How to create a Facebook Business Page

As a brand manager or a small business owner, you have probably heard that you should be on Facebook. With a Facebook page, you can be able to reach the over 850 million users across the globe, who will most probably show interest in your business.

Your interactions on Facebook will give your readers and clients the sense that they not only know you, but your business as well. This can enhance loyalty and increase the chances of them recommending your services.

If you are wondering How to create a Facebook Business Page, this article is for you. Just read on.

Why Do You Need A Facebook Business Page?

With over 850 million subscribers, Facebook is the world’s leading social networking site in terms of popularity. By having a Facebook business page, you are enabling your potential readers, customers, and clients to connect with you.

If used wisely, Facebook is one of the most effective branding and marketing tools available to you. If you are among those who have been overlooking Facebook for branding and marketing purposes until now, then you have missed on a great deal of potential in terms of readers and customers for your services, websites, and blogs.

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Steps To Create a Facebook Page for Business

1. Choose a Category

Create a facebook business page : Choose Category

Create a facebook business page : Choose Category

First, navigate to Create page section on Facebook. Here you find six different categories that you can choose from:

  • Brand or Product
  • Company, Organization, or Institution
  • Local Business or Place
  • Entertainment
  • Artist, Band, or Public Figure
  • Cause or Community

In each of these classifications, you will find more relevant fields for your business. For demonstration purposes, let’s select the ‘Company, Organization, or Institution’ option. After selecting your desired category, you will be asked for the Business Page’s official name. You should carefully select your name.

2. Complete Basic Information

Facebook will automatically take you through the four basic sections to complete the essential aspects of your page.

“About” Section

Create a facebook business page : About Section

Create a facebook business page : About Section

In the “About” section you need to put a brief description for your business. This will be displayed on your main page; make it descriptive but concise. Don’t forget to include a link to your business website. Likewise, ensure the information sets your Brand apart, making your business page even more alluring to potential followers.

Upload Your Profile Picture

Create a facebook business page : Upload Image

Create a facebook business page : Upload Image

Next, you will be required to upload a profile picture that will serve as the primary visual symbol of your business page. It will be appearing in search results as well as beside any comments you publish. Any perfectly square image can work, but a 180×180 pixels image is recommended.

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Add To Favourites

There is a vertical bar on the left side of each individual Facebook user’s News Feed. Here, you can add your Business page as a Favourite for easy access.

Reach More Fans

Create a facebook business page : Preferred Audience

Create a facebook business page : Preferred Audience

Facebook will ask you to create an advert to attract attention to your Business page. It is advisable to wait until you add compelling content on the Page, before you start any ads.

3. Understand the Administrator’s Panel

You are now done with the basic setup of your Business Page, and it is running. While Facebook will ask if you wish to “Like” your Page, it is advisable not to do that at the moment.

This is because the activity will be shown in News Feeds of your personal Facebook connections. Thus, it is a good idea to save that valuable Timeline story until when the Page has content and you are actually ready for people to view it.

At the top navigation, click the option for “Settings”. A vertical navigation bar featuring different sections will appear along the left side. The sections include the following core areas:

Page Info

Here, you add more details about your business. You will find different fields depending on the category you selected in Step 1.


Here, you can customize how and when you would want to receive Page alerts. You need to set a frequency that matches you social media marketing program.

Page Roles

Irrespective of whether you will be the Page’s main manager, there could be others at your company who need access to the Facebook Business Page. You can consider inviting other parties to make changes to your Page.

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4. Populate Page With Content

It is time to add content to your Business Page and then invite people to be part of your expanding community. Here is the basic content necessary to get your Page going.


You will populate the rest of the page with time you publish more content. Currently, Facebook offers six different posting options:

  • Plain text status
  • Link with caption
  • Photo with caption
  • Event page
  • Video with caption
  • Location check-in

When posting on the Page, be sure to use a wide range of content. What stats would your audience like to read? What images would they like to see? What links would they want to click?

At the top-right corner of every post, there is a small grey arrow that you can click and select “Pin to Top”. This will move a post to the top of your Business Page’s Timeline for one week. This feature is ideal for important events like business anniversaries and product announcements.

Cover Photo

This is the wide, horizontal image that spans across the top of your Page. This should be a brand image to draw people’s attention to your page. The recommended dimensions are 851 x 315 pixels.

With content on your Business Page, you can start inviting other users to Like It.Then, you can navigate to the “Activity” tab to monitor how users are engaging on your Page.

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5. Assess Your Growth

Lastly, you need to measure your efforts to make sure you are making useful marketing decisions on Facebook. Facebook provides some valuable metrics that you can capitalize on. In the top navigation, just click the “insights” option to find the following:


Here, you’ll find a 7-day snapshot of your Page metrics that include post reach, Page Likes, and overall engagement.


Here’s where to see the overall fan growth as well as losses.


This tab serves to highlight the raw number of individuals your Page is reaching each day.


This tab shows from where on Facebook your visitors are coming.


The potential reach of a Facebook Business Page is massive. Studies show that individuals interact with their favourite brands on Facebook far more than on any other Social media platform. You can take advantage of this great potential to grow your business by creating a Facebook Business Page with the above simple steps.

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