25 home based business ideas in Philippines – Most Popular

My list of the home based business ideas in Philippines will allow you to use your time at your home in a productive way and will allow you to fill your pocket more. Home based business ideas provide an opportunity to include an additional income source without much investment.

The list of the 25 home based business ideas in Philippines which requires no or very less investment

1. Freelancing: –

Freelancing jobs are the best home based business ideas in Philippines. There are a plethora of companies who look for freelancing services and pays well for the same. So, instead of wasting your skills, you can use the same in doing freelance jobs.

2. Virtual Assistant Business: –

As a virtual assistant, you can provide professional, technical, administrative or any other kind of services remotely from home to your clients. You can find clients online who are looking for virtual assistance and provide the services that you have expertise in.

3. Selling Used Books Online: –

Books are definitely a great asset. Thus, if you have a great collection of books, then you can easily make money from your home by selling books online. This business requires no investment but can provide you with a great income.

4. Starting an Etsy Business: –

If you are looking for home based business ideas in Philippines, then you can go for Etsy Business. It allows you to sell vintage products or handicrafts and earn lucrative remuneration.

5. Body Piercing Business: –

Earlier body piercing used to be done by girls only in nose and years. However, the days have changed as both the genders go for piercing of different parts of the body. Thus, they seek the service of experts and if you have the skills in body piercing, you can start your own parlor at your home for a regular income.

6. Social Media Consulting Business: –

The demand for the social media consultants is very high in the market. Companies and business know the importance of having an active presence in the social media. Thus, they pay a lucrative amount to the expert’s social media consultants.

7. Plant Nursery Business: –

Starting a nursery business will need a bit of land, but still you can start the business and operate the same from your home. It is a great home based business ideas in Philippines as it not only helps you to make money, but it is very good for the environment.

8. Online Tutoring: –

Nowadays to teach anyone, you don’t need to visit anybody’s place. You can teach anyone in the world by just sitting in your bedroom. The online tutoring service allows you to share your knowledge with the world along with making easy money.

9. Home-Based Franchise Business: –

This is a kind of business which can be easily managed and operated from your home office or through phone calls or emails. It requires very less traveling and fund to start the same. You also get a wide array of options to select as a home-based business franchise.

10. Marriage Counseling Business: –

Disputes in the marriages are there from the beginning. But, now the seriousness of this concern has increased more. Thus, people desperately require expert counseling to save the marriage or to make it a happy and successful one.

11. Homemade Chocolate Business: –

Chocolates are loved by everyone of all ages and genders. The homemade chocolates have got huge demand in the market due to its best quality. Starting the business is very simple and can be done with very less initial investment in Philippines.

12. Home Cooking Classes: –

If you have got expertise skill in the field of cooking, then you can provide cooking classes to others. You won’t need any kind of additional investment too as this can be done with your existing equipment in your kitchen. You can also provide online cooking classes or upload videos of your special cooking menus.

13. Start a Nail Salon Business: –

Especially the women take a great care of their nails and looks for the best services for its care and other services. Nail arts others are also very demanding by the people. Opening a nail salon is very easy and can be done at a minimum investment. You can even include the body piercing and tattoo making business along with this.

14. Start a Tattoo Business: –

The body arts like Tattoo are very popular in all over the world. The tattoo maker needs to have a high level of skills to create the perfect art and that is why he gets paid so well for the job. So, if you got the skills in making tattoo’s, then instead of wasting the same, open a tattoo parlor at your home. You can also include body piercing business along with this.

15. Desktop Publishing Business: –

Desktop Publishing or DTP has got a huge demand in the market. With the required skills and advanced software’s, you can easily start this business at your home.

16. Start a Nanny Placement Agency: –

In this fast life, people requires an additional pair of hands to look after the home especially when they have some elderly or children. That is why the demand for the nannies  are very high and thus making it a very profitable home based business ideas in Philippines.

17. Start Legal Transcription from Home: –

You can easily get loads of transcription jobs from your home. Be it for legal or medical transcription, there are many online clients looking for the expertise skills. This is one of the most attractive home based business ideas in Philippines as it provides a lucrative career opportunity.

18. Home Based Bakery Business: –

Homemade foods are always loved by people due to its high-quality and lusciousness. From your home based bakery, you can produce a wide range of products and sell them in the market as both homemade and bakery items have got huge demand.

19. eBay Trading Assistant Business: –

As an eBay trading assistant, you need to provide full support to others in doing the successful transaction through eBay. And with each successful transaction, you can earn good percentage of commission.

20. Start a Reiki Healing Centre: –

Reiki is a type of alternative medicine which helps to provide relaxation and also provides healing results to many critical diseases. It has a great demand in the market and you can easily start the reiki healing centre at your home. You can get handsome fees for this.

21. Domain Flipping Business: –

With the increasing count of websites every day, the Domain Flipping is a great option to make money. However, it is a bit risky business option, thus, we recommend to get proper expertise and gain skills in the area before investing a higher amount in the same.

22. Start a Fitness Center: –

To survive in this competitive world, it is very important to stay healthy and fit. This can be easily achieved with the best fitness center. Starting the same may require a bit of investment in the beginning, but it will be a one-time expense and this option is one of the best and profitable home based business ideas in Philippines.

23. Affiliate Program: –

If you got your own website or blogs, you can make easy money with affiliate program. With every successful transaction from the advertisement on your website, you can earn attractive commissions.

24. Home Based Tax Preparation Business: –

Preparing and filing tax is one of the most critical parts of any business or companies. That is why; they seek for the best people for this job. The demand for the job is not there throughout the year, but you can make easy money during the period.

25. Stock Trading Business: –

Stock trading is one of the biggest legal gambling options in the world. People with expertise can make fortune out of this. If you are looking for home based business ideas in Philippines, then it is a very attractive option to begin, however, you will need to have expertise skills in the field.

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25 home based business ideas in Philippines - Most Popular
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25 home based business ideas in Philippines - Most Popular
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