:

If you have empty rooms in your house, then you can use the same for bed and breakfast business. Here you need to offer a room along with bathroom and provide the service of breakfast and food. It provides a personalized experience to the guests.

11. Car Cleaning:

Every car needs cleaning in every few days, thus, starting a completely equipped car cleaning business is a great way to have a successful career in business.

12. Domestic Cleaning Business:

You can also start a business to provide different kind of household services like domestic cleaning and others. Here you need to hire staffs with expertise in different areas and provide the service of renting domestic cleaning.

13. Window Washing Business:

In our world, especially in our urban areas, most of the buildings are skyscrapers. Thus, it is difficult to wash and clean the windows without proper expertise. You can provide the same as it has a great demand and is a low cost business ideas UK.

14. Ironing and Laundry Service:

These two things are required in our daily life. However, due to our busy life schedule, it becomes ignorant and ends up in last moment ironing and cleaning. That is why this business has got massive demand and the startup cost is also very low.

15. Alterations, Knitting and Sewing service:

With your skill in sewing, you can start a sewing business from home and provide alteration, knitting and other sewing related services. If you have the expertise, you can also make designer dresses with pieces of cloth.

16. Catering, Private Dining Chef:

Every party or celebration requires catering or private dining chef to make the occasion special. This business has got a worldwide demand as we human being loves to spend partying and celebrating.

17. Computer Repair Business:

Be it in the office or for private usage, the computer has become a mandatory thing. Being a machine, with rigorous use, they are bound to give trouble and require repairing and maintenance services and making the idea an effective low cost business ideas UK.

18. Indoor Plant Care Business:

If you love plants and have expertise in the field, then you can provide your service of indoor plant care to different residential complex, offices, shopping malls etc.

19. Personal or Virtual Assistant:

Whatever the area you may have the expertise, you can use the same to make some cash by providing either personal or virtual assistance to the people who are seeking your advice in exchange of some money.

20. Dog Grooming:

The dog lovers always love to have their dog in the best of their looks. For that, the pets require regular grooming. This may not be possible every time to do from home that is why the demand for the pet grooming clinics are so high in the world.

21. Dog Daycare:

Where to keep the dog when going out for a vacation or going out for office if there is no one at home? The dog care or dog creche provides the service for taking care of the pets. For starting this business, you need to have care and affection for the pets along with expertise to take care of them.

22. Medical Waste Removal:

Many kilograms of medical wastes like used syringes, chemicals, and contaminated supplies are produced by the health institutes. They need proper disposal to keep the hospital and the locality clean. This is one of the most profitable low cost business ideas UK, but the step for starting the same is very is very critical.

23. Wedding Planning:

Wedding is one of the biggest day for everyone’s life. Thus, all of us wish to make the day a spectacular one and therefore, the service of the wedding planners are very much in demand in across the world.

24. Mobile Spa:

Providing the service of massage, manicure, pedicure and others on the selected place of the client is very profitable. You can easily charge few bucks extra for visiting the place of the client for providing the same services. Before start working as a mobile therapist, you should complete any of the BABTAC accredited courses offered by The Beauty Academy. It would be a great help to get incessant work.

25. Social Media Consultant:

Renowned business requires social media consultant to spread the brand awareness among the followers. This business requires the least capital investment as their skill in the field works as the best investment.

26. Homemade Food Business:

We all prefer homemade food over the food available outside. You can start a homemade food delivery business to different offices or hostels or start selling packaged homemade foods like pickles, papad, etc.

27. Gift Baskets Making Business:

The gift baskets provide an elegant look to the present and they are easy to customize according to the occasions, consumer’s choices etc and there is a good margin of profit in this business. It is one of the best home business ideas with low start-up cost. You need not to set up any standalone storefront to sell your gift baskets, you can run gift baskets making business from your home with proper planning and advertisement.

28. Selling Cosmetics Business:

Cosmetics are always in demand with the women. However, nowadays, the guys are also using cosmetics in a huge volume. You can become the beauty consultants of different cosmetic companies like Oriflame and others to start selling cosmetics business.

29. Home Inspection Service:

With the rise in the real-estate market, the demand for the home inspection service has also increased. If you are looking for low cost business ideas in the UK, then this is one of them.

30. Job Consultancy:

The need of job is continuous around the world and you can make money by providing a job consultancy service. However, you need to have expertise in the area of job placement and you can start the business with almost zero investment.

These are the different low cost business ideas UK which you can select as per your convenience. Most of them can be started with very less investment but can bring a huge return. With proper administration and planning, you can make any of the business a successful one along with your skills and hard work.

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30 Lucrative Low Cost Business Ideas UK - Easy to Commence
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30 Lucrative Low Cost Business Ideas UK - Easy to Commence
Looking for low cost business ideas UK? Here is a list of business opportunities that are easy to commence and can be started with low capital investment.
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