How to Start a Pig Farm Business

If you are planning on starting your own livestock farming business, then you can also get a reference from my article “Top 17 Ways to Make Money from Small-scale Livestock Farmingand in this I will be discussing the benefits and procedure of starting a pig farm business. Pig farming which is also known as piggery has a great potential to grow to a successful business and web lot of money for you. Starting a pig farm doesn’t include involvement of huge investment and is a great way to be your own boss.

Market Potentiality and Advantages of Piggery Business

The piggery business has a great market potentiality in everywhere as there are very few well-organized pig farm available and the rearing of pigs are done by many local people without any kind of system.

There are very few well maintained and organized pig farms available and the maximum product from them gets exported. So with little investment, if you can start a well-organized pig farm business it can yield a huge return on your investment.

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Below are The Few Advantages of Pig Farm Business: –

Higher Growth: –

Pigs have the highest feed conversion capacity thatmeans they can convert any kind of food to nutritious and delicious meat and along with that they grow at much higher rate than other animals. Within the age of 7 to 9 months a pig can weigh upto 100 kgs and that means a higher return on investment.

Less Cost on Feeding: –

Pigs don’t have any special requirement of food, they can eat anything you give to them from garbage to damaged food, they can feed upon anything.

Maturity: –

Pigs become mature much earlier than other animals as a saw becomes capable of breeding at the age 8 to 9 months only.

Birth Rate: –

A single completely mature pig can give birth to as much as 15 piglets which are the most among the farm animals. On an average, they give birth to 6 to 12 piglets at a time and can rear 3 times in a year. That means you can get at least 20 piglets from a single pig in a year.

High Demand: –

Everything of the pig is always in very high demand in the market like:-

Meat: –

The meat is highly nutritious and cheap in compare the value. High quality and processed pork also have a great demand in the international market.

Fats: –

Pigs gains easy fat in a shorter period of time and this is very much in demand in various industries like soap industry, chemical industry, poultry feed and others.

Manure: –

Just imagine, you can even sell the excretes of the pigs in a good amount as they have a great fertilizing value for agriculture and fish ponds.

Lower Investment: –

There are majorly three areas in which you need to invest your capital: – infrastructure, buying of piglets and foods for them and a small amount of the salary of the staffs.

Steps to Start your Pig Farm Business

Above you have found the list of advantages of the business, but the same business may also have lot of restrictions, so to have a successful business setup, follow the below- mentioned steps: –

Find a Location

: – It is one of the important aspects of the pig farm business. While choosing the land, you need to ensure the proper availability of essential feature in the area like:-

  • Availability of sufficient quantity of clean water.
  • The place should be calm and pollution free.
  • Choosing land in the urban area is a nice option due to the easily availability of land and labors at a cheaper rate.
  • Well-connected roads for transporting.
  • Availability of veterinary services near the location.

Legal Guidelines: –

There are various laws made to encourage the livestock farming business as it has a great value to the economy of the country and also increases employment. But there are some strict guidelines for the same too regarding the maintenance of the livestock and the area of operation. You cannot get the permission for starting a pig farm business in the mid of busy city.

Skills: –

However, most of the works will be done by your hired staffs only, but as a business owner, you also need to possess strong knowledge about the livestock farming. There are various private and public institutions which provide training about the same.

Capital: –

Prepare a detailed project report or a business plan as this will help in getting a loan from financial institutions like NABARD or bank. But the complete business will not be financed; only the land development, construction of sheds and other civil structures, purchase of the breeding stock, equipment, feed cost till the generation of profit is covered in the scheme.

Choose the Best Pig Breed: –

The success of your business will highly depend on this as there are numerous breeds of pigs available in the world and you need to use your skill and knowledge to choose the best one for your pig farm business.

Although the main purpose of your pig farm business is the sell them for meat, but you need to take special care to them so that they can rear in a healthy and proper way and breed in the perfect condition.

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You can steadily grow your business and even start exporting your product to other countries.

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How to Start a Pig Farm Business - Animal Farming Business
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If you are planning on starting your own farming business, then pig farm business which is also known as piggery has a great potential to grow.
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