Top 20 Low Cost Home Manufacturing Business Ideas

So, you are here to find out some home manufacturing business ideas with low investment…right? In fact, I am crafting this post for (you) and those other interested people who are willing to start home based manufacturing business but lack of good ideas to continue further. In recent times, upgraded machinery and equipment’s are available in the market at affordable prices. Moreover, government loan schemes are now simplified further and easily accessible. It is high time to complete your search for home manufacturing business ideas that can be easily started with a very low investment but are high profitable. It is a great option for homemakers, retired personals to have their own earning source along with people who wants to build their own career instead of doing service under others.

Here I jot down the list of different profitable home manufacturing business ideas:

1. Agarbatti or Incense Stick Making at Home:

Minimum Capital required: Not more than Rs.1.5 lakh
Material required: raw bamboo sticks, charcoal powder, gum powder, aromatic ingredients

Agarbatti or incense stick is such a household item that is used by all the religions for the daily rituals of praying to God. It is also used in social gatherings and beauty salons and spas. Basically the practice of burning incense sticks has been continuing in India from ancient times. It is also popular in Asia-Pacific countries, thus has a great market potentiality. The business is highly profitable also. The manufacturing process of the same is also very simple and doesn’t demand any technical knowledge and educational background. Read More about agarbatti making at home

2. Paper Bag Making Business:

Minimum Capital required: Around Rs.5 lakh
Material required: Paper roll, printing ink, gum, strings

Due to the increasing awareness on the environmental pollution, people are now focusing more on using paper bags instead of plastic bags. As paper bags can be easily recycled and can be found in attractive designs, gives this business a great market to progress. Paper bag making business is not capital intensive and manufacturing procedure is easy and straightforward. There is an ongoing demand of the paper bags in shopping malls, medicine shops, stationary shops etc. Read More about paper bag making business

3. Spice Processing and Packaging:

Minimum Capital required: Around Rs.2 lakh
Material required: Raw ungrounded spices like turmeric, chilly, jeera, dhania etc.

India is famous in the world for the abundance of different exotic spices. Thus processing of the spices and selling them in the market in packages is a great home manufacturing business idea. The demand of packaged spices is growing high both in domestic and international market. If you have 500 sq ft vacant space in your home, you can start a small unit producing powdered spices in packet formed.

4. Cashew Processing Business:

Minimum Capital required: Approx Rs. 5 lakh
Material required: Raw cashew

Do you know in India, there are 8 states where cashew is commercially cultivated? India is also famous for cashew processing and export. Small scale cashew processing unit is very much profitable as it needs low investment and processed cashew has huge demand in local domestic market and in foreign countries.  You can buy raw cashews from the market and sell them after proper processing. Cashew has a great demand in the market as it is very good for the health but it can’t be consumed in a raw form. Processed Cashew is purchased at a very high rate in the market. Read More about cashew nut business idea

You can check this exclusive Powerpoint Presentation

5. Start a Peanut Roasting Business:

Minimum Capital required: Not more than Rs.1 lakh
Material required: Peanut, manual peanut roaster, packaging material

Roasted peanuts are a great option for snacks or to pass time. Over that, it has a great nutrition value too. There exists a incessant demand of roasted peanut in the local market, you can start a small scale peanut roasting business of your own with a minimum outlay of capital. You can purchase raw peanuts from the market and sell them back after roasting them at home using manual roaster. If your pocket doesn’t permit to buy a roaster, you may use wok, spoons & wooden ladles. Read this article before start peanut business

6. Detergent Powder Manufacturing

Minimum Capital required: Around Rs.6 lakh
Material required: Acid slurry, soda ash and other ingredients, stainless steel blender, trays etc.

This is one of the attractive home manufacturing business ideas which can yield a great profit. Detergent powders are used by all the residence in the world. Thus, manufacturing quality detergent powder and selling them at a reasonable price will defiantly attract a huge customer base. The process of detergent manufacturing is simple; only mixing is involved. You can start a SSI unit either at your home or by renting a property. Read More about how to make detergent powder for business

7. Bindi Making Business

Minimum Capital required: Approx Rs.1 lakh
Material required: Velvet cloth, adhesive, stones

Bindis are the most common fashion accessories for the women. It also comes at a very cheap price, thus has a huge demand among the females of both rural and urban areas. The manufacturing process of the same is also very simple. Bindi manufacturing business also can be easily operated from home with low capital investment but yields high return. Read this article before start bindi making at home

8. Ball Pen Refill Making

Minimum Capital required: Approx Rs. 2 lakh
Material required: Liquid ink, pipe, and nozzle

You can easily start this business from home in a just 200 sq ft of area. You will need 5 different machines to buy which will are not very costly and the manufacturing process of ball pen refill is also very simple.

Almost everyone in this world uses ball pen in their daily life, thus it gives a huge market prospect for this business and makes it one of the most profitable home manufacturing business ideas. Read More about how to make ball pen at home

9. Jute Bag Making Business

Minimum Capital required: Around Rs.3 lakh
Material required: jute fabrics, dye stuff, printing gum, PVC buckle and bamboo sticks, sewing thread, packing materials

Jute bags are gaining huge popularity in the world due to its eco-friendly nature and its different features. Jute bags are more trendy and stronger than the usual plastic bags and last for a very long time. Designer Jute bags have a great demand even in the international market. But for starting this manufacturing business, you need to have knowledge in the area. You can take training from government institutes regarding the manufacturing process of the same. Read More about how to start jute bag business

10. Blouse Hook Making

Minimum Capital required: Within Rs.2 lakh
Material required: Copper or stainless steel wire

Blouse hooks are one of the most demanded items in tailoring work. Along with blouse, they are also used in dresses of kids, ladies salwar and kurtis. An automatic blouse hook making machine will cost you around Rs 1.5 lakh and it can manufacture up to 120 hooks in a minute. It is an easy business idea which can be started at home with very less investment. Read More about how to start blouse hook making business

11. Business of Making Paper Flowers

Minimum Capital required: Max. 50,000
Material required: Colorful papers, gum and sticks

Paper flowers lasts longer than the natural ones and are comparatively cheaper also, thus it has a high demand in the market. The making of paper flowers is also very easy and can be done in a small area of work. If you are a crafty person with creative mind, you can start this business from your kitchen table and of course with minimum investment. Read this article before start paper flower business

12. Jam-Making Business

Minimum Capital required: Rs. 50000-75000
Material required: Fruit pulps, sugar, preservatives, flavors, sterilized jars, pulper, juice extractors etc

Jams are used on regular basis and are loved by kids and adults too. It also has a high nutrition value. The best part of this business is that you can start making jams and jellies from your existing kitchen and equipment only. When your business grows, you can easily shift your manufacturing unit to a separate place. But until then, you need to have a clean and tidy kitchen which is completely hygienic. Read this article before start Jam making business

13. Candle Making Business

Minimum Capital required: Not more than 1 lakh
Material required: Paraffin wax, yarn, molds, colors, perfumes, etc

These days, candles are not only used to illuminate the rooms during power cuts but have a wide range of usages like perfect gift items for your family and friends, decorating interior space, brighten up the rooms with pleasant aroma. So, it has a good demand in the market. If you have expertise in this field, you can easily start candle making business with very less capital investment and in a small place at your home. The raw materials of the same are also easily available in the market. As the business prospers, you can add designer and scented candles in your manufacturing unit. Read this article before start candle making business from home

14. Paper Cup Making

Minimum Capital required: Around 8-10 lakh
Material required: Printed PE paper, bottom reel and packing material

With the help of paper cup making machine, you can manufacture thousands of paper cups in a day. 500 square feet covered area is sufficient for this manufacturing unit.  So, it can be a profitable home based manufacturing business. The capital for purchasing the machine will be around 5 to 6 lakh. But due to the high demand of paper cups in the market, you can easily get a quick return from the same. Read this article before start paper cup business

15. Staple Pin Making

Minimum Capital required: Around 2.5 lakh
Material required: 0.5 mm thick Ms Wire, adhesive and packaging materials.

The staple pin manufacturing process is very simple with automatic staple pin making machine, thus it is easy to be operated from home. A staple pin making machine will cost around 1 lakh 50 thousand and the raw material i.e. copper wire is available at Rs 500 to Rs 600 per kg and the iron wires are available at Rs 30 to Rs 35 per kg. Thus, it can be easily started with very less capital and can be operated by anyone. Read More about how to start staple pin making business

16. Envelope Making Business

Minimum Capital required: Not more than 2.5 lakh
Material required: Paper rolls, dies, gum etc.

It is one of the lucrative but simple home manufacturing business ideas that involve huge and growing market, low capital investment and good profit margin.  Envelopes can be easily made with envelope making machines which will cost around Rs 70,000 to Rs 2, 00,000. You need to select the best machine according to the scale of your business and available capital. Millions of envelopes are used on daily basis as office stationary and also for other purposes like in greetings cards. Thus, it has a great market to be a successful business. Read More about how to start small scale envelope making business

17. Handmade Paper Making

Minimum Capital required: Around 2.5 lakh
Material required: Cotton rags, Bleaching powder, Diacol, Titanium Dioxide, Liquid Rosin Soap, Alum, and Whitening Agents

Due to the increasing awareness among the people, the demand of handmade paper is gradually increasing in the market. It has huge market potential especially in foreign markets. The handmade papers are completely eco-friendly as it is prepared from recyclable items (cellulose-rich materials) and 100 % wood free. It can easily be started in rural areas also. But you need to take a course to learn the complete process of the handmade paper making. Read more about handmade paper making business

18. Packaging Box Manufacturing

Minimum Capital required: Around 5 lakh
Material required: Craft paper, glue, stitching wire

If you have interest in commercial packaging system and have knowledge in paper industry then you may consider packaging box manufacturing business. Packaging boxes are required by almost all the manufacturing unit in the world. It is required to safely transport the goods from one place to another. It is a B2B business, thus have a great market potentiality. Read more about corrugated box manufacturing business

19. Noodles Manufacturing Unit

Minimum Capital required: Around 2 lakh
Material required: Wheat flour/maida, sugar, salt, spices, sodium bicarbonate, packaging materials

Noodles are the most loved fast food in all over the world and manufacturing of noodles is also very easy. You can start this business in a very small place sufficient enough to give place to different machines which are mixture machine, noodles making machine, boiler machine, dryer machine and packing and sealing machine. All this will cost you around Rs 1, 50,000 to Rs 2, 00,000. But with the high demand of the same in the market, you can easily get a quick return on your investment. Read More about noodles manufacturing

20. Slipper Making Business

Minimum Capital required: Approx Rs.1 lakh
Material required: Rubber shits and straps, dies, fly press, drill machine, hand tools,

Slippers are one of the widely used items in worldwide. Slippers are basically used in the house, but trendy and newly styled slippers can also be worn in outside. The easy manufacturing process and a great market prospect make it one of the most profitable home manufacturing business ideas. Read this article before start slipper making business

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