How to Start Making Money with Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

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Start Making Money with Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

If you are having your own website or blogs and want to earn more to support your standard of living then you should definitely give a thought on web hosting affiliate programs as this can fetch more earnings than Adsense. Web hosting affiliate programs are the most lucrative and highly paying programs available.

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What is Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

With this program, you can easily earn guaranteed commissions with each referral or sign up that you can generate. An affiliate marketing program is an excellent choice to earn good amount which is an online and home based job.

You can earn minimum 50 Dollar commission each sale and some web hosting affiliate programs also provides inverted pyramid style payment systems like a with high number of sales the rate of commission per sale also increases.

So you can earn a huge amount of money by just sitting at home. There are hundreds of web hosting affiliate programs available in the market, so you need to choose the best program accordingly and even can sign up with multiple programs at a time and earn from various sources.

Required Skills to Earn through Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

You don’t need to have a PhD degree to earn through web hosting programs. Basic knowledge of computers and web hosting will be enough to start earning. A good network is also needed as the process of earning is completely based on the count of referrals, so If your website or blogs or domain have a good number of a social presence than it is easier to get exposed to a higher number of potential customers.

How to Start Earning through Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

If you want you can begin the process of earning through web hosting affiliate programs from today only. It doesn’t require a huge number of procedures to follow to start earning with these programs.

Legal Procedures: – There is no need of any legal formalities to start earning with this. As you will be earning a commission as per referrals, so may need to file income tax if the net income is crossing the limit.

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Location: – Your own website or domain or blog is the location for running this job. You don’t need any specific infrastructure to earn through web hosting affiliate programs as this can easily be done just by sitting at home.

Capital Investment: – The need of capital investment is very less in earning through web hosting affiliate programs. Whatever investment is required that is for the maintenance of the personal website and domains as for hosting the charges are very minimal.

Equipment: – Just a computer or laptop and internet connection and you are ready to start earning with web hosting affiliate programs.

How to Select the Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

As mentioned earlier, you can sign up with as many web hosting sites as you can to get the maximum chance of earning as many referrals as you can. Below are the few best web hosting sites which can offer you lucrative earnings: –

  • IPage: – Along with 24*7 helpline, it also provides 30 –day money back guarantee. Its comprehensive tools and training will help you to make your website presence above other competitors. Other advantages of IPage: –
  • Unlimited disk space and email addresses.
  • Free of cost security suit.
  • Flexibility to create blogs and online store or website

With IPage you can earn upto 105 dollar that is around 7000 INR per sale and the hosting charges are just around 3 dollars.

  • Hostgator: – This one is one of the most famous and common web hosting affiliate programs in India. Start the website in just Rs 222 per month. Hostgator was started in the year of 2002 and since then it has won several industry awards. Features to enjoy with Hostgator: –
  • Get customer support via call, chat or email 24/7 and 365 days regarding any hosting related issues.
  • Get 45-days money back guarantee.
  • Get the benefit of GPX, the only tier 4 Datacenter in India.
  • 30X less latency due to local hosting.
  • Transaction in INR, so no impact due to change in change in currency rates.
  • InMotion Hosting: – It is among another top web hosting affiliate programs to earn good amount of commission for the every sign ups from your referrals. You can easily earn 100 dollars for each recommendation.

So now instead of depending on Google Adsense, you can easily earn good amount of money with web hosting affiliate programs. The amount paid by these programs is also very high for every referral and every successful sign ups. Like you can easily earn a minimum of 6000 INR with a single successful referral, isn’t it an attractive option to earn just by sitting at home.

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