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Ironing of clothes is a daily task in every household which gives the ironing business a great opportunity to flourish. It’s a kind of tedious job that most people like to avoid and give the task to their local ironing services so that they can spend their free time for relaxing and other works. People with the tight work schedule aren’t ready to spoil the early hours of morning or the weekends doing any ironing; they are more than happy to avail the quality ironing service and pay for it. Starting an ironing business is indeed a great option to be self-employed without having any specialized skills and knowledge.

What Needs to be Checked for Starting an Ironing Business

As I said earlier, it is always better to do a thorough market research before commencing any business. The research helps you to find the different aspect of the business like the market potentiality, different pros and cons of the business required steps to be taken to start the business. Local newspaper, community boards, in shop windows may help you to get a clear picture.

Market Potentiality:

Due to rapid urbanization, the life of Indian people have become very fast. Everyone is running fast in the rat race to achieve success in their respective sector. This leaves them with very little spare time to relax or do other household stuff. Over that, most of the people dislike the job of ironing as it needs special care for the doing the job. Thus people are now getting more dependent on the ironing services for getting their job done.

With the increasing IT and public companies in India, it has become essential to be perfectly dressed for each and every day of the work. This has also increased the scope of the ironing business a lot in the Indian market.

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Pros and cons of the Business:

Every business has its own advantages and negative sides. So it is necessary to find out about the same and check whether the business suits the individual skills and potentiality or not. Below are the different pros and cons of the ironing business:


  • Start up cost: There is literally no start-up cost for your ironing business. If you have a location, you can commence the business with a mere budget of Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000.
  • Required Skills: The skills that you required for the ironing services is very easy to learn and gain expertise into. You can easily learn the same by watching videos online or by observing others.
  • Home Based: You can also start the business from your home. This offers you a great flexibility to do other works along with the business. You can even watch your favorite daily soaps along with doing your work.


  • Low-income ratio: You may get a huge customer base, but the income to customer ratio is very low. The basic charges for the ironing is between Rs 5.00 to Rs 10 for the maximum number of clothes that you will get on a regular basis. Clothes like suits or expensive sarees and other clothes will, however, fetch more.
  • No Creativity: It is the same job that you need to do on daily basis. There is no opportunity to implement creativity or add excitement in ironing business. However, if you wish you can add other business opportunities along with your ironing business or add this idea to your other existing business. You can add dry cleaning, washing of clothes and others to expand your business too.
  • Competition: You will find numerous small ironing businesses in every corner of your street. There is huge competition in the market and thus needs proper planning to make your business a successful one.

Quality services along with reasonable pricing are the most important aspect of the business. You need to offer something different and more in compare to your competitors to attract the attention of customers. Selection of location is also and critical decision to make.

So above are the few things that you need to find out through your research before commencing the ironing business. You also have to get the solution for the different cons of the business according to you market condition.

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Required Steps for starting an ironing business

  • Legal Registration: Most of the ironing business in India is not registered and is operated in very low scale. Registering your business will help you to avoid issues in future and will also give you an edge over others.
  • Location: Select a location which is in an urban area and highly populated. Also keep the market competition into consideration before choosing the location.
  • Arrangement of Capital: You will require the capital for getting the location only. It will cost you very less to get the required equipment for the business.
  • Equipment: A high-quality iron along with an ironing table is what you will need as equipment for starting your ironing business.
  • Promotion: Marketing your business will let people know that there is a quality ironing business in their locality. So use your network’s to spread the word along with different other medias like posters handbills and others. Mention all kind of services that you are offering from your business.

Adding additional services along with ironing will help to attract more customers. Services like laundry, dry-cleaning, tailoring along with home pick-up and drop off clothes offers additional benefits and scope of getting more customers to the business.

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