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Latkan for blouse and lehenga is a common fashion accessory among the Indian women and it makes the latkan making business an attractive option to start from home. It is a small scale handicraft business which can be easily started with a minimum amount of capital and can also be operated from home.

Why Latkan Making Business?

The use of latkan is in fashion since ages, only the designs have changed. More fashionable and trendy latkan’s are available in the market now. So, the question usually arises and it’s good to be asked that why start latkan making business? Below are the few points which will give an answer to this:

  • Home-based: This business can be easily started and operated from home as it doesn’t require large equipment for the same. It is a handicraft business and thus, housewives and other people at the home can also contribute towards the same. If you are having a joint family, you can easily work for this business together.
  • Least capital requirement: You can easily start the business with a mere investment of Rs 2, 000 to Rs 5, 000. However, less investment also means the lesser margin of profit. So, as your business grows and earns popularity, you can invest more capital in it.
  • Demand: There is a huge demand of latkan in all over the country and in the world too as the item is very trendy. So, if you can manufacture good quality latkans, your business will easily get the customers.
  • Scalable: You can increase or decrease the size of the business whenever required as it is highly scalable. With the least requirement of the capital investment, you can stop the business at any point of time with least amount of loss or you can also take your latkan making business to a larger scale by investing a bit more according to the demands.

Why Not to Chose This Business?

Every business is like a coin which comes with two sides one is pros and other is cons. You have found out the pros or benefits of starting this business, let’s discuss why should you avoid the latkan making business or how to tackle the cons for the benefit of the business: –

  • Profit Margin: – The profit margin in this business is comparatively very less in comparison to the hard work that required for its manufacturing.
  • Step to tackle: – Produce in huge margin as the manufacturing process is easy. Huge production will help you to earn a good amount of profit. Take modern steps to sell them directly to the customers or at a higher price like selling them on the online market.
  • Competition: – There is a huge competition in this business as many manufacturers are operating this business since a long time.
  • Step to tackle: – Use innovative ideas to manufacture new and attractive products. This will attract customers along with the extensive promotion of your business. A high-quality service at the reasonable price is always in demand.

Manufacturing Process of Latkan Making at Home

You can use a wide range of products for the manufacturing of latkan. There are much household stuff which you can also recycle, like the rings in the packaged drinking waters or cold drinks, old bangles and others.

The basic items for the manufacturing require: –

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Sparkling designing items
  • Colorful threads
  • Ribbons and others.

The manufacturing process is also very simple. The basic idea is something to hang with the blouse or the lehenga and that should be attractive and eye catching. Simply, like a ball hanging or a ring hanging, but you need to make it attractive and glamorous.

You can check on the internet for the different kind of latkan ideas. But it will be your creativity that will make your business different from others.

Steps to Have a Successful Latkan Making Business

As it is a small scale business, to have a higher margin of profit and for the growth of the business, you need to have strategic planning. Below are the few ideas that you should include like:

  • Promotion: You need to take extensive and effective steps for the marketing of your business. Give ad in newspaper and magazines or posters near the potential market about your business.
  • Creativity: As there is a huge competition in the market, you need to bring creativity to your business. New and creative things always get the demand.
  • Create your own market: It is not mandatory that you need to have a physical market to sell your product; you can create your own too. Having an online presence of the business gives your business a scope as the market will not be restricted to your location. You will get a greater exposure in the online market for selling such handicraft items.

So, these are the ways to start, operate and make profit from your latkan making business. If you want, you can also consolidate other small scale and home-based business along with this to attract more business. Check my website for more attractive ideas.

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Latkan Making Business | Low Cost Home Business Idea
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Latkan Making Business | Low Cost Home Business Idea
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