Run a Successful Leather Belt Manufacturing Business

The leather belt manufacturing is one of the most profitable business ideas in India due to the abundance of raw materials along with cheap labor and machinery. Moreover, there is a huge demand of this fashion accessory both in domestic and international market. Over 10 % of the global raw material is available in India only and thus the leather belt manufacturing business has a great export potentiality too.

So, if you are looking for a small scale manufacturing business opportunity which requires moderate investment, then making leather belts is an attractive business opportunity to capitalize the opportunity.

Why Choose Leather Belt Manufacturing Business

The leather belt is an accessory which is used by both male and female on daily basis as a fashion accessory. In case of school-going children and men, it is such a compulsory item of their clothing that keeps the pant fixed on the waist. It has a great demand irrespective of age and sex, in all over the world. Basically, the waist belts come in the different shades of black and brown and with various attractive buckles.  Leather belts are preferred by all because of its durability and comfortable nature. Over that the leather belt manufacturing process is an easy and simple one and it can also be started in a small location.

Leather Belt Manufacturing Process

As mentioned earlier, the making of leather belt includes simple process. Leather is the basic raw material required in the manufacturing process along with metal buckles.

The manufacturing step includes:

  • The leather needs to be cut into strips then skive of the edges.
  • A lining of the same dimension in cut.
  • The strip edge of the leather is then folded and the lining is attached to the leather with glue.
  • After that a complete stitching done and the excess lining is trimmed.
  • Then holes are made in the leather with punching machines and a buckle in attached to it.
  • There are many buckles which don’t require holes, as they are designed to be attached like that only.
  • The shape and size of the belt is selected as per the market demand and the standard waist size of the age group and gender.

But starting a business is not a simple process; you need to take every step very carefully and after doing a lot of planning and research. In this article, I have gathered almost all the basic information to start a leather belt manufacturing business and how to run the same in a profitable way. Below are the step by step processes to start the business: –

Market Research: –

A detailed research is a must to take step before starting any kind of business. A research explains a lot of factors about the business. Make a complete list of points that you need to check and find out before starting the business. Below are the few basic things that you should include in your checklist: –

  • Market potentiality of the business: With a thorough research, find out the demand of the chosen business in your local market or state or the country.
  • Competition in the market: A business may have a high market potentiality, but it may also have a lot of strong competition in the market. This will cause difficulty in establishing the business in the desired area. Thus, it is important to find the competition if the selected business idea.
  • Pros and Cons: Every business has its own advantages and disadvantages. With a proper research you can find out the different pros and cons of the business and make necessary planning’s about the same.
  • Required capital: With a proper research, you can get an approximate amount of the required capital to start and run the business in a proper way. Approx Rs.3 lakh is required for commercial production of leather belts.
  • Market and customers: – Find out the market and different customer base to sell the manufactured product of the company.

These are the few important points that you should include in your research.

Training: –

For starting any business, it is required that you have the complete knowledge and skill about the same. For starting a leather belt manufacturing business, you need to have the knowledge about different types of leathers and the color combinations. Typical leathers that are used for making waist belts are of long hair goat, Tibetan lamb, natural cow hides, buffalo skin, zebra skin, fox mix, shearing etc. You also need to have the knowledge about the leather belt manufacturing process and the operation of machinery and equipment’s used in the manufacturing unit.

It would be better if you visit some of the leather belt manufacturing unit to gather some hands-on information on production procedure, choosing and sourcing of raw materials, quality controls and standards of leather belts and such other things.

Selection of Location:

As the major customers for your business will be either wholesalers or retailers and not direct users, the location of your factory doesn’t have a much impact on your sales. You just need to take few things into consideration like: –

  • Proper power supply
  • Water supply
  • Ease of transportation

It is advisable to locate your business away from the residential areas since it creates much noise. Your neighbors may not accept this issue.

Registration of Business:

It is needless to mention that you need to register your business with ROC and a brand name as per the rule and regulations of the state. Get registered your trade license with the local Municipal Corporation or such other authority.

You should apply for UdYog Aadhar MSME registration as it helps you to get maximum benefits(easy sanction of bank loans, lower rate of interests etc) and facilities offered under the MSMED Act. Contact your local authorities for the detailed information about the different steps for taking the license.

As the leather belt manufacturing business involves only the finished or processed leather as the raw material, there is no need to take any clearance/consent from pollution control board. Moreover, it doesn’t create any type of pollution.

Arrangement of Capital:

You will need a moderate amount of capital to start the leather belt manufacturing business. If your savings is not enough to start the same, then you can take financial assistance from the banks by submitting a proper business plan.

Purchase Raw Materials

Chrome tanned upper leather and split upper are the main raw materials used for making leather belts. You will also need to arrange the buckles, thread, solution and the packaging materials.

Set up Machinery: The required machinery is as follows:

  • Strap cutting machine Power Operated
  • Upper Leather skiving machine
  • Single Needle flatbed Industrial Sewing Machine
  • Side creasing machine
  • Whole punching tools and other equipments
  • Industrial measuring rulers, scissors, x-acto blades
  • Different metal socket wrenches, bolts, and nuts etc

Hire Workers:

You need to look for both experienced as well as semi-skilled workers for starting production. You should hire skilled workers for nicely finished products and maintain it for long run. You may go for unskilled labors that you can train; it will reduce the labor cost as well.

Marketing and Promotion: –

Take necessary steps to inform all the possible clients about the business you are starting. It is always suggested to start taking the promotional step from the day one of the business. You can checked the Project Report for leather belt manufacturing.

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Run a Successful Leather Belt Manufacturing Business
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