How to Start a Greeting Card Business – Small Scale Business Idea

If you are a kind of creative personality and love designs and graphics then starting a greeting card business is a great way to use your potential in getting additional income or setting a permanent source of income. There is a huge market potentiality of creativity, so show the world your power of imagination by making unique greeting cards.

Benefits of Starting a Greeting Card Business

  • Can Do it as Part Time: At the beginning, you can start this one as a part time business and can even do along with your existing job. Late if you find the business is fetching a good amount of profit you can switch it for permanent.
  • Home Based Business: You can easily set up and run a greeting card business from your home. You don’t need huge machinery or equipment for this, a computer along with a colored printer and a scanner with internet connectivity is what you require to start the business.
  • Less Capital Investment: With an initial capital of maximum 20,000 to 30,000, you can easily set up your business if you already have the required equipment.

Market Potentiality of Greeting Card Business

In the market, there will be maximum one or two known brands who are capturing the maximum share of the business and all the rest is be divided by the small scale industry. So if you can produce new and unique ideas with quality content and product, you can easily establish your own brand identity for the greetings card.

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How to Begin the Greeting Card Business

Greeting card business can be started in two different ways.

  • Freelance Greetings Card Designer
  • Starting Your own Greetings Card Business

Some people also prefer to do the business by combining the above two ways together. Let’s find out the details about the process of starting the above two business types: –

Freelance Greetings Card Designer

As the name suggest, in this you need to design the cards for any other company or brands and they will pay you for the same. You will be working as a freelance worker and can work for various companies and brands.

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  • Search For the Company: Contact the companies listed in the GCA (Greetings Card Association), send the request for seeking permission for submitting the sample cards.
  • Acquire the Guidelines: Different companies have specific guidelines for work. Like different font size, format etc. Get the detailed information about the company’s guidelines and their expectations.
  • Create the Best Samples: Making greeting cards needs a huge potentiality in creativity and designing. So create the samples as per the asked guidelines. The sample should have copyright included.

Always remember, big companies will have higher demands but will face higher competition too and smaller companies may have less diversity in work but you have a higher chance of getting accepted there. Some prefer small business as the work is easier and can build a reputation to get acceptance in bigger companies.

  • Don’t Give Up: You need to be very patience and calm as you may face several rejections. Don’t waste your talent by giving up the idea of greeting card business as you faced few criticisms. Work hard and keep on trying until you hit the bull’s eye.
  • Fix Your Charges: Different companies have different ways of paying. So get through the companies guidelines carefully and if possible compare with other competitors also. Do a proper research about the levied charges by freelancers around the world.

Starting Your own Greetings Card Business

In this you will be in the complete control of the business that means you can have your own line of cards in the market.

  • Brand Yourself: Give an attractive brand name to the line of cards you will be launching in the market. It should be short, trendy and easy to remember as a quality brand name is very important to create a brand value.
  • Choose the Market: There are numerous types of customers for greetings card business like birthday cards have the maximum share of the market and there are seasonal cards like valentine’s day or new year eve or Christmas when the demand for the specific cards are high.

So you can choose any seasonal market or if have the infrastructure, then can choose the complete market. Means you will be supplying card for all seasons.

  • Do a Research: Before commencing your greetings card business, you should do thorough research of the business in the market. Like, find out the latest trends and what types of cards are having the highest demand.
  • Try New Ideas: Trying new ideas might be a risky option, but if successful can take your greetings card business to a new peak of height and create your brand awareness. 3D cards were a huge hit, but it was also an unconventional idea of greetings cards. So always try new creative things.
  • Promote: As mentioned earlier, there are not much competition among brands in the greeting card business. So a smart and strategic promotion of your brand of greetings card create brand awareness.

As greetings card business is a small scale business and can easily be done from the home, so it is suggested to not to invest a huge amount of capital at the beginning. Start from small scale and as you capture the market you can gradually grow the same.

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How to Start a Greeting Card Business - Small Scale Business Idea
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How to Start a Greeting Card Business - Small Scale Business Idea
If you are a kind of creative personality and love designs and graphics then starting a greeting card business is a great way to use your potential in getting a permanent source of income.
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