Image Optimization in SEO- Is it Important?

Don’t you think image optimization is necessary for the good ranking? in fact, presentation is very important when you are going to make a blog-post. An image can solve your problem as it is the powerful visual element of a webpage. May be you are a professional blogger or freelancer, writing articles on daily basis, I’m sure you faced this question before: Is it necessary to put an image in my writing? Well, according to me, it is somewhat essential to add one or two appropriate images to your articles. Image plays a vital role in making an article more impressive and also appealing to readers. Moreover, it directly helps you rank well in search engine result pages.

You know, competition online is so stiff that you cannot afford to leave any prospective source of traffic untapped. While images present a great source of traffic, it has often been ignored. If you are at all keen about SEO, then you should take care of the images on your article or blog post. They can actually deliver some extra SEO boost. You just need to optimize them properly. Here’s a look on the importance of Image Optimization and how you can do it.

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How Can Images Boost SEO?

Having quality content is not sufficient to get to the top of search ranking; there are some other factors involved. Image optimization is one of them for a successful SEO campaign. The significance of images has been growing as the search engines, particularly Google, become increasingly sophisticated. The number of people searching for images on Bing and Google are incredibly increased. Yeah, some people typically think in visual manner, so they are more likely to get what they are looking for through an image search, rather than trying so much to figure out the right combination of keywords to find text. A well optimized image with proper tagging will most definitely appear in these search results, and thus improving your website’s visibility in SERPS, and potentially drive traffic to your site as well.

What You Need To Consider For Image Optimization SEO

Image Optimization for SEO

What You Need To Consider For Image Optimization SEO

1. Use Relevant Image:

Always ensure that your image is relevant to the topic of the post. It is not that images only make your post appealing to readers but they highlight the subject of the post. That’s why it is important to use related image otherwise wrong selection of images would demolish your attempt to optimize images for SEO.

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2. Select The Correct File Name:

File name for an image is as important as the keyword in URL. In the process of image optimization, choosing a proper file name is essential as it is the first position to put the keyword. You should not use the default image file names say, “DSC01474”since it is unable to explain the image. Always make use of the file names that are descriptive and contain keywords, separated by hyphen, for instance, “royal-bengal-tigers-in-sundarban.jpg”.

3. Be Careful About Image Size

There are several things to consider here. First, ensure to use universal file formats, like PNG and JPEG to avoid the compatibility problems with browsers opening them. Secondly, don’t use too large files. Large sized images may be attractive on the posts, but they usually take up virtual space, and may take considerable time to load. A page that takes a very long time to load before web users can actually view it, undermine s your site’s SEO. While images are good, they are useless if they hinder people from viewing your page. It is necessary to scale the image to your desired size.

How decrease a image file size in photoshop

How decrease a image file size in photoshop

4. Trim down the File Size

After getting the scaled image, you need to reduce the file size of the image. It helps the image to be uploaded in the smallest file size possible.

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5. Include Captions Under The Image

An image should be accompanied by a text, known as the caption of the image. While visiting a webpage, people cast a look on the heading first and subsequently look into the image including its caption. So, you can add caption if it would serve the purpose of visitors.

6. Use Alt tag:

Using alt tag to an image is the most important task for image optimization. Here Alt means alternate. The alt tag includes a text which is shown instead of the image used. This happens only when the image can’t be displayed or takes too much loading time.

Majority of the search engines are not capable to detect visual content, textual guidance is their only way of recognizing what is being displayed. Therefore, write a clear description of the image used, to ensure that the search engine crawlers can find it more easily.

7. Insert Your Keyword

It is very important to put the relevant keyword in the file name of image. All the tags, images, and any descriptive texts on your pages should utilize keywords that will steer visitors to your page.

8. Use XML Image Sitemap:

Using XML image sitemap is the brilliant way to help the search engines find your visual content. By providing your site’s layout, you are directing the search engine crawlers toward the precise location of the pictures and what they contain. With that, you make their job easier, improving your SEO in the process.

9. Do Image Linking Properly

There is no denying the fact that images have strong visual effect and they are ideal to be linked. It is quite effective to use appropriate anchor texts each time on linking your images. In fact, it enhances your SEO ratings.


It is no longer a secret that if you want web users to find your content via search engines, you need to optimize everything you publish on the web. That is true for blog posts, product pages, home pages, and images as well. Image Optimization can tremendously impact on the number of viewers and inbound links you might earn through your blog.

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Image Optimization in SEO- How Much Important is it?
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Image Optimization in SEO- How Much Important is it?
Image optimization is necessary for successful SEO campaign. It can impact on the number of viewers and inbound links you might earn through your blog.
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