How to Start a Bonsai Business

If you have the hobby of gardening then you can even use it as a source of income with a bonsai business and make money selling bonsai from home. In today’s life, more and more people have shifted to the urban area having small backyard. Sometimes, apartment dwellers do not have any free space; only a small balcony is present to indulge their hobby of growing plants and herbs.  That’s why the demand for bonsai has increased a lot in the last few decades.  If you know how to turn a 60 feet tall maple tree into a tiny tree placed into an eighteen inches small pot, then you utilize this knowledge and passion for trees to earn pretty good money as a living.

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Market Potential of Bonsai Business

Maximum of the population are now opting to stay in apartments and thus they don’t have the sufficient place for gardening, but the willingness to have a tree or plant is always there. That’s why bonsai has given a great option to have greenery at home with a need of least space. Moreover, the wholesale suppliers sometimes feel short of supplies which create a great opportunity for the small business to grow. You can directly sell the product to the wholesalers to earn a good amount.

Requirements to Start a Bonsai Business

If you want to make money selling bonsai, then it is suggested to start the business on a small scale for a trial, after some day if it is generating good revenue, then you can opt for growing the business by increasing the nursery area.

  1. Place: You don’t need a huge field to start a Bonsai Business. Just a small place will suffice the need. You can start on a small piece of land in your backyard and a size of a picnic table can carry about 150 bonsai. Of course, they are small and you can even start selling them as soon they are well rooted.
  2. Investment: To start a bonsai business you almost need nothing for investment. You just need to root some cuttings and way you go. There are various sources like books, online videos and the almighty Google where you can easily learn the techniques of plantation and bonsai. They are so easy that even your small kid can help you out with the process.
  3. Buyers: You may get amazed to know that the large wholesalers are the biggest buyers of small plants as they sometimes fell out of stock as unable to produce fast enough to meet the demand and they buy them from anywhere they can find the good product. Another place where you can get a huge market for Bonsais are the online portals. Post an ad about your product with some good pictures and find the shower of demands.
  4. Security: You don’t need to leave the current work or business for the same, you can do it simultaneously. Bonsai Business doesn’t need all of your time dedicated to this only. A few hours of special care and its ready to go. Even your family members or your kids also can help you out with the same.

Procedure of Bonsai

If you really want to make money selling bonsai, the most important thing you have to do is to get some good knowledge about pertaining to soil, fertilizer, water, pots, and so on. With the help of different online blogs and article is it very easy nowadays to get any information on the earth. You can even consult in your nearby nursery about the same, they will be glad to inform you about the same.

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Most people leave the idea of Bonsai Business due to the lack of space, but it is a total misconception, you can grow Bonsai tree in a very small area and with an area of a picnic table, you can grow about 150 bonsai plants. Lot of people loves to grow bonsai trees these days. There is something very magical about them and they are wonderful too. Bonsai growing is considered to be more of an art form and is a skill that should be developed over time.

  • Trees for Beginners
    For beginners, it is suggested to stick to the basics. They should start with certain types of trees which are suitable for Indian climates and condition and suitable for beginners.
  • Starter Kits
    The starter kit for bonsai contains a sapling, container, training wire, soil, rocks and instructions are very useful for the beginners.
  • Pruning of Bonsai Tree
    To maintain a Bonsai tree nice and small, you need to take some special care about the same and there are a couple of things you need to do. Pruning is the first and foremost important task to do. The procedure of Pruning will depend on the individual tree and what shape you want.
  • Pruning the Roots
    You also need to prune the roots in regular intervals as when there is plenty of space, trees trend is to grow naturally in the ground as the roots spread out. As Bonsai is mainly done in small pots, it is a must that you trim them and restrict to grow much bigger in the pot.
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Bonsai business is a nice way to make money and start a small business at home. It doesn’t need much of the legal formalities and an individual can easily make money selling bonsai trees in their locality or through online sales in different websites like eBay.

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How to Start a Bonsai Business : Beginners Guide
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