How to Start a Business Providing an Aquarium Maintenance Service

An aquarium is just amazing with exotic varieties of fishes darting from one end to other, quietly surging aquatic plants and continuous whispering bubbles. It is a mini ocean indeed! If you have a strong passion and connection with fish and ocean life, then you could think about starting a business providing an aquarium maintenance service. Using the passion to create a business venture is a dream for many people. Aquarium maintenance business is the grand opportunity to get paid for doing something you really like to do.

Provide an Aquarium Maintenance Service

Have you made up your mind to start providing aquarium maintenance service? This decision will help you to set up a profitable venture with your technical skills and knowledge about maintaining aquariums. You will get paid for helping customers properly maintain their aquariums – at home, at work or even at your local aquarium. Being a fish hobbyist, you are quite familiar with all the aspects of set-up and maintenance of fish tanks. So, it would be easy for you to start an aquarium maintenance business. But those who are newcomers don’t let down; take it as a challenge and start improving your knowledge base and practical skills.

The following is a list of aquarium maintenance services provided to the clients who have no time and expertise to keep up their aquariums in good health.

  1. New aquarium set up: Depending on your client’s requirement, you need to set up new tank. In the beginning, fresh water is poured in to the aquarium and then neutralized with proper amount of water conditioner. After checking the ammonia and nitrate level, aquarium is now prepared for adding up one or two starter fishes. At this stage, temperature control is very essential.
  2. Cleaning and filtration of tanks: Filtration helps to clean the tank water and increases oxygen supply for the fish. After every two weeks, inside walls of the aquarium, decorations, gravel need to be cleaned properly. It is also recommended to change the 20% of tank water to get rid of dirt and aerobic bacteria.
  3. Complete makeover of an aquarium: You can give an aquarium completely a new look and healthy environment with your planning and maintenance.
  4. Provide aquarium supplies and accessories as requested by the clients.
  5. Deliver essential equipment to fish keepers
  6. Improvement of water quality by beaching and filter cleaning
  7. Diagnose the fish diseases and illnesses and then provide appropriate medications.

This type of business with living objects needs a lot of planning and attention if you wish to succeed, but do not fear as it is possible. Even though taking the steps to starting this business requires an investment and comes with a lot of expenses and risks, it will all be well worth it in the end. Once you have your business up and running, you will start to make money and your initial investment will soon be covered if you go through all the steps to starting an aquarium maintenance business properly. You will also be turning what you love to do into a full-time income that could increase to sums you could’ve never imagined.

Today we are going to look at some of the aspects you need to take into consideration if you want to provide an aquarium maintenance service to potential customers.

Your Target Market

Provide Aquarium Maintenance Service

Provide Aquarium Maintenance Service

Since you are planning to start an aquarium maintenance business, you already know some information about your target market. Firstly, your target market also enjoys the beauty of the ocean. This isn’t enough information to properly target a specific audience that will help you increase your success rate. You need to do a more in-depth analysis to determine who your target market really is.

Residential or Business Services

You first need to decide whether you want to focus on providing an aquarium maintenance service to private or business customers. It is recommended to provide your services to both business and private customers as this will increase your target audience. This will also give you more opportunities and some business customers might also have a mini aquarium at home, and would most likely enjoy your services at their business, as well as at residence.

You will be dealing with a variety of customers. A lot of businesses with reception areas have an aquarium as a soothing and relaxing element. This type of aquariums always needs maintenance. This is just one example of the many different types of businesses you can target.

Try to determine who you will be targeting. Some businesses might target more up-class clients as others. Some aquarium maintenance providers could also target more specific clients like large aquariums or only aquariums with certain types of fish. Analyze your own skills and decide what you can handle.

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Know Your Skills

The proper maintenance of an aquarium, big or small, needs a lot of skills. You need to know exactly how to take care of everything, and how to solve problems as they occur. Before you start planning your aquarium maintenance business, it’s important to analyze and know your own skills. This will help you determine what type of aquariums you can maintain, and which types you need to stay away from. Remember – if you screw up, your business’s reputation will be hurt.

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If you want to improve your skills, then you can search for a local place that offers training. You can find courses at different educational centers that specializes in aquarium training. These courses will help you get more skills, improve your current skills and learn more about the aquarium life. By regularly educating yourself, you will be able to expand your knowledge and offer more services to your clients. This also means you can target a larger audience, and more business is always a good thing.

Equipment and Supplies

After deciding who you will be targeting and what types of maintenance services you can offer, you should start looking at equipment. Whether you offer your services from home or from an office, you will need some equipment and supplies to be used while doing your maintenance jobs.

Equipment and supplies include a variety of items such as gloves, nets, algae magnets, water changers and more.

Do your research properly to find the best suited suppliers. Make sure you thoroughly analyze each possible supplier. The cheapest one isn’t always the best one – consider the quality of the products before you make any final decisions. Once you find a suitable supplier, get in touch with them and buy your equipment and supplies.
Be sure to stock up before you open a business. You don’t want to fall into chaos when your first client calls!

Finding Clients

Opening your new business offering an aquarium maintenance service is the first step to making money from your love for sea creatures. The next step is to find clients. Without clients, you won’t make any money, which will make this an unsuccessful venture.

To find a good amount of clients, you need to open up to different advertising and promotional methods. The more exposure you give your new business, the more clients you will get.

Start by promoting your business offline. Print business cards and keep them with you at all times. Get some flyers and posters done. Place the posters on billboards and any other places you can think of. The flyers should be handed out at a place where your target market would hang out – like your local pet shop. Ask the people working there if they could tell people about your service and hand out your flyers to potential customers. a Couple of advertisements in your local newspaper will also help, as well as in different magazine distributions running in your area.

To find more corporate clients, you’ll have to start thinking outside the box. You can use different types of approaches, such as advertising on billboards if you have the money. Contacting corporate clients directly can also help them – you can give them a call or send a simple email. Introduce yourself and your business, and tell them how you can help them. If you want to leave any doubt off the table, then attach a basic pricing guide.

Online promotion should also not be taken lightly. The majority of United State Citizens have access to the internet, which means it’s the perfect place to advertise your business and collect some new clients. Start by creating an online property for your business – you can hire a web designer or use a website builder to do it yourself. Register a domain name that matches the name of your company to keep things professional. Once your website is up and running, you can get someone to optimize your website and get it to rank on Google and other search engines – this will attract more customers. You can also advertise on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Final Words

Providing an aquarium maintenance service is no piece of cake, and requires a lot of work, but in the end it pays off. This is an opportunity that allows individuals with a passion for ocean life and some start up money to start their own business and make money by doing something they have a passion for. It is definitely an opportunity that should be considered by anyone falling into the criteria, and could open up a whole new world of opportunities.

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