Indoor Plant Care Business Brings Fresh Greenery in Your Profession

Do you have the love and affection for plants? Then I’m sure you would use several indoor plants for your home décor. Am I right?  Well, if you are obsessed with plants and planning to start a business of your interests, then you can give a thought about indoor plant care business. It very much goes with your interest and skills that certainly help you to succeed in this green business. Moreover, it involves very less investment and can also be done on part-time basis and you can earn few extra bucks by providing indoor plant care services to your residential and commercial clients.

What will be Your Role in Indoor Plant Care Business?

There are various residences, corporate offices, health clubs and other businesses who keep indoor plants for interior decoration and creating a greener ambience, but it also needs regular maintenance and care. As a plant care service provider, you need to water and feed the plants, prune them and take necessary care so that it grows in a healthy manner.

You can also give plants on lease, offer replacement services and others to create a soothing yet attractive environment.

Market Potentiality of Indoor Plant Care Business

You can provide service to both residential and commercial sector. Although, business with large corporations or parks are more profitable sector as they will fetch more profit margin than the others. The scope of residential areas can’t be overlooked if you can make a deal with residents in any complex where you will get many clients under one roof. You major customer base will include: –

  • Office parks.
  • Corporate offices.
  • Shopping Malls.
  • Residential Complex.

Everyone loves a greener look in the ambience, so indoor plant care business has great credentials to make a big mark in as a business.

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Requirements to Start an Indoor Plant Care Business

Starting any business needs some basic requirements to run it smoothly and to run an indoor plant care business the required things are not much and neither difficult.

  • Skills: You don’t need specific certificate or education to care for the plants. It should be inbuilt inside you. Love and care can never be grown with teaching. So if you have the hobby of caring for plants, then you indoor plant care business is a great business idea.
  • Equipment: Normal gardening equipment is the basic need of the business along with different kind of soils which suits different plants the most and watering cans, insecticides, few medicines, fertilizers and a vehicle will be of great help.
  • Legal Formalities: There are not many legal formalities involved in this business. You can take a trade license and a vat number to provide bills to the corporate offices. Just visit your local administrator and get the information about the legal formalities.
  • Plants for Lease: Along with the services you can also provide trees on lease for different offices and for occasions. Different occasions like marriage, board meetings and others prefer exotic plants for decoration. So you can have them and give them on either lease for a long time or for rent for using in different special occasions.

Steps to start Indoor Plant Care Business

Providing service for office plant care or others is the one of the easiest ideas to start a business for the plant lovers. Below are the steps to begin your business:

  • Business Plan: A business plan forecasts the success of your business. It should be created very carefully covering all kinds of points about the business like detailed research of the market, a survey of the competitors, pros and cons of the business, strategies to make the business successful and others. A business plan also helps in getting financial assistance.
  • Capital: You can start your indoor plant care business with minimum capital as it is a small scale idea. You don’t need a different place as an office or huge equipment. An investment of 10,000 to 20,000 is enough if you have your own vehicle.
  • Location: You can start your business from your home itself and don’t need any different office or shop for the same. Although, you will need sufficient place to keep your plants.
  • Promotion: Invest a moderate amount for the promotion of the business. With the modern ways of promotion, you can go for digital marketing strategies to market your business. Social media is another place where you can promote your business without any cost and reach to the mass. Create your own website to make a presence on the website.

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Pros and Cons of the Business

Before planning to start any business, it is important to find the different pros and cons of the same and make strategic planning to use them to the advantage of the business.


  • Home Based
  • Small Scale
  • Low Investment
  • Less Competition
  • Can be done as a Part-Time business


  • Hard to find potential clients
  • Not a glamorous job
  • Need hard labour

So analyze everything to start your own indoor plant care business and only go for it if you love or have an interest in plants not as it needs less investment and home based as if you don’t have an interest in the area of work, you will not give the required efforts for the success of the business.

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Indoor Plant Care Business Brings Fresh Greenery in Your Profession
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Indoor Plant Care Business Brings Fresh Greenery in Your Profession
If you love or have an interest in plants, you may dive in to indoor plant care business. Learn everything you need to know before creating this business.
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