Iodized Salt Production Business – The Gateway to Successful Future

Iodized salt is the most common item used in all over the world for cooking. This makes the iodized salt production business a highly profitable and lucrative business opportunity. So, if you want to choose a different path to earn a healthy livelihood rather than doing 9 to 5 services, then the iodized salt production business is a great option to start a small scale production unit with a very handsome amount of return.

What is the Iodized Salt production Process?

Before starting any production business, it is very important to learn about the manufacturing process of the same. To start an iodized salt production business, you can take necessary training to learn about the manufacturing process. A thorough research on the same through different sources will also help to gather experience on the same.

Raw Material: – Raw Salt

Machinery: –

  • Roll Crusher with SS hopper
  • Belt Conveyer
  • Spraying chamber (SS) for potassium iodated solution
  • Mixing Screw Conveyor
  • SS Storage Tank
  • Packaging Materials

Manufacturing Process: –

The raw salt is put into the hopper which is of conical shape and the same is crushed high carbon steel roll crusher. Then with the help of the belt conveyor, the salt is conveyed to the discharge point.

Then with air pressure, the salt is mixed with the potassium iodated solution in the mixing bed. Then to give the iodized salt a uniform mixing of iodine, it is mixed in a horizontal mixer.

In the final step, the salt is bagged from the hopper in the desired quantity for packing.

So, this is the complete manufacturing process of iodized salt. It is, however, always suggested to take a proper training of the same from expert professionals or institutes. A thorough knowledge of the manufacturing process will also help you to select the best required equipment for the business.

Why Choose Iodized Salt Production Business?

Earning profit is the primary motive of starting any business. Thus, to earn business, it is required that the business have a proper and high demand in the market. The market potentiality is an important factor to consider before choosing any business.

In case of iodized salt production business, the demand is enormous in the worldwide market. Being the most common item used for cooking, you will find a packet of iodized salt in 99 % of the houses in all over the world. This gives a big advantage to the salt producing business unit to earn a huge margin of profit from the same.

This huge market potentiality makes the idea of starting an iodized salt production business an attractive. But along with the big advantage of the huge market demand of the product, there are few disadvantages of this business too. So, it is very important that you do a complete research of the same before commencing the business.

Disadvantages of Starting an Iodized Salt Production Business

Every business comes with its share of both pros and cons. Thus, it is very important for a businessman to evaluate both the factors carefully. This evaluation helps them plan and take necessary steps to take advantages from the pros of the business and tackle the cons in such a way that it gives least effect on the operation and profit of the business.

Below are the few cons of the iodized salt production business which will need your attention before your start planning to start the same: –

Market Competition: –

As this business has a high market demand world-wide, thus before you, it has already attracted many other businessmen who has started the same business way back and have a good grip on the market. Being a new to the business, you need to make necessary planning to tackle this issue.

Brand Value: –

There are many brands in India which are into this business for a long time. Thus, there is a strong relation which got built between the customer and the brand. So, to create your own brand value among the customers, you need to plan accordingly.

Profit Margin: –

The per unit profit margin of iodized salt production business is very low. To earn a good amount of profit, you need to sell a huge quantity of your production on regular basis.

So, these are the few disadvantages of the iodized salt manufacturing business idea. A proper training about the business along with thorough research and business planning with clever management is what all you need to overcome all the restrictions that may come in your path to the success.

If you dream of a successful career in business, then starting an iodized salt production business is the idle solution for the same.

Iodized Salt Production Business - The Gateway to Successful Future
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Iodized Salt Production Business - The Gateway to Successful Future
The iodized salt production business is a great option to start a small scale production unit with a very handsome amount of return.
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