Importance of Mobile-Friendliness of Website

Do you have mobile-friendly blog or website? I am asking you because Google in their recent algorithm update gave emphasis on the mobile-friendliness of websites. If your website is not mobile responsive, then it is high time to upgrade and optimize the website for mobile devices. Otherwise you could lose your present ranking in mobile search results.

The official announcement has a nick name called “MobileGeddon”. The name is little bit dramatic but there is a clear-cut message for all bloggers and website owners to make their sites mobile-friendly. Starting April 21st, 2015, Google algorithm included a new important ranking factor that is “use of mobile-friendliness. This update was quite rational in the present scenario when nearly roughly 4 billion smartphones and other mobile devices are being used globally to search on the internet and the number is supposed to arrive at 5.13 billion by the year 2017.

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A Mobile Friendly Website Exerts Influence on Higher Ranking

From 21st April, Google have made a significant change in their search results. In fact, this ranking factor has a direct impact on mobile searches and of all languages globally. Websites that are specifically optimized for mobile devices will come up and get higher rankings in the mobile search results where as non-mobile sites will receive a blow. Smartphone users will have the opportunity to get more refined and relevant search results in the coming days.

I am talking much about mobile-friendliness, but still there is a confusion with what does it actually mean and why should I have a mobile friendly website?

What does it mean by Mobile Friendliness?

Importance of Mobile-Friendliness of Website landscape View

Importance of Mobile-Friendliness of Website landscape View

If your website is mobile friendly, this means it picks out the screen size of any device a visitor is using and presents the content based on the size and capabilities of the device. Visitors may use mobile devices with changing screen size but your website looks good and easy to use on them.

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Why make your website mobile friendly?

Here I present an infographic projection that shows the global mobile internet usage Vs desktop/ Laptop internet usage. In this graph, it is projected that the mobile internet users will leave behind the traditional internet users by 2014. It is also expected that the number of mobile internet users will surpass 160 million.

Internet usage mobile vs desktop

Internet usage mobile vs desktop

After considering the statistics, it can be said that we can’t overlook the importance of the mobile friendliness website. Well, there are numerous reasons supporting the fact.

  1. Increasing usage of mobile devices: A large number of people are using smartphones to browse the internet. For obvious reason, websites need to be mobile-friendly so that user can easily browse your site on smartphones or tablets.
  2. Mobile browsing is inexpensive: Making a website mobile responsive is quite economical and not time consuming at all.
  3. Good for SEO: For SEO purpose, mobile-friendly website will be an added advantage. According to Google’s recent update in 21st April, they give priority to mobile-friendly site by improving their ranking in mobile search results.
  4. Remain in Competition: According to a research group, about 50% of local searches are performed using mobile devices and nearly 86% of mobile users are browsing internet while watching TV. So, not having a mobile website means user will leave your webpage and you will lose your potential traffic.

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Is there any way to check mobile usability issues?

If you are website owner, Google Webmaster Tool is the best way for checking the mobile usability issues across your site. At first, log in to your Google account and switch to this link and select your website to check the issues.

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