How to make money on Facebook

Facebook, one of the leading social media platforms was started in early 2004 with an aim to connect people. Soon, it spread like wildfire and now covers the globe giving access to billions of people to connect, share and socialize with people throughout the world. But, is socializing the sole purpose of the platform? I think not. While it does the job of connecting people perfectly, Facebook is the relation builder between brands and its consumers. Not only well-established names, it also serves to small businesses and new ventures looking for money making ways online. After a thorough research and several hours spent understanding the medium, we are listing several ways to use Facebook for things other than recreation and make money out of it. Let’s Begin!

1. E-commerce all the way!

While we witness several new websites and online stores selling stuff, we underestimate the power of the social media. If you have a product to sell, all you need is Facebook presence and a large following. One of the most convenient ways to make money is to sell your products using the platform. Several stores are being set up on Facebook which offer various products ranging from Stationary and décor to clothing and accessories. It cuts down the need for expensive websites and their internet promotions.

One thing to be kept in mind though is the fact that selling online is not your ‘get rich quick’ mantra and needs dedication, patience and smart marketing skills to gather a large following and get them to trust you as a brand.

2. Market as an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing has been in the industry for a very long time, but it was the recent boom in the social media marketing that Facebook has become one of the major platforms for brands to promote their products using this technique. So, if you have a Facebook page with a large fan following, it highly advised to indulge in the process of affiliate marketing which offers you a share based on the number of clicks your sponsor gets. It is a long term money making strategy and offers a lot of flexibility based on the target audience.

3. Lead Generation

Whether you are starting a venture or you already established one but fail to get more leads and work opportunities, Facebook offers several ways to find work in your areas of interest. Since it is a content centric platform, publishing relevant and attractive content is the first and the foremost step. It helps the audience relate to you and understand your offerings. While sharing content gets you recognition, following groups and pages which are specific to your industry will connect you to new users and prospective clients. Finding work here can help you create a secondary source of income.

4. Facebook as a Marketing medium

How to make money on Facebook

How to make money on Facebook

Facebook has grown multi fold over the past few years and with the rise of the digital era, it has proved to be a boon to brands to market themselves to a vast audience. Specializing in Facebook marketing opens up doors for you to take up projects for firms who are willing to pay experts to handle their social media marketing. Of course this isn’t easy and it takes time to understand the ins and outs of the platform, but time investment can get you some good results on the monetary front.

5. Facebook Page Manager

Want to Make money from Facebook & Twitter

A lot of people out there are moving online and bringing their businesses along. But, due to time constraints and lack of technical know how’s, there is a constant need for experts to handle such pages and to help them grow. A complete understanding of the subject can land you a job as Facebook Manager which needs you to handle client pages and to interact with the audience on their behalf. This is smart way to make money online using the platform.

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Hence, with a smart approach and understanding of the Facebook platform as a means for money making, you can expand your horizons, reach more people and earn success over time.

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How to make money on Facebook - Step by Step Guide
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How to make money on Facebook - Step by Step Guide
we are listing several ways to use Facebook for things other than recreation and make money out of it. Let’s Begin
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