How To Become A Yoga Instructor

You can become a Yoga Instructor to lead people to good health and prosperity. Moreover it is a well paid job and conducting yoga classes are a good profit making business. What you need to become a successful yoga instructor is good training, certification and good business sense.

Educational Requirements

Become a Yoga Instructor with proper training and certification from qualified instructors or through online programs registered by Yoga Alliance, the national registry of yoga instructors. It is necessary that a person completes at least 200 hrs of training before taking up the job of yoga instructor in yoga studios, fitness centers etc. apart from the exercises and the relaxation techniques, training in yoga covers human anatomy, physiology and yoga philosophy. Advanced training is required to treat people with health problems using yoga practices.

How Do I Find A Job As An Instructor?

Just having a yoga instructor training certification will not fetch you a job. You should practice yoga regularly to keep your mind and body in sound health.

  • To become a good yoga instructor you should be able to connect with the people coming to you.
  • If you are serious about getting a job as yoga instructor you should do advanced training to get the required certification. There are different levels of instructors called junior level instructor, senior level instructor and the master level instructor.
  • Yoga studios and fitness centers will hire qualified yoga instructors. You can also become a yoga instructor in community centers. There are organizations which conduct yoga classes for their staffs. There are dance studios, schools and martial art centers who require the service of yoga instructors.
  • You can even start your own yoga training center if you have the right skill, temperament and proper business sense.

Can I Make A Living Teaching Yoga?

How To Become A Yoga Instructor

How To Become A Yoga Instructor

Your ability to make a living teaching yoga will depend on your ability to mingle with people and your ability to take advantage of the opportunities coming to you. There are many ways to increase your income as a yoga instructor. You can start teaching the kids in your area, or can offer yoga classes to your colleagues after the working hours. If you have your own space you can start yoga teacher certification programs for other people who want to become a yoga instructor. Private Sessions are the best options to make money as a yoga instructor. Most of the yoga teachers charge $50-$150 per session of 60-90 minutes.

How Can I Expand My Career?

Once you become a yoga instructor with proper yoga instructor training and with necessary yoga teacher certification, you may want to expand your career. You can either opt for specialty certification programs or can get training in yoga therapy which will help you to cure health problems using different yoga methods. If you have a business sense you will be able to increase the number of people coming to your yoga classes. You should be committed to your work as a yoga instructor. This is what matters more than your yoga teacher certification. You should follow the yoga ethics when you become a yoga instructor after receiving the yoga instructor training.

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