35 Home Based Business Ideas for Moms

Are you a stay-at-home mom (or dad)? Wish to start a business while spending time with your kids? I really appreciate your thoughts. To help you get started, I have shared a list of 35 exciting home based business ideas for moms. Hope you will find the perfect idea that matches with your skills and interest. Starting a home based business is a great way to fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams and obviously make a decent buck without hampering your personal life.

List of 35 exciting home based business ideas for moms

1. Knitting Business From Home :

It is one of the skills that a woman specializes from her childhood. Mother and grandparents are the best teachers for the same. Knitting of woolen items like sweaters, socks etc are the best items to sell from home during winters.Read More about Knitting Business From Home

2. Sewing Business From Home :

It is again another business which is perfect for women and housewives. You can start the business easily from home and provide the service of sewing of different items like clothes and others. Read More about Sewing Business From Home

3. Tailoring Business From Home :

Tailoring business is one of the perfect home based business ideas for moms. It can easily be started in a home with low investment and has a great market demand. Read More about Tailoring Business From Home

4. Imitation Jewelry Business: –

Starting a manufacturing of imitation jewelry business or selling the same is a great profitable business idea. A little knowledge in latest designs of jewelry will boost the business opportunity. Read More about Imitation Jewelry Business

5. Tie-dye business:

It is a unique home based business ideas for moms to showcase their talent of creativity in the field of handicrafts. The clothes of tie-dye have a great demand in the Indian market due to its great designs and uniqueness. You can start this business with a capital of just Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lacs. Read More about Tie-dye business

6. Office Food Delivery:

Cooking is one of the daily activities of the moms in worldwide. So, it’s one of the great small business ideas for moms to earn some extra by starting an office food delivery business. Read More about Office Food Delivery

7. Start Beauty Salon

: Everyone needs self-grooming in a regular interval and women usually go for the same more frequently. So, if you have the skills in this field, you can easily start a home-based beauty salon. The initial investment might be a bit high for the purchase of a wide range of equipment but the return from the same will be huge if you can deliver a goon service. Read More about Beauty Salon

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8. Ironing Business:

The ironing of clothes is one of the easiest daily activities and also the most hated and ignored one. So, it is very easy to capture this opportunity and start your own ironing business at home. You also don’t need any specialized skills as ironing and folding of clothes in a proper manner is very easy to learn. The best part is that the rate of investment is least in this business. Read More about Ironing Business

9. Bindi Making Business:

Bindi’s are the basic but most important part of the women grooming kit. It has a great demand in the market along with that, the manufacturing process of the same is also very simple. Thus, it is one of the perfect home based business ideas for moms. Read More about Bindi Making Business

10. Envelope Making Business:

Envelope making process is a simple one which can be done by both manually or with the help of a machine. It is also one of the basic parts of the required stationary which has a great demand in schools, other educational institutes, government and private sector offices and others. Read More about Envelope Making Business

11. Pickle Making Business:

Pickle making used to be a traditional hobby of our mothers and grandmothers. So, if you find that people around you love to lick their finger when they eat you handmade pickles, then you can start to think about using this skill in starting a business. You can hire a helping hand for this and believe me, homemade pickles have a great demand in the market. Read More about Pickle Making Business

12. Small Scale Papad Making Business:

It is one of the best small scale business ideas which can be easily started from home and that is also in a very low investment. Papad is one of the favorite snacks in India and is found in a wide range of quality. The manufacturing process is also very easy and has a great market potentiality. Read More about Small Scale Papad Making Business

13. Plant Nursery Business:

If you love planting trees, you can also use your hobby to make some money from home. Open a small nursery at your home and plant some exquisite varieties of them. Bonsai is also a great option to include in the business. Read More about Plant Nursery Business

14. Ice-cream Parlor Business:

If your home is at a proper location, starting an ice-cream parlor is a great business idea. Due to the hot climate, the demand of ice-cream is very high in India, thus you can easily use this opportunity with the ice-cream parlor business. Read More about Ice-cream Parlor Business

15. Home Based Baking Business:

All moms love to cook and if you have a special talent for good baking, then it is also one of the attractive home based business ideas for moms. Homemade cookies, cakes and other items have a great demand. Read More about Home Based Baking Business

16. Making Incense Sticks at Home:

Incense sticks are used by most of the religions to pray to the god. It has a great demand in both Indian and international market. Incense sticks can be prepared both manually or with the help of machines. Read More about Making Incense Sticks at Home

17. Nutrition Consulting Business:

A proper nutritional guide has become very necessary in today’s life. Fast life and fast food have put a great impact on the human’s life and obesity or malnutrition has become common than a cough and cold. Thus, with skills in the field, you can start a nutrition consulting business from your home. Read More about Nutrition Consulting Business

18. Start a Preschool Business:

If you have a proper place at your residence, there will be very few home based business ideas for moms that are as attractive and profitable like starting a preschool business. You can also take a franchise from the existing preschool chains. Read More about Preschool Business

19. Soft Toys Making at Home:

Age is not at all an issue when it comes to loving soft toys. The manufacturing process of soft toys is also very simple and can be easily started from home with least requirement of investment. Read More about Soft Toys Making at Home

20. Liquid Phenyl Manufacturing Unit:

Scented phenyl is used in regular basis for cleaning in homes, shops, hospitals and others. Registering this business might need some special attention to start the same from home, but has a great potentiality in the Indian market. Read More about Liquid Phenyl Manufacturing Unit

21. Becoming a Weight Loss Consultant:

Obesity has become a normal issue in today’s life. So, if you have the skills then starting a weight loss consultancy is one of the attractive home based business ideas that you can start easily from your home with small investment. Read More about Becoming a Weight Loss Consultant

22. Freelance Make-up Artist:

With the lack of time, people love to have all the services delivered at their door-step. Likewise providing an online make-up service is a new and trendy way to use your skills to pocket some extra bucks. Read More about Freelance Make-up Artist

23. Nanny Placement Agency:

Families in India is quickly becoming nuclear and in most of the families both the couples are working. This gives a great boost to the demand of nannies in India. Read More about Nanny Placement Agency

24. Start a Tutoring Center at Home:

This is one of the most traditional and successful home based business ideas for moms. You just need to take some modern steps to make it more attractive to lure more students. Read More about Tutoring Center at Home

25. Start a T-shirt Printing Business:

A T-shirt printing machine and blank T-shirts is all what you need for this business. Buy good quality plain T-shirts from the market and then print them with latest designs and sell them to retailers or wholesalers. Read More about T-shirt Printing Business

26. Home Cooking Classes:

If you are expertise skills in cooking, then why waste the same in just spending the time in the kitchen. Use your skills in spreading your talent among others and earn in return of the same. Read More about Home Cooking Classes

27. Start a Computer Training School:

Few desktop computers and tables and your proficiency in the computer are all that you need to start the same. You can earn big from this business with a small one-time investment. Read More about Computer Training School

28. Domain Flipping Business from Home:

If you are computer and net savvy, then this can be one of the easiest and best money-spinning home based business ideas for moms. Just spend some time in proper research of the same before investing in it. Read More about Domain Flipping Business from Home

29. Desktop Publishing Business:

If you have an upgraded computer, then you can start this business with a mere investment of Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000. Of course, you will need to have the skills in same. Read More about Desktop Publishing Business

30. Start Your Own Coupon Business:

This one is tricky, but you can easily start your own coupon business from home and even have an online coupon business. The required investment is very less and the rate of return is huge. Read More about Own Coupon Business

31. Make Money from Online Surveys:

Some may think that it is a fake business idea, but if you have the right sources then it is among the best and easiest home based business ideas for moms to earn some extra. You just need to find the perfect sources for the same. Vindale Research, Shvoong.com, Shared Reviews are some of the best sources for online surveys. Read More about Make Money from Online Surveys

32. Dance Teacher and Earn from Home:

Dancing is a skill in which very few have the expertise. Being in traditional or modern, starting a dance class from home is a great way to earn by sharing your skills. Read More about Teaching Dance from Home

33. Art Classes at Home:

Parents send their children to art classes from very small age. So, if you have the skills in art then you can easily attract kids to your place. Read More about Art Classes at Home

34. Teach Music Lessons from Home:

Teaching at home is one of the easiest and money-spinning home based ideas for moms. Music is also a special skill which needs regular practice, so teach music to earn from home which will also help you to sharpen your skills. Read More about Teach Music Lessons from Home

35. Earn Money Writing Online:

Freelance writing has become of the most profitable and easy home based business ideas for moms. It doesn’t need much of investment but will need a high level of skills in writing. Read More about Earn Money Writing Online

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Home Based Business Ideas for Moms
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