Start Home Cooked Food Delivery Business and Generate Healthy Income

We all crave for home cooked food and prefer them over the rich and spicy food from outside. But in the daily rat race, we need to go out for earning money and it is somewhat very difficult for us to prepare three meals daily at home. Though frozen and ready-to-eat foods are convenient but aren’t good for health. Dine out and takeout also cost more. In fact, days are gone when you could taste the delicious lunch made by mother or wife at home. Now either you are staying alone or both husband and wife are working. Over that quickly the big families are converting to the nuclear ones. Here comes the necessity of the home cooked food delivery business that prepares and delivers homemade hygienic foods to the clients.

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If you love to cook and want to utilize your culinary skills to make some income, then home cooked food delivery business would no doubt be a smart idea to conquer the open market. It is basically a home business and you can start preparing foods for the clients from your own kitchen and get paid for it. But in some states, when you are going to prepare foods for public consumption, the state department of health don’t are not allow to use your home kitchen; you need to rent a commercial kitchen to continue the food home delivery business.

Market Potentiality

There is a huge market for food home delivery business. If you want to earn some extra from home then this is the best time to capture the market. With the increase in the private sector job, the demand is also very high. Lastly you can’t forget the elderly community who stay at home but unable to prepare meals for their health reasons. They can be your clients too.

Requirements for Starting home cooked food delivery business

You don’t need a huge infrastructure or investment to start a home cooked food delivery business. It can be started from a small unit and as the demand for the same increases, you can also grow the business.

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Legal Formalities:

It is best to register you business and get a general trade license and a food license as per the municipality norms of the city. Contact your local food department and get all the details required to start the business.


Though your job is to cook and deliver home cooked meals, so the location will not be an issue. Contact your local authorities about the same and you can start the same from your residence also, an inspection might be done by the health department, so the place needs to be clean and hygienic.


Due to the food or the raw material, someone may fall ill after eating the food, so to avoid situation like in the event of a resulting lawsuit and to protect yourself and your asset, it is suggested to meet and insurance agency and secure the business liability.


As it will not be a big unit, so it is better to start a home cooked food delivery business on sole proprietorship basis. It will not fetch much earning in partnership. However, if your business grows and you find it difficult to handle the same by your own, then you can definitely get a partner for the same.


It will not be same like cooking for home, so you will need to have some extra equipment ready for the same. First a vehicle is required to deliver home cooked meals and that should be in a good condition as it will be running almost for 365 days. Insulated containers are required to keep the foods hot and something like a carrying device to transport multiple meals. Disposable eating utensils, sanitation supplies, napkins, packaging materials etc are also required. You will also need some extra cooking materials like mixer, micro oven, extra oven, big cooking utensils etc.


How can anyone know about your food home delivery business if you don’t promote the same? Promotion and advertisement is must for the success in business. With the availability of the modern techniques, it is now become very easy to reach the mass and that is also in a very low cost. Ad in local newspaper or posters are traditional ways but also an effective one. You can also use the social media to promote your business. Creating a website is also a good and modern idea of promotion.If you want to invest a bit more then you can also create an app for the smart phones from any digital media agency which will help you to take order online. But a mouth to mouth promotion is the best way, so a good quality food is must to grow the business.

Important Factors to Consider Starting a Home Cooked Food Delivery Business

You need to lay a detail plan before starting any business all else may face issue in running the same in future. You should have a standby plan in case of emergencies to avoid last minute rush.


It is a deciding factor for the success of your business. Do a detailed study of the offered price by your competitors and fix the price accordingly. You also need to consider various factors for fixing the rate like the fluctuating petrol or diesel price, prices of the market commodities, etc.


The quality of your food will decide the success of your business. Everyone is willing to pay some extra penny for a quality food. So make sure that you maintain a good quality food all the time. Give a special attention to the hygiene factor. A small mistake can ruin the whole effort.

Buying in bulk:

Buying the commodities in bulk always helps to save the money. When you have a descent amount of customers then you can opt to buy your regular needed material in bulk or from wholesalers.

Home cooked food delivery business is a good earning scope for both men and women; it is a good alternative to avoid the usual 9 to 5 job schedule or can also be run as a side business to earn some extra bucks.

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How to Start a Home Cooked Food Delivery Business
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Home cooked food delivery business is the perfect way to use your culinary skills and also make generous amount. Find out what you need to start this business.
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