How to start a House sitting Business and Make Money

If you are looking for a part-time business opportunity to add extra income to your pocket, then starting a house sitting business is a great option for the same. People find it difficult to take care of their pets and their house when they go out for a vacation or for any other personal or professional outings. Kennels are way expensive and take care of the pet issue only. The house remains unattended and that is why the demand for the house sitting business is so high in the market.

The demand for the house sitting business is especially with the homeowners who are having pets. This business provides the service of taking care of the pet along with the house. Even with the different types of modern home security facilities, for the peace of the mind, the home owner’s looks for some physical presence when they go out for a trip and thus they prefer the service of house sitting.

Why Should You Select House Sitting Business?

The pros and cons of every business should be known and researched about before investing in the same. Every business option comes with different advantages and disadvantages and you need to take the decision after considering all the facts.

I will provide you with both the advantages and disadvantages of house sitting business so that it becomes easier for you to decide whether to go for the same or not.

Advantages of House Sitting Business

Part-time job: –

Already having a job or business and still need additional income source? Then this is a perfect opportunity for the same. This business can be easily operated during vacation time when you have leave from your work and can be easily managed with different existing business too like:

Low Investment:-

The required capital to start the business is very nominal. You will need money only for the registration of the business and other legal formalities and for marketing purposes. If you don’t have any skill in the area, you may need to spend some for getting the expertise. Thus, with your little savings, you can easily start the business.

Less Work:-

In this business, you usually don’t have to get indulged in heavy duty work. Your normal workday may contain very few tasks like: –

  • Feeding the pet
  • Taking it for a walk
  • Watering the plants
  • Cleaning of the house (Not compulsory, depends on your provided services?

Thus, you can enjoy the rest of the day watching TV or handling your emails and simple works and relax.

Paid Vacation: –

The home sitting business is like a paid vacation for you. You can spend some time out of your scheduled life and live in somebody else’s house and even get paid for the same.

So, these are the few advantages of starting the home sitting business. However, along with these, there are few cons of this business too. Let’s find out about the same.

Disadvantages of House Sitting Business

Full-time Income: –

It is not a business option if you are looking for a full-time income. However, you can depend on it for a full-time income if you can operate the same on a large scale like hiring a team of house sitters and manage them.

Effects Personal Relationship: –

In this business, you will have to work especially on your free or holiday days. If you are already having an existing service or business, you will even not be able to spend quality time with your family and friends.

Risk: –

There is a huge risk in this business as you will be in charge of a pet and a whole house. Thus, if any disaster happens like the pet gets sick or injured or unfortunately dies or any loss of the household items, then you will be held responsible for the same.

However, these disadvantages can be easily overcome if you can take proper steps and make proper planning for the same.

How to Start the House Sitting Business?

For starting the business, you will need systematic planning and research. Having a business plan is a must even if the business is small. Here are some few simple steps that you should follow: –

Provide Free House Sitting Service: –

Start with your family and friend and offer them free services. This will not only help you to get experience but also let you decide whether the business suits you or not,

Promotion and Marketing: –

Advertise your business properly. Having a web presence is also a great idea. Use applications like Quikr and OLX and list your services. Interact for with people and ask for references.

Legal Steps: –

Register your business and acquire the required license and others. Don’t forget to contact the insurance agent.

If you can find an existing franchise of House Sitting Business, you can give a try to purchase the same or join as a partner too.

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How to start a House sitting Business and Make Money
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How to start a House sitting Business and Make Money
Do you want to start a house sitting business? Find out more about the business and try to learn both the advantages and disadvantages of this business.
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