Ice Cream Cone Making Business – Small Scale Manufacturing

Being in the tropical region, the demand for Ice cream is huge in India and it is available all over the country in various flavors and types as some are available in cups, some in sticks and the most favorite one that is in cone and that is the reason I am discussing about the ice cream cone making business idea in this article. This one is again a small scale business scheme which can easily be started and operated from your home with the least investment of capital.

Let’s Find out the Demand of Ice Cream Cone Making Business

Sticks and cups usually contains flavors of ice cream which are given by the manufacturing companies and customers don’t have the option of choosing them, but with cones, one can mix different flavors together to enjoy the taste as myself I like mixing the flavor of black current with vanilla which will not be possible with the company manufactured ice creams.

Over that the bite of the cool ice cream along with the delicious wafers of the cones leaves an exotic feeling which can’t be experienced with other options as you can’t chew the sticks or the cups thus making the ice cream with cones the best option to choose and giving the ice cream cone making business a huge market to cater the business.

So if you are looking for a business idea which will keep your cash register spinning, then ice cream cone making business a great choice.

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Why Choose Ice Cream Cone Making Business over Others

Every business idea has its own features and food business is the most effective and profitable business option. But it also comes with its own disadvantages like you need to maintain the standard of quality and food items can get damaged if not used within the time.

But the best part of ice cream cone making business is that the risk of the item getting damaged is very least as the cones can survive critical climate conditions and don’t get damaged easily.

Another factor which makes this one a perfect business idea is nature of the business. Anyone with a little knowledge about the process of manufacturing can start this business even at your residence which saves a huge investment for infrastructure.

So, if you are retired, housewife, fresh graduate or anyone who wants to build an individual career for a good livelihood, then you can easily go with this business idea.

The Manufacturing Procedure of Ice Cream Cone

Machinery: – Ice cream cone making machine is the important aspect of the manufacturing process as the maximum of the job will be done by it only. The automatic ice cream cone making machine will cost you around Rs, 1, 50,000 to Rs 2, 00,000, so it is essential to get the machine from a reputed dealer and brand.

Raw Material: – Wheat and corn flour are the basic raw material required in this business. Other required ingredients are food colors and flavors. These raw materials are easily available in the local market and along with this, you will also need moisture-free packaging material.

The Procedure: – The dough is prepared by mixing water along with the wheat and corn flour and the permitted quantity of color and flavors are added to the mixture. After the dough is prepared it is put into the cone making machine and it makes the cones as per the moulds used.

Yes, it is that simple only. But wait don’t rush to your decision right way as it is very important to plan and research carefully before commencing any business.

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Steps to Start the Ice Cream Cone Making Business

As till now, you might have understood how easy is to make ice cream cone, so if you have made your mind for investing in this business then go through the below-mentioned steps: –

Make a Business Plan: – A business plan is like a blueprint of the business and it is very important to craft the same as it helps in getting financial assistance from banks. A perfect business plan should contain how the business is going to be operated along with the financial summary and plans to make the business a successful one.

Arrange Capital: – A huge margin of your capital will be consumed by the machinery and you will also need a continuous flow of the capital for buying raw materials and others. So research about the business idea and find out the required capital for the same.

Find Clients: – Success of the business will depend on the volume of customers you have. So, find out the market base for selling your product. A wholesale market is a good option as they buy the items in bulk but the margin of profit will be less there.

As you can start your ice cream cone making business from your home, so make sure that you have the perfect ambiance for running the same at your residence as in home business, you need to strike a perfect balance between the work and the private life.

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Ice Cream Cone Making Business - Small Scale Manufacturing
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Ice Cream Cone Making Business - Small Scale Manufacturing
if you are looking for a business idea which will keep your cash register spinning, then ice cream cone making business a great choice.
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