Learn the Details before Starting a Juice Bar

stating a juice barStarting a juice bar can be a wholesome business idea in recent times when individuals have become more health conscious than before, trying to have fresh and healthy foods and beverages. Not only that, they have started turning away from the consumption of cold drinks, sodas, canned juices that have adverse effect on the health, might result in diabetes, obesity and other health issue. Now more and more people prefer to opt for healthier replacements like vegetable and fruit juices. These juices not only contain fewer calories, but they are also full of vitamins, minerals and nutrition that keep us healthy and energetic. Hence, juice bar business is not only a typical money making option but gives you the opportunity to serve for the welfare of your society.

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If you are a juice-lover and you can serve freshly prepared fruit juices as well as exotic moctails within few minutes, then starting a juice bar might be a perfect idea for you. However, passion and profession are two different areas. A good idea and start-up funds are not sufficient for starting this kind of food service business. You will need to know everything about running a juice bar business.

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What is the Juice Bar and Smoothie Cafe?

Juice bars and smoothie cafes primarily deal with freshly prepared juices and smoothies. Smothie is a thick drink prepared by blending raw vegetables, fresh fruits and other ingredients like ice, water etc. There are some juice bars offering a variety of whey protein shakes and smoothies combined with almond, frozen fruits, soy milk, brazil nut milk, green tea etc.

There are two types of juice bar business options available.

  • Mobile or Moveable Juice Bar
    This concept of juice bar is getting quite popular these days. You can easily cater to the busy people by providing the juices at their desired place. For moveable juice bars, you need to have a truck or a juice cart in order to sell your products at the public events like carnivals, exhibitions, etc.
  • Stationary Juice Bar & Smoothie Cafe
    This type of bar is dissimilar to the mobile juice bar. It is basically stationed at one place (like the restaurant, gym ), where people can place the order and fetch their desired juices easily.

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Required Knowledge and Skills:

juice bar businessThe business doesn’t require a sound educational background in nutrition and dietetics and prior experience in food service. As you are going to operate a juice bar business, it would be better if you have a basic knowledge about basic nutrients, foods containing highest vitamins and minerals, body mass index (BMI), calorie calculation, nutritional content of fruits and veggies etc and most importantly health benefits of juices and smoothies. You should learn the techniques of collecting premium juicing ingredients and also a variety of healthy recipes.

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As juice bar business is a service-oriented, you have to deal with different types of people and interact with them over a long period. You will need to be a people person with lots of energy and physical strength for lifting weights up to 25 lbs.

Essentials Equipment for Running Juice Bar Business:

You’ll need to invest a portion of your start-up capital in purchasing equipment and other supplies. Here is a list of equipment and some other items.

  1. Heavy-duty blenders
  2. Juicers
  3. Refrigerators
  4. An ice machine
  5. Cups and lids
  6. Spoons
  7. Ladles
  8. Straws
  9. Napkins
  10. Mesh Strainers
  11. Juice press

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Juice Bar Business Start-up Costs:

Juice bar business start-up cost primarily depends on the two factors, the scale of your business and if there is any franchise cost involved. It is completely your choice whether you want to buy a juice bar franchise or open your own juice bar from scratch. You will need to invest a large amount of money in purchasing equipment like commercial juicers, mixers and blenders and also the refrigerators and ice machine.

The overhead cost will involve the money to rent a business place and purchase some other store equipment and supplies for retail operations. If your plan is to open a mobile juice bar, then you will need to buy a truck.

Juice Bar Business Income Potential:

Your income will greatly vary depending upon the juice products you are offering to the customers. If you serve some special blends along with the popular ones or include a few healthy fast food options in your menu card, it will definitely help you to boost your earnings. Usually, a juice bar makes $100k to $600 at an average.

Size and Strength of The Industry:

With the growing awareness of drinking fresh fruit juice, the industry has experienced a steady growth over the last five years and still it is expanding at a rate of 4 to 8% every year. Currently, the juice and smoothie bar industry generates yearly revenues of 5 billion dollars. The market has a huge growth potential in the metropolitan and suburban areas. Naturally urban population is expected to be your potential customers and you should select such a place where you can get frequent foot traffic as they will be your revenue strength.

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