How to Put up a New Laser Hair Removal Business

start laser removal businessThese days, laser hair removal has set a new trend in the global cosmetic and aesthetic world. It is not only those individuals who are connected with fashion and beauty industry need to do it, every fashion conscious men and women are aware of the benefits hence want to have the experience. Laser hair removal is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure to get rid of unwanted hair using pulsating laser ray. The laser light penetrates in to the hair follicles and destroys them permanently. It is an effective and convenient method that is used by most of the people who want to remove their facial and body hair. The procedure continues to multiple sessions and the clients may have to visit the clinic for follow up treatments and maintenance. Starting a laser hair removal business can be lucrative venture for you if you have proper training and certification in laser hair removal.

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The laser hair removal business has experienced a huge popularity and the industry is growing by leaps and bounds. It is expected that the market share of this industry will reach to $3billion till the end of 2016. This technique is quite appealing to both young men and women. With the continuous advancement in laser technology, laser hair removal has become more convenient and can be done at ease. More and more people are interested to avail this treatment. The ever-increasing demand has made this business profitable and opened up several career opportunities.

Do you have any plan to launch your own laser hair removal business? The business has potential to make huge profits but you have to follow certain guidelines to set up your business legally.

Below are the steps you should follow to start and run your laser hair removal business successfully.

Become Certified

As you are going to deal with highly sophisticated SPTL (Selective Photo Thermolysis Laser) technology, you need to very careful as it often ends up with various side effects including itching, redness, swelling and viral infection. The industry is highly regulated by the state government, so certification is mandatory to work as a laser hair removal technician. You need to complete training and obtain a professional certification from a nationally recognised institute so that you can conduct a laser removal business.

Decide the Facilities you will offer

The first main thing is to decide the type of facilities that you are going to offer to the clients. You just want to provide the laser hair removal service or you want to add other aesthetic services like tattoo removal, facial rejuvenation, hyper pigmentation treatment etc. All this will help you in calculating the total initial expenses for starting your business.

Select a Business Place

Now, you need to find out a commercial business place from where you can operate your laser hair removal business. Always choose a location in densely populated area that is highly visible and easy to reach. It may be in a shopping centre, strip mall, business park or near any reputed boutique. Your potential clients belong to high-class group with an age between 18 and 45. They would prefer luxurious settings for this expensive treatment. You should keep this point in your mind while selecting your business place. In fact, the number of clients will largely depend on the type of location you opt for.

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Get the License

You cannot begin the business of hair removal without getting registered and obtaining a license. You should get informed about the rules and regulations regarding laser hair removal from the department of state health services. You need to fulfil all the legal requirements before applying for the license. Once you get this license, you get an authorization to begin your own laser hair removal business.

Buy Necessary Equipment

The equipment related to the laser hair removal business plays an important part besides the location and furniture. First of all, you must be aware of the types of lasers that are available in the market. However, whatever machine you buy it will offer a good quality result in the end to the clients. These laser machines are very expensive to buy so you have to decide that whether you want to buy laser equipment or want to get it on a lease. According to laser business expert, renting a cosmetic laser is more favorable option as the technology is continuously improving. If you purchase an expensive machine, it would become outdated within 6-8months.

Purchase the Furniture

You need to buy some beautiful, elegant and comfortable furniture for your business so that a client can feel relaxed at your place. You must also hire an interior designer who can decorate the place with some fresh and inventive designs.

Appoint Laser Technicians

You have to employ one or two laser technicians who are not only qualified but have the license also to use laser technology. These people will look after all the laser treatments of your clients and assit you in operating your business. However, it is your duty to direct them to use the technique in the safest mode.

Appoint a Part-time Medical Professional

It is very important to appoint a part-time medical professional whom you can consult in adverse situations and call upon in case of emergency. You should make an agreement with him so that he could be readily available whenever needed.

Create Your Business Website

Now it is time to let the consumers know about your business. In recent times, people like to search all the services on the internet. So, you must build your own website that displays all your valuable services along with the fee structure. It is an effective mode of communication with your clients but you must remember that your website should be search engine optimized so that it can be searched easily by the client.

Develop a Business Promotion Plan

Promotion is vital for any kind of business, so you need to create an effective promotion plan along with the marketing strategies. The plan should include the following points:

  • Hand out flyers and brochures including the detail of your services
  • Throw an opening party
  • Tie up with spas, salons and hotel
  • Partnering with wedding planners and event managers to provide your services
  • Give advertisements on fashion and beauty blogs and also online directories
  • Promote the business through advertisements in daily circulated newspaper and popular health and fashion magazines
  • Attach a blog section with your website and write informative articles on laser hair removal
  • Make endorsement by celebrity models and actors

I hope that the above article helps you in starting a laser hair removal business fruitfully. These are just a few basic guidelines. If I missed any step or useful point to mention, please let me know, I will surely include it in this article. If you have questions in your mind, please feel free to ask.

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How to put up a New Laser Hair Removal Business
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How to put up a New Laser Hair Removal Business
The laser hair removal business has experienced a huge popularity as the procedure can permanently remove unwanted hair. Find out how to start and grow.
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