Ice-cream Parlor Business -The Best Choice for Indian Hot Climate

Ice-cream….a yummy treat that we all love to have at any time and in any season. Nothing can be better than a refreshing cup of ice-cream from your favorite brand. Due to the hot weather is India, it has a great appeal to all age group especially among the children. If you are planning to start your own small scale business with higher returns, then you can consider ice-cream parlor business. The demand of ice-cream is always high and will never come to an end. The business itself has a huge growth potential and if you can serve ice-cream with little creativity remembering different segments of our society, then your business will soon experience a good hike and you can expect a good return on the investment.

How to Choose the Ice-Cream Parlor Business

You can start your ice-cream parlor business by choosing from two options:-

  • Start your individual ice-cream parlor
  • Take Franchise of existing brand.

Both the options have its own pros and cons like taking a franchise of any existing brand will provide lots of help in starting up as the company will help you in a lot of ways like training, décor, brand value and others but it will need a higher amount of investment.

However, if you want to start your individual ice-cream parlor business, it can be started with a minimum investment and you can have the complete control over the management and profit, but here you need to manage everything on your own like from promotion to decoration and others.

These are the two type of business that you can choose from, now you also need to decide whether start the business in a shop or begin it in trolleys. Again both the options have their own advantages and disadvantages as with fixed shop you will get a bigger infrastructure and place to accommodate more customers and is safe from any climatic conditions also, whereas, with ice-cream trolley, you can visit any place and neither need to buy or rent any fixed shop. You can move to places where there is a crowd and a higher chance of sales.

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Pros of starting an Ice-Cream Parlor Business

  • Favorable Climate: – India being a tropical country have hot climate almost all the time which gives a great boost to the business
  • Investment: – The ice-cream shop start-up costs are very low and operating cost is also very less.
  • Easy to operate: – Running an ice-cream parlor business is a very simple job. Other than making plans to grow the business there is no complexity in running the same.
  • Required Skills: – No specific training or skills is required to run this business. Any potential person with the urge to grow the business can run it successfully. However, knowledge about different flavors and taste is definitely an added benefit.

Cons of starting an Ice-Cream Parlor Business

  • Seasonal Business: – The ice-cream business is majorly dependent on the weather, so if it is hot outside the sales will rise and as soon the temperature falls like during monsoon and winter the sales will also fall down.
  • Perishable Items: – Although most ice-creams comes with at least six months of the expiry date, but with a small error in the temperature control or anything else can lead to damage of the items.

Steps to Begin Your Ice-Cream Parlor Business

As you have now found out about the summary of the ice-cream parlor business, so let’s discuss the steps to start the business: –

Step 1 Business Plan: –

The business plan should contain all the details of the business. The information you collected after market research and pros and cons of the business and its types. A perfect business plan also helps to get loans from financial institutions as it will contain the planning about how to run the business and get a return on the investment.

Step 2 Choose your Business Type: –

As mentioned earlier, you can either have your individual ice-cream parlor business or can even take franchise and need to choose from fixed shops of movable ice-cream trucks or trolleys. This should be discussed in the business plan itself and choose after considering all the pros and cons of the business.

Step 3 Legal Procedures: –

Different city in India may have different legal formalities of the same. So visit your city health department and get all the information about the required formalities. You need to take permit from the food and health department to run your ice-cream parlor business.


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Step 4 Select Location: – If you are choosing to start your business in a fixed unit, then you need to choose your business location very wisely. Check for the competitors in the nearby places and select a location which has the maximum expose to the potential customers.

Step 5 Hire Staffs: –

Although, you can manage the business single-handedly, but for catering to a higher number of customers you may need and additional hand. So hire an experience staff and who is honest too.

Step 6 Find Suppliers: –

Again this point should be discussed in the ice-cream parlor business plan as you need to research about the top quality product supplier in your locality. Do a proper comparison with as many suppliers as you can and select from them.

Step 7 Get Equipment: –

A good quality freezer is the most important equipment of an ice-cream business, so get it from a good company and also check the power consumption as it needs to be kept turned on almost throughout the year.

So that’s it, start your business with a small ritual and distribute few free ice-creams on the first day to the kids which will also work as the promotion of your ice-cream parlor business.

Important Tips: – You can also have both mobile and fixed ice-cream parlor if your budget supports or you can gradually grow your business like this. This is a great way to roll your products and also spin more cash.

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Ice-cream Parlor Business-The Best Choice for Indian Hot Climate
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Ice-cream Parlor Business-The Best Choice for Indian Hot Climate
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