How to Start a Nanny Placement Agency

Nowadays as the families are becoming more micro with very less large families, it has become difficult to handle and take care of the baby by the parents only. That is why nanny placement agency is gaining more popularity in these days. Nanny agencies are responsible for hiring the best applicants for the task with previous experience and after a proper background check. Each time a nanny is hired from your nanny placement agency you get paid for the same service and the success of the business hugely relies on the quality of the nannies you have hired for the job.

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Market Potentiality of nanny placement agency

As discussed earlier, the increase in the micro families has given a great boost to the nanny agencies as earlier there used to be many people at home like grandmother or aunties, sisters etc who use to help a lot in every step for the care of the baby, but now it is very rare to find a family with these helping hands. The reasons for the need o f nanny agencies can be further classified as:-

  1. Micro Families: – No or very less helping hand for the care of the child after the birth.
  2. Working Father: – It is not possible for the mother to take proper care of the baby after the delivery as she herself goes through a tough period and father may not get such a long leave from the work.
  1. Working Mother: – Three months is the usual maternity leave period that a mother gets, so any further leave means more deduction in salary, so here the nanny agencies comes for rescue to take care of the child in the absence of the parents.
  2. Baby care experience: – Most parents are not having much knowledge about the child care procedure, hiring a nanny serves as a great help for the initial days.

Above are the few conditions when parents opt for nanny placement agency and there is a new child born in every 8 seconds in India, so just imagine the market area.

Procedure to start a nanny placement agency

Nanny business is a serious job as the child is involved in it. So every step for the setup needs to be taken very carefully and as per the legal norms of the state.

Step 1 Legal Norms: –

Each state and country have different rules and regulation regarding child care business, so contact the state’s business licensing division like secretary of state, business affairs or economic development and get the details information’s of the legal formalities required to start a nanny placement agency.

Step 2 Contact Attorney: –

Get in contact with a lawyer and create a contract of agreement that will be done with the parent who will be hiring nannies from your agency. Discuss all kind o service that you are willing to give and the obligations and restrictions. Mention all the terms and condition in details in the agreement like the different fees structure, duration of the service etc.

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Step 3 Branding: –

Give an attractive brand name for your nanny agency which will also be needed for the licensing purpose. The name should be precise but descriptive enough to explain the kind of service you will be offering.

Step 4 Insurance: –

As it is a very critical area of work due to the involvement of child and which will be handled by some third person from your agency, so to safeguard your assets from any legal issues it is best to consult with an insurance agent and discuss the same.

Step 5 Paperwork: –

You should have a detailed paperwork about the service and all the papers should be kept in safe place for future referrals. Create a customer form where the parents who will be hiring your nanny service will give all the possible details like including the number of children, age of the baby, need of any special service or not, duration of hours a nanny is required, length of employment, etc.

Step 6 Promotion: –

Give regular advertisement of your service in local newspapers and place posters and billboards near all the major nursing homes and hospitals in your city. You can also go digital as in today’s era maximum people refer Google for buying a pin to a plane. So creating an attractive website is also a good idea to attract clients. Don’t make the mistake of stopping the promotion, keep on updating and re-promoting even if your business starts running well.

Step 7 Pricing: –

Do a proper market survey of the price offered by other nanny agencies and try keeping your rate same or a bit lower at the beginning. Keep a proper track of your budget and fix the price accordingly.

Step 8 Hiring of Nannies: –

This is the most important part of the job. You need to hire good candidates for your agency and should hire experienced and well-behaved nannies. Do proper backgrounds check including criminal checks. Keep all the records of the hired candidates including their family address etc. Hire a third party agency to do a proper background check.

Get yourself a proper training about the nanny service as the owner of the nanny agencies should have all kind of information about the service. So start a nanny placement agency as the best alternative of daily service and a good and secured income source.

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How to Start a Nanny Placement Agency from Home
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How to Start a Nanny Placement Agency from Home
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