How to Make Money Writing Online : 10 Actual Ways to Get Paid for Writing

Make Money Writing OnlineDo you want to be a professional writer? Then definitely one question came to your mind is how to make money writing online? In the growing world of internet, it is no more a tough job as a great number of people, maybe they are stay-at-home moms or retirees, students or waged professionals who weren’t satisfied with their day jobs, have already benefited by the opportunity and make impressive amount of money while writing online.If you have flair of writing, then it is well and good but it is required to be a top-notch writer to make a good income. If you can express your thoughts and ideas through your words flawlessly, you will definitely be getting paid for your writings.

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If you search with the keyword” How to Make Money Writing Online” in Google, you will find 23.7 Cr search results. Here you will stumble upon numerous websites that allows writers to sell their writing skills and services like There are also many websites offering lucrative amount for sharing your content with them. If you are comfortable with writing reviews for products that are available for sale on web stores, you will get paid for writing your words. One such site is So, for your assistance, I have jot down 10 easy ways to make money writing online. Hope you will find your suitable one.

1. Start Your Own Blog

Starting your own blog is the best way to make money while writing online. Firstly, a blog gives you online presence as well as helps you in developing a great audience through your posts. It not only shows your writing skills and efficacy presenting contents but has the potential to make impressive bucks from your publications. Moreover, it is lifetime income strategy. When you write for someone else then it will yield your one-time income but if you post your writings, you can get continuous earnings from it.

There are several effective ways to make money from your blog. Well, you could put up Adsense ads or affiliate products links from which you can earn recurring income. As a freelance writer, you could get more prospective clients by placing a “hire me’ button in your blog. People who like your writing might contact you through it.

2. Become an Alumni Magazine Writer

You can’t ignore the demand of your alumni magazine. There is an all time requirement of writers for these magazines. Most of them select the former students only. So, you can write for them after reading pitch guidelines and a few back issues of the magazine. With your creative writing, you can become a part of your alma mater by providing compelling thought.

3. Write a Guest Post

You will get paid for writing guest posts for some high-traffic blogs and online publications. There are so many blog websites that accept the guests posts and pay the writers good amount. You know it is an effective method to build your online writing career and the audience. It introduces you with hundreds to thousands of new readers helping you to make your authority. As you get exposure to tons of traffic, you would get invitations from other clients to write for them. What you need to do is to up to date with the blog posting guidelines and get ready to share your words. The guest posts not only fetch you handsome income, sometimes you can have a byline on a website and a clip for your portfolio.

4. Write a Listicle

Listicles have got tremendous popularity with Buzzfeed and now there are a number of websites that like to have listicles over their site. It is a kind of article or blog post that are written as list wise or step wise, for example List of top 10 universities in the world, List of 10 best actors of Hollywood, etc. These types of articles are very easy to write and websites like Listverse, Top10, etc pay you a good amount for writing listicles for them.

5. Get Hired On a Content Site

Writing OnlineIf you are skilled at content creation, then you will get paid for your contents. It is the easiest way to earn a decent income with your writing. There are various revenue sharing websites that accept contents on different niche from the writers. You can sign up on a content site and write contents for them on any topic you are comfortable with. Most of the writers choose how-to types of articles. To get paid for your content, you must provide an error free work to your client i.e. with correct formatting and grammar. Some websites also ask you to pass an entry level test for which you have to prepare in advance.

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6. Publish Your Book

You can also make money by publishing your novel or essays through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. You just have to upload your written book, acquire it Kindle-ready and from that moment you can communicate everyone that your written book is accessible on Amazon. If you write a blog, then you can also mention the link of your published book in the sidebar. It will also fetch you a kind of advertisement for your book.

7. Turn out to be a Copywriter

As soon as you get familiar with the style of content writing, then you can also think of becoming a copywriter.Most of the writers after gaining some experience in writing opt out for the copy-writing work. You can apply on such websites which requires such services. You have to work as a part of the team in this.

8. Write Erotic Stories

If you can write erotic stories then this can also become a good medium to earn online through your writing. Some of the websites like lush-stories always require such kind of stories for their readers. So, you can write for them effortlessly.

9. Get into a Writing Competition

Writing competitions does not discriminate between novice writers and recognized experts. So, you can enter such types of competitions and win the cash prize for this. There are several websites which deals in such contests and the winning writer gets money in return.

10. Write for Magazines

Newspapers or magazines always look for some innovative writers who can write good contents for their readers. They will pay a lucrative amount, ranging from $30 to $300 per articles depending on the writing capability. You may find thousands of magazines online who are ready to pay for high-quality articles. Sometimes, they pay premiums to their writers to write for them. So you need to have good flair of writing and build your experience to that level to find high paying work from these publications.

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The one important thing is that you should have correct information regarding how to make money writing online. Owing to the absence of accurate information, many people can also get stuck in scams too.

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How to Make Money Writing Online: The Best 10 Ways
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