How to Start a Security Guard Agency Business in India

Due to the steep hike in the crime rates all over the country, it is not merely possible for cops to control the crimes in all over the place which creates a great scope for the security guard agency business. Be it private companies or private residence, the security guard agency is the only option to avail extra security for personal or public safety in many places and over thus making it a great market to prosper for the security guard service provider.

Market Potentiality of Security Guard Agency

You will find every mall and market complex guarded with a whole lot of security guards and along with that with the rise of different multi-national companies and IT companies, the demand of security guard service provider has also increased a lot. Police service are available for the security of the state and the country, but they can’t keep 24*7 eyes on every single public place and for that reason, the demand for the private security guards has increased a lot.

So, if you are in any of the metropolitan city or places where there are huge numbers of market complex and private companies, then you are in the best place to begin your individual career with security guard agency.

Process of Getting Private Security Agency License

If you start with your own security guard agency, then you will have the responsibility of providing security services to a different sector like industries, business and companies or for any kind of private requirement. There are many government sectors also which hires private security agencies for different services like guarding of ATM, transportation of important documents and others, thus making this business option a sensitive but profitable one.

The business of security agency is governed in India under The Private Security Agency (Regulation) Act, 2005. Under this act, no security agencies have the right or authority to provide with the security service without the security agency license.

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Important Factors required for Getting License: –

  • To get the license it the firm must be an Indian Company or firm or association and if it is a company then the majority of the shareholders needs to be Indian.
  • The person or the company should not be convicted of the offence of promotion, formation or even in the management of the company or firm.
  • If the person is convicted by the court with a punishment of over 2 years then he will not be eligible for getting the license.
  • The person should not be terminated or dismissed from any government service on the ground of any kind of misconduct.
  • The company should not be having any kind of link with any organization or association which is banned under any law.

So above are the basic eligibility criteria for getting a license to start a security guard agency and if you comply with all of the above-mentioned points then you can definitely look for starting the business. For getting the license, you need to pay some amount of charges to the government and the charges will be like: –

  • For operating in one district the charge is Rs 5,000/-
  • For operating in five districts the charges is Rs 10,000/-
  • For operating in entire state the charges is Rs 25,000/-

Please note that no security agency can provide services outside India without getting the permission from the Central Authority who will seek the permission from Central Government.

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Steps to Start your Security Guard Agency

For starting your private security agency, you need to take extensive training in the sector to nourish your skills in the area and it might take for 6 to 8 months for the certification. Below are the different steps that you need to be taken to start your business in security agency: –

Acquire the Skills: – It is always recommended to have some experience in the field of business you are going to commence. So, get any kind of job in any of the existing security guard agency and find out the way of operation and learn the different aspect of the business.

It is also helpful, however, not mandatory to get knowledge in the criminal law of your jurisdiction which will help you to operate more smoothly.

Business Plan: – Create a proper business plan for your idea as it will have all the necessary details about how to run the business in the most successful manner and different plans to get a return of the invested capital. A business plan should be made after thorough and strategically research factors of the business. A perfect business plan is also helpful in getting financial aids from Banks as a loan to start the business.

Find Customers: – Take extensive steps to promote your business and use your links to get valuable customers. Striking a deal or contract for a long period with different companies or business is a great way of making the cash register spin.

You can easily start your security guard agency from your home and you also need to have the required amount of capital to pay the salaries of your staffs and guards. If you have limited capital, you can think of starting a partnership business which will divide the liabilities of your business and you can still make a huge amount of profit out of this.

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How to Start a Security Guard Agency Business in India
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How to Start a Security Guard Agency Business in India
It is not merely possible for cops to control the crimes in all over the place which creates a great scope for the security guard agency business.
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