How to Start a Driving Training School

Driving training school means a lot to every individual who has been trained here and now skillfully driving his car. It would rather be tough to forget his instructor who taught how to get on the open road and be safe throughout the journey. Each day, thousands of people get admission into the driving training school and thousands more successfully complete the training sessions. You will be surprised to know the numbers of driving tests held each year only in the United Kingdom; it is more than 1.6 million. The number indicates the huge demand of driving schools all over the world.

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Are you planning to share your driving skills with others? If driving is your passion, it can be your profession too. Your patience and concentration make it feasible. Starting a driving training school is a great idea to utilize your talent and time and earn a decent buck. This business is quite satisfying as you make others happy by teaching them driving lessons. With majority of people seeing a car as a necessary possession, you are assured a ready market for your driving schools. This guide highlights the rewards and the steps to starting a thriving driving school. Read on.

Why to start a driving school?

Why should you choose to invest in a driving training school over any other venture? Well, for many people, money is the primary motivation. But leverage on money can only take so far. Here are the key reasons to start a driver training venture.

  • Be your own boss :Working at your venture comes with a lot of merits and freedoms. You can delegate duties, tweak a day’s program to suit your needs and a chance to exercise your management skills. Once you start a driving school, there will be no one peaking behind you or asking unnecessary questions.
  • To meet new people :You will meet and interact with lots of different characters in your everyday endeavors. These will either be your learners, instructors, support staff, government officials and other varied visitors. From the interactions, you can strike new friendships and learn about other cultures.
  • Exercise your passions :Do you have a deep seated passion for automobiles and would like to share this knowledge with other people? If so, a driving school is then an ideal venture that allows you to exercise your passions.
  • Keep your driving sharp :As a driving school owner, you will always have to keep abreast with current occurrences in the field. This translates to a chance to keep your driving skills sharp.

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Who’s suited for a driving school?

Anyone who has an entrepreneurial spirit and above-average driving skill is the right candidate for starting a driving school. Additionally, any individual wishing to start a driving school should be patient, have a keen eye for details and enjoy meeting and socializing with other people.

Step by step guideline to starting a driving.


If your driving school is to survive through the uncertain starter stages, it’s vital to start on the right footing. Here are the basics that will help you lay the foundation of the institution.

1. Get certified

The first step to becoming a driving school owner and instructor is getting the relevant licenses and certifications. While requirements may differ from one state to another, a driver’s school license, instructor certificates, medical reports and business licenses remain the primary requirements and which you should secure before opening ‘shop’.

2. Work out the legal aspects

What laws govern establishment and running of driving training schools in your area? Ensure you are well versed with any regulations that dictate the establishment and management of such a venture in your area. Some of the more common regulations include securing insurance policies, setting classrooms appropriately, and instructor details among others.

3. Write up a business plan

A business plan acts much like a map; it lays bare important figures and areas of consideration. These include source of capital, human resource requirements, location of the school and much more. A business plan helps minimize chances of running into financial whirlwinds midway through your start up. Additionally, a business plan will be a handy tool as you vouch for additional capital from third parties.

4. Register your driving training school.

Now that you’ve crafted a great name for your driving school, it’s time to register it with the relevant body. This stage entails filing the necessary articles of incorporation and necessary licenses. As you do it, it’s important to seek the advice a seasoned professional to help wade through this area.

Step II: Starting the driving school

Having obtained the necessary licenses, the stage is right to starting your driving school. Just like the starter steps above, it’s important to establish your venture in bits.

Seek out a suitable location for your venture.

The driving school should be accessible and the surrounding environment suitable for learners. There should be ample parking space and the school should be in close proximity to other businesses. Most importantly, the business location should portray a good image for the school.

Procure the necessary equipment and contract qualified instructors.

You will require at least five vehicles for a start depending on the number of learners enrolled. The vehicles you procure should be well suited to the task at hand. This appeals to learners and also lowers maintenance. Likewise, secure the services of the right instructors to ensure everything is set ready for the big day. Instructors hired should have all the necessary certifications and licenses to ensure your learners only learn from the best.

Market and launch your driving school.

This is the ultimate stage to making your dream come true. Create as much hype about the upcoming driving training school prior to opening it to as many people as possible. There are pretty many advertising channels that you can leverage on for your marketing campaigns. These include print media, internet advertising, billboards and social media to name but a few. It’s only when you are certain there will be enrollments that you should proceed to launch your driving school. It’s hard work but it pays ultimately.

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Bottom Line

A driving school is more than just a channel for generating an income. It’s an avenue to impart knowledge, exercise your entrepreneurial skills and ultimately help mentor a generation of experienced drivers. But so that you can run a successful venture, you’ll have to master the points herein.

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